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Sexual Healing – Loving Medicine

Sexual Healing -My wife’s family owns an old dairy farm in the hills of PA. They are not farmers, but they bought it for a place to raise their family away from the city. There are many fields and wooded places that are totally secluded and, except during hunting season, never visited.

On one visit I was very low emotionally. At such times I take long walks to think and pray, so I headed for the upper fields on top of the hills behind my in-law’s home. My wife knew that I was trying to find the way out of the darkness, and had done so much to help. But this day she came up with a great medicine, some sexual healing.

After walking the mile around the three fields I saw her coming up the hill. When we drew close she didn’t say a word, but just held up a condom and smiled. We headed towards a place that overlooked the valley. It was a warm and sunny day, so we could see for miles and miles over the mountains in what is known locally as “God’s Country.” My wife undressed me, then herself, and took over completely – ministering to my hurting soul through the gift of loving sex. After she was done I gave her an orgasm, and we held each other for a long time. It did not cure my darkness, but it was exactly what was needed then, and it was the beginning of healing inside.

Over the years since we have “visited” many places on the farm. One time we were walking around the same fields together while my wife was looking for a secret place in the woods with more than desperation. She was drunk with need and desire. Finally she pulled me deep into the woods and took off her bra. Just then we heard her sister and brother-in-law walking in the fields right where we had just been. Because the fields roll and rise, it is easy not to see or hear someone, even when they are close. We were hidden, as we always were when we went into the woods for making love, so they didn’t know we were there; they just kept on walking. The only thing that might have given us away was my wife’s white bra, hanging high in a bush like a flag, 15 feet from the edge of the woods!

Sexual Healing is A Benefit of Hot Monogamy

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sexual healing

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Please, honey, I have a headache.” Most of the time, that means that sex isn’t about to happen. But for me, thanks to the sweet, self-sacrificing love of my dear wife, it usually meant that it WAS. I used to get really bad headaches. Not migraines, but bad enough to really incapacitate me. I figured out the three things I needed to get rid of them: aspirin, an orgasm, and an hour-long nap. When I was single, I had to take care of all of that myself (if you know what I mean). But when I got married and explained the situation to my wife, she lovingly agreed to “Plan X”. During our “normal” lovemaking, I always try to bring her to orgasm first, because I am so aroused by making her come that I seldom have trouble reaching my own orgasm soon after. But when I would get a bad headache, I would call her as I was coming home from work and say “I need Plan X”. That usually meant that she would meet me at the door wearing only a robe and holding aspirin and a glass of water. After swallowing the pills, I would follow her up to the bedroom. Her robe would fall to the floor, and she would undress me while I caressed her breasts and vulva. After lubricating my hard penis with some K-Y jelly (or sometimes, with her saliva), my love would lie on her back on the bed and open her legs to me. As I penetrated her as deeply as I could, she would wrap her arms around my neck and her legs around my back, which created the perfect angle for her to maximize my pleasure. After a few moments’ eager thrusting, I came to a far more intense and deeply healing orgasm than I could ever have given myself. As I exploded inside my dearest one, she would whisper “I love you” over and over until my orgasm subsided and I was ready for my nap. After I awoke, headache-free, we would have dinner and then have another lovemaking session, where SHE got to have the screaming good time!

  2. Deane says:

    That's a beautiful story, Marriage Joy. I loved it and can relate to it. When I've been emotionally low myself, nothing has ever given me so much comfort as my wife's soft apple breasts and her furry pussy brushing over my face and enveloping my cock. And when she's down, she loves it when I am tender to her — which, if I do it right and am patient enough — can end in a healing session of sex. I don't always get it right, but I'm learning:-)

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