Erotic Wife

Erotic Wife – A Wife Becomes A Tower for Her Husband

Erotic Wife – The wife in the Song of Songs erotic book of the Bible once said,

I am a wall,
and my breasts are like towers.
Thus I have become in his eyes
like one bringing contentment. Song of Song 8:10 NIV

I have found that men and women need sexual attention, and depending on who they are; maybe lots of it. I am not telling any wife or husband what to do, I have decided to be an erotic wife for the protection of my husband. I want to be that wall and my breasts to be that tower to keep my husband’s sexual needs met right here at home.   While I believe that adultery is wrong, I also believe that no relationship is adultery proof.  There is great spiritual warfare that sets itself up against faithful marriage. Adultery can happen even to those of us who trust Jesus as our Savior.  As a woman I believe, a large percentage of  the time, we have the power to protect our husbands from falling prey to adultery, and addictive pornography.  HOW?  By giving him bountiful sexual attention and being an erotic wife.  Now I know this can be difficult as we women are trying to balance children, housework, meal preparation, projects, and for many outside jobs.  But it must be a priority.  And, by making it a priority, we not only enjoy a rich marriage relationship, but we are also bringing honor and glory to God.  Now this does not have to mean a full hour of passionate lovemaking every night. And ladies, I believe, we also are brought great pleasure as we bring pleasure to our husbands.

Erotic Wife -Here Are Some Ideas That My Husband and I Enjoy

1.  My husband is really turned on by me shaving my pubic hair or getting waxed.  He says he loves to look down there and really be able to see all that I have. I like the feeling too.

2. He also likes it when we are in the car, without the kids of course, and I reach over, undo his pants and gently massage his penis. And then if it is night time and we are on a back country road, we pull over and finish with some very passionate lovemaking. In the car, he really loves it when I put my fingers down my pants.

3.  He also likes it when sometimes I sleep naked at night.  And by me sleeping naked,  spontaneous sex often occurs.  He loves to crawl in bed and cuddle up behind me.  He then simply sets his penis between my legs, up against my vagina, and holds me.  Sometimes we fall asleep this way.  Other times his hand moves gently over my body, caressing my breasts, then my belly, and then even lower.  He then stimulates me to the brink, and we enjoy passionate love.

4.  That reminds me of something else.  My husband says he gets as much pleasure out of touching me and bringing me to total release, as he does when he is the one climaxing.  So I love when he touches me, and I just relax, and let myself go, all the way…

5.  Just seeing his erotic wife naked is important to him.  And then if our naked bodies embrace, even for a short time, he says this is a thought he carries with him all day long.

6. Having sex in different places, and in different positions and at different times(such as the middle of the night or early morning) are a big turn on for us.

7. He likes is when I masturbate. I like it too, it keeps me thinking about him. He likes it when I masturbate as he is waking up in the morning. He grabs his tool to harden things up and we start the day making love.

8. He gets turned on when I use a vibrator. I like it too.

9. He like it when I don’t wear panties when we go out on a date. I wear a skirt so if the opportunity arises, we can take things farther.

10. He likes it when I sometimes talk sexy like an erotic wife, whispering very provocative sexual thoughts in his ear.

These are some of the ideas we use to spice up our sex life. This site is giving me more ideas on being an erotic wife,  I believe that by keeping it exciting and alive, I truly want to be his protection, his erotic wife. I want to keep him content!

Erotic Wife

By: James Diedrick

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4 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful top-10. These are commitments that most if not every husband would love to have their wife make. You obviously understand and care for your husband.

  2. vinodh says:

    I like when me and wife masturbates each other mutually.
    fingering her and she fingering my ass mutually with lube .
    there is lot of trust ,passion and erotic sex in husband wife relationship.

  3. Loved by my Wife says:

    The Songs passage you quoted & your comments after are inspiring & true. No discussion of Christian purity for married couples should omit that point: My wife’s sexuality is a safe haven for my desire. That her breasts are a strong tower for my purity is powerful imagery.

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