The Scents of Sex

I love the scents of making love with you.

I love the smell of your perfume as I kiss your neck.
I love the smell of your skin as your body gets warmer and warmer.
I love the smell of your sweet breath – the sweetness that comes when your body is aroused and your hips begin to thrust with mine.

I love tasting that sweetness with my tongue
I love the smell of your garden, the wonderful scent of your moist, soft, warm vagina.

I love the amazing mixture of all those scents as you arrive at the moment of your pleasure.

I love the smell of snuggling with you after we’re done.

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  1. singlemale says:

    i try my best to please my wife, with my utmost love and sexual pleasure. could you please send me, something more and more hot, so that my wife admits that i am the only one for her.

    this has really helped me in discovering her.

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