Heavy Sleeper (Fiction)

We had woken up VERY early in the morning and just started making love when my wife’s cell phone went off again.  Sometimes I really hate that thing.  It was an emergency at the office, and she was going to have to go in.  I smiled and enjoyed watching her dress, then kissed her goodbye.

She didn’t get home until very late that evening.  Fourteen hours at the office by my count.  And one glimpse of her as she came through the door let me know that finishing our lovemaking session was probably out of the question.  She was obviously exhausted.  I had supper ready for her, with candles on the table.  She smiled when she saw that, and for just a moment, that exciting spark of arousal was there in her eye, but it was replaced almost instantly by fatigue.

The meal was quiet, but I had to turn off the soft music because my wife said she was struggling to keep from falling asleep in her plate and the music wasn’t helping her stay awake.  I switched to something upbeat and she made it through the meal.

When she was done, she started cleaning up but I stopped her and said, “No, you let me deal with this.  You’re exhausted honey, just go clean up and go to bed”.

She growled, pulled my face down to hers and gave me a short, but passionate kiss.  “Tired, oh YES”, she said.  “But I’m a lot MORE than just tired.  I’ve been thinking about this all day, about coming home and finishing making love to you.  And I am so worked up I’m about to EXPLODE!”  Then her head drooped and the fire in her eyes faded.  “I want it bad”, she continued.  “I NEED it.  I just don’t know if I have the energy for it”.

“Well then”, I offered.  “How about a one way.  You do nothing, just relax, and I’ll do all the work and tip you over into heaven, then you can just drift off to sleep in the afterglow.”

“Oh”, she protested.  “It sounds WONDERFUL, but that’s not fair.  I don’t want to leave you without.”  Her hand reached down and caressed the stiff bulge in my pants, “I KNOW you need it too.”

“It’s fair tonight.” I replied.  “You’ll more than make up for it some other time.  Besides, you KNOW that more than half of my pleasure is pleasuring you.  Let me SERVE you tonight, unselfishly.  Just me serving you.  It can be your turn to serve me some other night.”

She sighed and leaned her head against my chest.  “Ok,” she said.  “I want it so bad, thank you.”

“Go get your shower”, I whispered.  “and dry off afterwards, but don’t get dressed, just get into bed.  I’ll finish these dishes and be there before you even have time to get tucked in.”

There were a few more dishes than I had at first thought, but I got through them fairly quickly.  It was only a few minutes after I heard the shower stop that I arrived in the bedroom.  But I was already too late.

It was clear my wife had still wanted the offered orgasm, she had lit a candle and put some soft romantic music playing, and there she lay in bed, beautifully bare all over.  AND, sound asleep.  She must have drifted off as soon as her head hit the pillow.

I never should have tried to finish the dishes, I should have left as SOON as the shower turned off.  She was asleep, but her muscles were still all tight and tense.  I KNEW she would have slept better after having had some release from all that sexual tension, but I certainly didn’t have the heart to wake her up now.

She was beautiful to just stare at though.  She was on her back, proud breast pointing towards the ceiling and her legs apart, exposing her beautiful orchid to my full view.  I realized that I could take advantage of this situation to get in a bit of quality staring time.  So I moved in for a closer look.  I just love her labia, and the way her clitoris peaks just ever so slightly out of its hood.  The temptation to touch was strong, and suddenly it hit me, why was I resisting?  If I was careful, I could give my wife that relief she wanted without ever even disturbing her sleep.

So, I went into the bathroom and ran hot water over my hands until they were steaming warm, nothing like cold fingers to wake someone up.  I dried them thoroughly, and then moved back to the bedside.  I didn’t actually get into the bed because I didn’t want to cause any bouncing that might disturb my love. I just kneeled by the bed next to her, and, very, VERY softly, let one finger drift onto her breast near the nipple.  I let it just rest there for a moment, until I was certain she wasn’t going to awaken, and then I moved the finger, slowly, OH so slowly, up onto the areola itself, and over her nipple, in a gentle, barely touching stroke.

I loved the feel of her nipple, so soft and just slightly bumpy.  I let my finger drift in quiet circles and her nipple began to respond, perking up and becoming slightly erect.  I kept my strokes slow and soft and soon her left nipple was firm.  It felt incredible under my finger, with that just perfect firmness that didn’t interfere with her softness in any way.  Her nipple rolled and moved beneath my finger in ways that were exciting me as much as it must have been her.

My wife’s breathing had become a bit more serious, so I switched to her right nipple.  I wanted this arousal to build slow and steady so that it wouldn’t wake her up.  Her right nipple was already partially erect, and in a very short time it was as firm as the left.

I switched to using two hands, one on each nipple, still keeping everything soft and nothing rushed or sudden.  This probably never would have worked if she hadn’t been so exhausted, but she WAS, and despite my touching, she was obviously still asleep, although her breathing was becoming labored now, and occasionally she made a small moaning sound in her throat.

I decided to move down south and check out the territory.  Rubbing on a dry clitoris is not very pleasant for a person who is awake, and I was certain it would spoil the rest of a sleeping woman.  But the breast work had done the proper preparation.  Her labia glistened with small drops of her lovely personal moisture.

Softly, softly, I rested one finger against her labia, while staring at her face.  A shudder went through her body, but her breathing remained steady and she did not awaken.  I moved my finger gently down that incredibly soft surface.  Gathering dew as I went.  I stroked down, and then back up, and then down again.  First on the left side, then on the right, and occasionally right down the middle.  My wife’s breathing was so loud I could hear it now.  Her eyes were closed, but I could see movement behind her eyelids, she was deep in REM sleep.

I didn’t DARE plunge my finger deeply between her lips, as I longed to do, that would almost certainly awaken sleeping beauty.  Instead I took the delightful moisture I had gathered and brushed it over her clitoris.  Again her body shuddered.  I stroked up and down a few more times to gather another finger full of that miraculous damp spice of hers, and again stroked it over her clitoris.  This time I stayed there at the top of her lovely orchid, stroking in soft circles.

All the time I watched her face closely.  When she seemed to be getting too agitated, I slowed down for a while, but I didn’t stop.  Her stomach was moving up and down with the building passion.  I moved so that I could be close to her face when the final moments arrived, and still have my hand on her clitoris.  I love watching her face as she comes, it’s like seeing a halo, a bit of heaven here on earth.

I kept my stroking circles slow and steady, I felt the muscles in her legs and stomach tense, and I gazed into her face as she tipped over the edge into ecstasy.  Her neck arched, her knees shook, and she moaned out load as the orgasm rushed through her. At the height of it all, her eyes actually fluttered open for a moment.  The caught mine and held them, without surprise, then fluttered back closed again.  I backed off on the stroking, riding through the last waves of rapture, but slowing and stopping before it would have become so sensitive as to be painful.

My wife’s breathing was slow and steady again.  Her whole body seemed more relaxed than before, and she was sleeping peacefully.   I pulled the covers up over her, turned off the music and put out the candle, then, very quietly, crawled into bed next to her and drifted off to sleep myself.

In the morning, I awakened to find her in my arms.  “Good morning!”, she said in a bright and cheerful voice.  “Boy I feel better!  Sorry about falling asleep on you, but I was SO tired.  But I had this INCREDIBLE dream.  We were floating in the clouds and you were making love to me.  Everything was soft, so incredibly soft.  It was crazy, but it seemed so incredibly real, especially right when I came, your eyes just seemed to BE THERE, does that sound crazy?”

“Anyway,” she continued.  “The dream you must have done an incredible job, because I feel GREAT.”

She started running her fingers over my chest.  Stroking me quickly to a full erection.  “uhm, Honey, I’ve got a little story to tell you…”

“Oh?” she asked, not slowing down her hands at all.  “Well then, tell me while I touch you.  You KNOW I enjoy a good story”  And so I relived the details of last night for her while she stroked ME over the edge into ecstasy.  She still says sex is better when we are both awake, but that I’m not half bad as a dream lover.  And she’s promised to let me test her out in a dream sometime as well.  I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

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