I discovered that when I took time to pray, my wife truly was attracted to me as a Godly man who was the true leader of the family. This view of me had several benefits as you can imagine.

#1 – She spent more time with me getting to know me again because I was now viewed the way the Lord intended me to be and she could be comfortable in the role that God intended for her. It was wonderful to get to know the women I love more and get closer to her as we spent time together. You will realize again why you married that
“lady that lives with you”

#2 – She as very attracted to this new Godly man. In fact, she became extremely attracted to me again as if we were in our first six months of marriage. She wanted to pleas me, not simply allow me to be with her. This is a truly different type of physical love. She actually thought of ways to love on me in a kind giving way that spoke to my heart. We become closer and closer all the time because the Lord is part of our marriage not our individual lives.

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