The First Time

The first time my new bride and I ever made love left a lot to be desired, but it was still very memorable to me. I had planned so carefully for this night, and everything was supposed to be perfect. We arrived at the hotel, and I immediately checked in and headed for the room. All I could think about was getting her into bed, and the thought of romance was the farthest thing from my mind.

My new wife, however, had different ideas.  In the room, I grabbed her, and started kissing her madly, and letting my hands run wild. She put a quick end to that and said that I would have to wait.  She told me to get changed, as we were going for dinner first. I reluctantly changed into my nicest clothes, and waited for her to be ready.

We drove downtown and found the restaurant where she had made reservations. We were shown to our table, and ordered wine and starters. I could tell that this was going to be a long night. As we lingered over dinner, and desert, my thoughts kept on wandering to the hotel room, and mentally undressing my young bride. She could tell I was distracted, but didn’t let on, and just enjoyed her night out.

Finally, she decided it was time to go. I jumped up and almost ran to the door. We drove back to the hotel room, and I excitedly opened the door in anticipation of what was to come, but again, she had other ideas.   As I was pulling down the bed sheets, I heard her on the phone ordering champagne and strawberries.

She said that I had to be patient for a little while longer.   She waited for the room service to arrive, then brought it over to the bed. She spent her time feeding me strawberries, and chatting about the wedding, and the fun we had with our guests, and how we were going to have such a great life together, but I was getting more irritable all the time.

Finally she said that she was tired of my whining, and that we could get into bed. By this time, I was just about bursting. I almost tore the clothes off of her, and pushed her back on the bed. Foreplay was the farthest thing from my mind, and I spread her lips, and tried to push myself into her not ready vagina.

Well being so excited, and waiting so long had its toll on me, and I came before I could even enter her.   I rolled over in frustration, and she looked at me and said, “Now that you’re calmed down, we can enjoy this first time the way it should be.”.  She began kissing me slowly and passionately. She guided my hand to her beautiful breasts, and I began to gently rub them. She slowly caressed my chest, and slid her hand down to my genital area.

Gently, she began to massage my now limp penis, and balls. I was finally starting to understand what she needed.   As the passion began to grow, I could feel the heat rising in her body. I let my hand slide down her taught stomach and over her vulva. I gently spread her lips, and began to rub up and down in the wet crease of her vagina.

Slowly I inserted one finger into her vagina, and she caught her breath as it slid in.   She pushed me back on the bed and looked at my still limp manhood, and whispered “ come on big fella, this is what you want.” Then she surprised me completely by kissing the head of my penis.

This got thing going again, and I began to get hard. Next she grabbed my shaft, and slowly took my all the way into her mouth. As I watched in awe, she turned her eyes up to mine, and began to suck me harder.

This was definitely worth the wait.   When I was fully erect again, she released me and laid back on the bed. “Now,” she said with a grin “you may make love to me.”  I rolled over onto her, and she spread her legs wide. She reached down and spread open her vulva with one hand, and grabbed my penis with the other. Gently she guided me into her vagina. Slowly, I pushed myself into her. With every gentle thrust, I could hear her catch her breath, but finally after about five minutes of slow thrusting I could feel myself completely inside her.

She looked into my eyes and smiled. I began to slide myself in and out of her vagina, and she began to move with me.   I Finally, this was what I had been waiting for.

Passionately, I penetrated her wet vagina over and over, and then with a rush of emotion, and tears, I released my love into her for the very first time.   I collapsed onto her chest, and cried like a baby as she wrapped her arms around me and held tight. Now I could understand what love really was, and would never let my own desires get in the way again.   We made love several more time that night, and didn’t get much sleep, but it was definitely the most memorable experience I ever had.

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  1. arkguy571 says:

    Our first time was about the same, I barely got started and came, probably 30 seconds or less. We waited a while and got started again, it was much better the second time. Thank goodness for youth!

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