Embers turning to Flames (L)

After four decades of marriage my love for my wife is as strong as the day of our wedding. I still get a good feeling seeing her wake up in the morning, smile at me and hold my hand. Hearing that you can imagine how I feel about our intimate life!

A few days ago we were sitting in the TV room watching a Christmas show, her in the recliner and me on the sofa, when as casual as one could she crossed the room and sat next to me. After a few minutes she held my hand intently watching the movie then out of nowhere she removes her shirt and bra and said, “my back itches from my dry skin would you mind giving me a back rub?”

Not one to pass up on a chance to touch her body I obliged kneading her back from her shoulders to the top of her slacks making sure I grazed along the sides of her breasts every few trips up and down her back .After playing that game for awhile I cupped both her twins in my hands and felt her nipples harden and her areolas get puffy and swollen all while she is watching TV. After a few minutes she reaches in my pants and starts feeling my penis never looking away from the TV as my member swelled and throbbed in her hand.

As casual as I could be in that situation I told her how nice it would be to both get naked and feel each others body rubbing against each other.You would think after many years of marriage nothing would shock me, so imagine my surprise when grabbed my swollen member and led me to our bedroom.After entering the bedroom and undressing she looks at my hardness and asks, “Will he ever stop standing up for me?”

To which I replied, “I hope never.”

That seemed to be a magic word as she pushed me on the bed and was on top of me in a blink.

Now my wife is rather reserved about sex so you could imagine my surprise when after rubbing touching and kissing body parts she tells me, “I want to suck your dick.” This might be a common occurrence in some couples lives, but a first time in mine.

So true to her word she licked my penis from top to bottom and did exactly what she said she would. While pleasuring me she took a little more at a time until about half my manhood was in her warm mouth all while looking up and making eye contact with me which might of been as much a turn on as the actual act.

As I felt an orgasm building I told her she better stop because it was her turn. As soon as I asked her what I could do for her she replied, “Do me from behind! I’d love that!”

After she bent over with her head against the bed and bottom high we found the right angle and I slid in her rather easily. I decided to keep it slow to make it last and extend her pleasure when out of nowhere she says
“Give it to me! Fuck me hard!”

Which would have shocked me to orgasm if I’d been closer. As her orgasm came, mine was close behind and soon both of us were gasping and saying wow. Along with our Honeymoon this had to be the highlight of our sexual lives.

The only problem is while sitting in church next to her it will take extra concentration not to think of that night!

Our motto: as long as there are embers a flame can spring up!


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  1. Mercury7
    Mercury7 says:

    It’s great to hear from another couple who, like us, are over 40 years into marriage. Like you, we have been “slow learners,” but we have enjoyed much more experimentation in recent years (which hopefully will be shared in more posts in the future). We are still growing and feel like we have a lot to learn. For those of us married 40 years ago, there was not the climate of openness about sexuality that there is today. In general the church’s message about sex was “it’s bad” so it took a long time for many of us as couples to develop a more positive attitude about sex. Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

  2. Steve & Annie
    Steve & Annie says:

    That was great, so glad to hear that after forty years your wife can still shock you. Even if we are still youngins at 26 years, that sex can still be new and exciting. Blessings to you and your lovely bride!!!

  3. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    I loved everything about this wonderful story! My wife and I are still growing in our new experiences. It is amazing how God can and does continue to bring new wine and new wineskins to so many areas of our lives – including in the marriage bed (or the marriage couch)! Please write more. What a blessing to us all. Blessings in Christ.

  4. Luvinhusband45
    Luvinhusband45 says:

    Good for you guys. We are in our 5th decade of marriage ourselves and while we may not make love as often as when we were young, we still enjoy it a lot when we do. There is indeed something special about physical intimacy. Truly a gift from the Lord for those in marriage. Loving my wife in this fashion has helped my love for her grow in other ways as well. Keep up the good work.

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