Watching You

I am standing just outside the bedroom door. You don’t have any idea that I am watching you through the partially closed door. You look sexier than the day you became my wife. Our lovemaking has broken through so many barriers.

I watch as you relax on the bed, partially nude. I can see your hard marble size nipples eagerly awaiting your attention. As you spread your legs I can see that you had just shaven your vagina. As I behold your beauty, my rod is becoming hard and engorged.

I watch as you lower your hand to your womanhood and fondle what I want to taste and suck. You have the sexiest smile on your face as you enjoy your body as much as I do.
I can’t wait any longer. Quietly I enter in the bedroom, taking my clothes off in the process. You lazily look at me and smile. Not one time did you hesitate with playing with yourself? You know how this excites me.

I lay down beside you, suckling your nipples. As I nip and strengthen my suction, you moan with pleasure. I can see your juices flowing and you bury your fingers deep inside your vagina. “Baby, my fingers just aren’t doing the job. I need your rod now.” without any warning, you straddle me. You are in control. You knead your breasts and pull and pinch your nipples. I can feel your hot wet flesh wrap itself around my rod. Like a hotdog laying inside a bun.

I rise up into a sitting position. You push your chest out for me to latch on to your breast. I raise your butt up enough for my rod to be thrust inside of your puss. AHHH. YES THAT’S IT. Your legs are locked around my waist. And violently you begin to buck. “YES BABY! YOU ARE SO BIG!” just when you are about to go over the edge, I throw you underneath me. “GIVE IT TO ME HARD.” you said in a raspy voice. Forcefully I thrust deep inside of you. As I thrust you rub your clitoris so hard. Your breasts were swaying and bouncing. I latched as a child would its mother. Together we united as one.

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