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She lies on her side on our bed, looking beautiful—very beautiful! She has made up her face beautifully. She knows I like her makeup strong, dark and heavy and she happily obliged tonight. “Playing dress up just for you,” she called it. She’s also painted her nails in a vibrant red. Pretteeee!

She reached a hand down to her thigh and slid it slowly up over her bum. She stopped and squeezed and rubbed her beautiful bum a bit and let out a pleasant, “Mmmmmm.”

She lets her hand run slowly and elegantly up her side to her waiting breast. She is wearing a slinky, shiny, ruby-colored top. Still lying slightly on her side, she cups her hand under her breast and gives it a little lifting squeeze. Her palm slides up to cover it and then, squeezing gently, she pulls and rubs up to the tip where she lightly scratches all around her beautiful breast and nipple with her pretty nails and finally gives her erect nipple a playful little pinch through the fabric. What a picture! She lets out a deep breath and a quick, low moan as she rolls her nipples between her pretty fingers. This is going to be good, and she knows it.

Rolling slowly over on her back, she brings both hands up to her breasts and pushes them up and apart from underneath.  Off comes the top.

“I’m a real breast woman,” she has often said. She has what she calls “breast orgasms.” I love those times when her breasts are so alive and so responsive. Usually, I am the one giving them attention. But not this time. She is doing this for me. But, to our mild surprise, she is really getting into this. Her breasts are going to “cum,” and we both know it. The anticipation is incredible.

She lets her hands slowly roll over the top of her beautiful breasts, gives them a pressing squeeze and rolls her shoulders forward as if her breasts are begging for attention. Her mouth drops slightly open, her eyes shut, her head falls back, a few quick deep breaths in and out, as she presses and squeezes and rubs. I can see her breast muscles flex and tighten under the attention of her beautiful hands. She arches her back; a few rolling pinches of her very erect nipples (Man, does that look awesome with her nails done!), a hard squeeze of her breasts and she is over the edge. Her whole body tightens, and she gets an almost pained look on her face. Her mouth is wide, wide open. She is breathing quickly and letting out low, squeaky moans. Finally, she falls back onto the pillow, and her pretty hands slide up over her breasts to her neck and rest.

She looks up at me and smiles. It is a dreamy, erotic, satisfied-yet-hungry-for-more, sweet smile all wrapped into one. Man, she is cute! I love her! And I love to love her.

But she is not done. She closes her eyes, smiles and lets her hands slide very slowly down over her breasts, down over her tummy to her inner thighs, just above her knees. She spreads her legs apart, almost like they didn’t want to go and had to be forced, and begins to massage her inner legs and thighs.  She slides her feet up towards her bum and lets her knees drop apart.

She is wearing a pair of incredibly beautiful red shiny, lacy panties. Just perfect. She lets her hands slide slowly down her inner things toward her waiting, wet pussy. There is a teeny little damp spot of love juices beginning to show on her panties. She looks up at me and gives me a big, big smile. She is really getting into this!

With her pretty, pretty nails, she reaches one finger under her panty and pulls it aside, revealing her sweet love box. Her outer lips are very swollen, as is her clitoris—swollen and ready and wanting! Delicious juices are seeping out the bottom of her opening. I want so much to bend down and drink. But not yet. She proceeds slowly—agonizingly slowly! It is driving me nuts, and it is supposed to. But it’s killin’ me, and I’m lovin’ it!

Off come the lacy panties. I pick them up, smell their sweet wetness, and give them a playful lick. It tastes terrific. This is our sex candy, and I want more. And I know it’s cumming…

My lovely wifey spreads her legs wide and with the middle finger of both hands rubs up and down the crack between her outer lips and inner thighs. Sexy! Then with three beautiful fingers of each hand, she rubs up over her entire outer lip area on both sides. Down and up again, this time with her “pointer fingers” (They are pointing alright!) sliding up the entire opening and up over her clitoris. Her mouth is open, and her tongue is sliding slightly across her upper lip—beautiful red lips! She has a huge smile in her eyes!

She begins to circle her gorgeous pussy with one finger—circle and rub and caress. As she lets her finger slide up the opening, her hips lift slightly off the bed, reaching up for more. Everything is very soft, very swollen, very wet, and very, very hot. She is ready. But not for me—not yet. Argghh!

She begins to zero in on her clitoris now—rubbing, circling, squeezing, pressing. Her hips are thrusting very slightly and very slowly. She lets her finger slide inside to get some lubrication, and as she does, her whole love area opens up and accepts—fully. She presses her pouty red lips together as a moan of pleasure comes from her throat—from the depths. I reach down and offer her a kiss. She accepts. We melt together, tongues engaging each other’s love. I love the taste of her sweet mouth, mingled with the red lipstick. It is very inviting.

She pushes me away. “I am not done with my little show,” she teases. She looks up at me and with a cute, mischievous smile on her pretty face, continues her performance — for me, just for me.

She gently, slowly, teasingly slides her finger in and out a few more times, each time leaving more lubrication on her now huge clitoris. Her breathing gets faster and harder as she massages her clitoris up and down, up and down, her hips pressing up and out—down and in—a little faster and farther and harder. Her pretty mouth drops wide open. Her breathing is rapid and hard. She clenches her teeth and lets out a sort of squeaky, high pitched moan. Her fingers, two of them now, press deep inside her hot love spot. She reaches her other hand down to help, pulling in hard. Her whole body stiffens, involuntarily pulsing ever so slightly. Then she completely relaxes, opens her pretty eyes, and gazes at me with a dreamy love-look.

I position myself between her legs with my arms wrapped around the outside of her lovely hips. She reaches down and holds my wrists. I begin to lick and stroke her pussy with my tongue. She is hot and wet—extremely so! I slide my tongue way up inside as I press in as deeply as I can. I can feel her “spot” with the tip of my tongue. She tastes great. I begin to massage inside.

“Oh, honey,” she moans.

I drink and suck and lick and kiss and stroke. Delicious! She reaches up and begins to massage her own breasts with her lovely hands—this time for her more than for me. She is over the edge quickly—moaning, pumping, spreading, pulling me in. And then, total relaxation.

I slide up to kiss her neck gently. As I do, the tip of my penis parts her pussy lips ever so slightly. She is so wet, I slide easily inside. I have never felt her hotter or wetter than she is right now. It feels incredible. She reaches down, grabs my buns, and pulls me deep inside. Together we…

We are one—hot, wet, soft, sweet, wonderful oneness!

“And they were both naked and were not ashamed.”

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4 replies
  1. lovegood says:

    Whew! I definitely need to go have some self pleasure right now, my panties feel so slick between my thighs after reading this! What a blessed marriage you have to enjoy each other so selflessly. I think I’ll go practice some of your wife’s moves on myself until Hubby gets home… Then I’ll try them on him…. Mmm, how I wish he were here to play with! Thanks for the HOT story! 😉

    • Pushbabypush says:

      Love good, I agree. MH? Is this real or fiction? Either way thank you for sharing. My hot rod needs to do some serious shifting now.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      Unless the writer makes it clear that a story is fiction — whether in the text or by choosing the fiction category — we assume the stories are true. We have no way to verify that, of course.

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