Virgin Wife Game

Many Christian couples were both virgins on their wedding night and so sex may well have been a bit fumbly, and over time both of you have learned new things and progressed and been more adventurous.

However, sometimes my wife likes to play a game where I take her virginity again now that she has discovered much more about her sexuality, what turns her on, and, I have to admit, I am much better at sex!

She likes me to dress smart and sophisticated, whilst she dresses up as the age she was on our wedding day, but homely, innocent and not at all sexy.  So, she will wear comfortable, largish underwear, a floppy jumper and old jeans and socks, having had a shower, but with no make-up.

She wants me to treat her to the joys of sex and to be her teacher.

My focus is always on her, my wife, and for her, she simply wants me to give her a good time.

It will often start with her and me sitting on the bed or on the sofa and she saying she is a virgin and is worried now that we are married that I won’t be satisfied with her, and she is worried are first time won’t be good.

My job is to make sure she has the best sex she can!

I will often cuddle her and kiss her and then we take things really slowly and I lead her to the bedroom.

She is inquisitive and asks to feel my penis as she’s never held one before, and I let her do so.

We slowly take off her top clothing and I caress her breasts and then remove her jeans.  For a long time I simply caress her on top of her jeans and (my now experienced wife) is often very ready for sex, but I still treat her as a virgin.

I teach her how to handle my penis and sometimes she gives it a little kiss.

I then remove her pants and rub her pubic area.  I use all my post-married experience to bring my young ‘virgin’ wife to the point of climax via oral and finger sex several times, before calming her down and popping a pillow under her bottom to ease the angle of penetration.

I then get out some lubrication and put it on my penis and in the entrance to her vagina.  I then ask her whether she is ready and will slowly enter her, pausing at the entrance for her to get used to it, then thrusting in.
As I thrust away, it doesn’t take long for my wife to succumb and want to resume her usual ‘sexually experienced’ role, and as the sexual tension has built up, and we have great sex.

On other occasions, I play the innocent, naive one and my wife sets the agenda and takes the lead.

The focus is always on giving the other person the most pleasure and not at all dominating them, which we believe to be wrong.

Our minds are focused on each other, and how inexperienced we were when we first started having sex.

Try it.

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