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No More Shooting Blanks – Sex after Vasectomy Reversal

This story is about two very memorable sexual moments during our journey through the wilderness of infertility.

Like many other couples on this site, we once struggled with the heartbreak of infertility. We did all the treatments, took all the meds, suffered and enjoyed the side effects (more about that later), and went to several specialists until the Lord led us to the right doctor. It was a difficult road, and we suffered many setbacks on this sad journey until God answered our prayers and beautiful babies eventually came our way.

Those of us who have gone through this know what we’re talking about. In my case, I experienced mood swings, increased heartbeat and perspiration, restlessness, trouble falling asleep, body hair growth (especially down there), and of course, constant horniness!

Readers of this site know how much I love sex, but the meds I was on really put me over the edge at times. And poor K even had trouble keeping up with me (he is five years older after all, lol). We later found out the reasons for our infertility were a combination of my tilted uterus and my husband’s prior vasectomy reversal. He obtained a vasectomy during his first marriage, and after we met years later, we wanted to make babies together. So, my sweet K. went under the knife and got his vasectomy reversed. What true love and sacrifice by my dear man!

I’ll never forget the evening after his reversal. He was groggy from the anesthesia wearing off, and his balls had swollen to the size of small oranges. For once in his life, my honey was in no mood for sex. Yet to our mutual amazement, the urologist wrote in his plan that we had to have sex after vasectomy reversal before going to bed that night! Somewhat taken back, we delicately asked if mutual masturbation could occur in my husband’s post-operative condition.

“No, you must help your husband obtain an erection tonight, and he must fully climax inside your vagina, Mrs. Kay. It is vital to the success of the procedure. Else, there will be continued problems now that your husband is, shall we say, reconnected. So just relax and enjoy yourselves; I am sure you will know what to do,” he said, winking as he walked out of the recovery room.

I’m certainly no prude, yet I was somewhat taken aback by his wink and hearing another man—not my husband—talking so intimately about my vagina. He actually referred to it by name. “No, you must help your husband…he must climax inside your vagina, Mrs. Kay… I am sure you will know what to do.” I swear he took a glance at my breasts as he said that. I remember it was cold in there, and hopefully, my nipples were not erect and poking through my soft tight sweater. Other than K, no man has ever looked me in the eyes and talked about my vagina before. Oh, well, he is a doctor, and I don’t think he was inappropriate. Still, felt a little awkward after his quick downward glance and wink. Perhaps I am spoiled by having a female physician and OB all these years.

Later that evening, after a delicious nap followed by a romantic dinner with smooth jazz and candlelight, we were ready for sex after vasectomy reversal. I led my man into our bedroom. The moon was shining bright, and we had the window blinds drawn to drink in the beautiful sight. K. was still very sore and tender down there, yet we both knew what we had to do. Like many women on this site, I frequently like our lovemaking to be fast and furious, especially since those meds kicked my libido into overdrive. But not tonight. I was the aggressor and took the lead—yet in a much slower and gentler mode for sex after vasectomy reversal. Truth be told, I was as horny as a cat in heat, and I wanted him to pound me hard tonight—yet that was impossible. Still, the challenge of making my husband hard and gently inserting his manly tool into my hungry pussy without hurting his swollen balls was one I was willing to take. It would be the first time Mr. K would lovingly deposit all of his sweet seed into Mrs. Kay’s vagina.

I slowly undressed while he watched, slowly performing the slutty seductive dance I know he craves when intimate marriage heat sex is approaching. Even in his weakened condition, his eyes were on my body like lasers as he intensely gazed at me, slowly grinding and removing my clothes in front of him. Never breaking eye contact swaying my hips to the music, I turned my back to my husband when I got down to my bra and panties. Unclasping the four clasps of my sheer black Victoria’s Secret bra (his favorite), I gently tossed it over my shoulder to him. As I ran my hands down my naked hips and quads, I gently slipped down the matching panties until they were at my ankles. I lingered there, bent over, for several long moments in this position for his viewing pleasure. He loves seeing my ass facing him like this. Then, I gently opened up my stance a bit, revealing a generous glance of my hormone-enhanced lady garden for his eyes only. Thank goodness he likes me natural down there! Thanks to those meds, this lush forest between my legs never disappeared–even years later–much to his enjoyment.

Naked, I turned and slowly walked to the bed and undid his Under Armor sweats, sliding them down his legs. And then I saw them in the candlelight: his swollen balls, huge and purple. I could see the sutures. I bet he hurt! Yet his erection was rock hard as usual. A little voice in my head asked me if I still wanted to go through with this, yet I knew the answer was a resounding Yes.

As I gently ran my fingers through his pubes, and I took my first risk. I slowly licked his balls, and his body reacted, but not in a bad way. “Be gentle, Kay—but yes, your tongue feels wonderful.” No nibbling tonight. I usually gently bite and nibble at K’s balls and take them both into my mouth, sucking and slurping to our mutual content. They are so salty and so warm in my mouth. I crave the intimacy of having this most special part of my husband’s body resting in my mouth. I cherish his feeling of trust by letting me take him like that.

But none of that tonight, after slowly licking his scrotum, I moved onto his real prize, that blood-engorged cock. Being careful not to put any pressure on his balls, I went down on him, taking his entire shaft down my throat. In and out; in and out, not once, but several times. He tasted so good and was so hard, I almost lost track of what I was doing and remembered the doctor saying he must shoot his sperm into Mr. Kay’s pussy—I mean—vagina tonight.

As if on cue, K cried out, “Kay, stop, I’m about to shoot!” So I quickly withdrew and savored the yummy taste of my husband’s pre-cum on my tongue. Oh, how I love his pre-cum! So sweet and delicate. I savor this particular delicacy.

“Okay, woman, on your back—I’m ready to pound you and see if this thing still works,” he joked to me. Slowly I joined him on the bed as he slowly got up to carefully mount his beloved. I opened up for him as he admired the forbidden view of our secret garden, known only to us and no one else. He gently stroked my lush dark bush, and I saw his hard-on stiffen a bit as it pointed up at an angle towards his face. Still, those massive balls made him look like some freak of nature, and I didn’t want this to hurt him. I love how the sight of my nakedness causes his big cock to grow that that!

Slowly, tenderly, he got on top of me. His hard chest was pressing down upon my large breasts. I love feeling the weight of my man on top of me. My pussy was very wet and eagerly awaiting his entry, yet still not sure how this would turn out. As I was wondering how much to grind him—he slowly yet expertly slid into me to the hilt. He felt so wonderful and so hard.

“Oh Kay, you are so wet and feel so good right now. I love being inside of my bride,” my husband uttered as he slowly started to screw his wife.

I could feel his swollen balls slapping my ass as he continued to pound away. Slower than usual, yet wonderful all the same. I couldn’t believe he was doing this, and it wasn’t hurting his balls!

As he continued thrusting into me, he cupped my titties in each hand and took turns on each one, sucking and gently biting my nipples. He knows how much I love having my titties manhandled while he is inside of me.
“K, you feel wonderful, honey! I love you so much, baby. If you don’t stop sucking these tits as you screw me, I am going to cum all over your dick,” I moaned.

Taking the cue, he pounded harder, squeezed my titties in those big strong hands more firmly, and sucked my nipples with more determination until I went off the cliff.

“Ooooh K, I am cumming, I am cumming! Feels sooooooo good! Mmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I screamed as the first climax overtook me.

Goosebumps were all over my body, my breasts had swollen, and my legs wrapped tightly around my husband’s back as I finally came down from this massive orgasm.

“Oh shit, Kay, I am going to cum! I love being inside your hairy pussy, girl. You are hairy, aren’t’ you? Tell me!”

“Yes, K; I love how you fuck this hairy pussy, babe. It’s all yours, babe; it’s all yours, fuck my hairy pussy. I want to feel your hot sperm inside me, sweetheart. Shoot it, shoot, shoot, shoot,” I gasped.

And then his most amazing orgasm before or since took place. Swollen balls and all, he bucked like a wild animal and ponded me like it was his last day on earth. I couldn’t believe it. Or his scream. He never literally screams when he cums—but he did that night.

“Oh Kay, I am cumming! Feels so good; it’s never felt like this before! Damn! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh man, what’s happening. Shit, Kay!!!!” He couldn’t stop shaking or shooting.

I later learned that now that all his tubes were reconnected, this was nature’s way of blowing out his system after being “disconnected” for nearly ten years.

My husband shot load after load of his hot sperm into me. I felt all of it—all of it. Seriously, he shot load after load after load of what must have been nearly 30-40 seconds into me. Not that I time his climaxes, but he usually climaxes for 5-10 seconds. Yet that night—he was like a water hose that wouldn’t shut off!

He kept shooting. “Oh Kay, I love you soooo much! I can’t stop shooting. This is so weird yet sooooooo good, sweetheart. Mmmmmmm.”

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally stopped shooting his load(s). And immediately, I felt wetness. His sperm was oozing out of my pussy. I mean, yes, it usually does somewhat after we make love. But that night, a steady stream of man juice flowed out and drenched the bed under me. I was amazed that so much of his sperm leaked out of me. It was all over the bed and running down my lips and glopped throughout the hair of my pussy.

As we lay there cuddling and caught our breaths, he explained how he felt as he climaxed, like a water faucet turned on full blast. He said it was the best orgasm of his life, and he couldn’t believe what an outstanding release it was for him.  It seemed like a dam had unleashed ten years of his cooped-up sperm. With all the jizz that leaked from my pussy, I’d have to say he was right. What a wonderful gift to share with my man!

Our second most vivid memory was months later when we went to our first infertility clinic visit. One of the things they needed from us (from my husband) was a sperm sample. Again, that was a little awkward. Fortunately, it was a female nurse who told us that, so it was not that uncomfortable. But we again had a medical professional of the opposite sex talking about something intimate regarding our bodies. Oh well, nothing personal. Still, I was glad I wore my scrubs today.

Not the most romantic of settings, she said for him to take his time and told him to “collect the specimen into the cup and return to the desk immediately.” Easier said than done in a cold doctor’s office examination room.

Reluctantly I asked her, “Okay if I… ah… stay with him? Help him obtain the specimen?”

She smiled and said, “That would be fine, no worries.” Then, closing the door with a gentle smile, she winked as she left us alone and closed the door.

Not wanting to take too long and somewhat embarrassed that the nurse knew what we were doing in that examination room, we quickly got to it. I sure hoped she wasn’t telling her colleagues what we were doing in there!  Awkward!!!

“Well, Nurse Kay, I guess you will have to help collect my—specimen,” my husband teased.

“Yep,” I answered him. I pinned on my name badge from work to get into character and directed my patient to lie back on the exam table and undo his trousers.

“Mr. K, I will examine your sexual organs first, then we will proceed with the sample; is that okay with you, sir?”

“Oh yes, Nurse Kay, it is. But I will warn you I am somewhat shy and have not done this before with someone other than my wife, so please bear with me, Ma’am.”

“Understood,” I replied. “This is strictly professional. After all, I have a license to uphold and protect. Let’s proceed.”

Slowly pulling down his boxers, I laid eyes upon his wonderful penis and prominent hairless balls. Immediately, I started to tingle deep down inside.

“Okay, Mr. K, I understand you had surgery recently on your testicles.” While saying this, I gently massaged his manly balls in my bare hands and lightly ran my middle finger along his slowly growing shaft.

“Ah, Nurse, aren’t you supposed to wear gloves when examining patients? You know infection control?”

“Well, yes, sir, but don’t you remember you signed a waiver granting us permission to waive the gloves in obtaining your specimen?’

“Oh, that’s right. Sorry.”

“No worries. It looks like your operation has healed rather nicely. I must say, your wife must be a happy woman—I bet you take good care of her,” as I continued touching my patient’s exposed private parts. Our role-play is such fun!

“Well, I try to, Nurse, but she can be a wildcat in bed. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with her, if you know what I mean.”

This banter aroused us both, and his erection was nearly complete as I continued gently kneading his tightening balls and running my fingers through his sexy man garden.

“Yes, I ah, see what you mean,” I retorted while staring at his now throbbing and veiny cock. “Yet if I may say, professionally speaking, you appear to have what it takes to please her, to be honest. Your wife is a fortunate woman, sir.”

“Yep, I bet your wife is thrilled with you and with what you bring to the table,” I said as I slowly started pumping his shaft. “I mean, with your, ah size and everything, may I ask, do you ever hurt her? I mean, I bet you have to be gentle with her, right?”

Looking me in the eyes as my right hand continued to pump and squeeze my patient slowly, he responded, “Well, Nurse, I am much bigger than she is, so yes, I have to be careful. However, she absolutely loves to have sex with me—especially since we started these infertility meds. Sometimes, she transforms into a sex-crazed banshee—not that I’m complaining, mind you! She just wants it more and more, and that girl loves to climax. She is one of those multi-climaxers, you know.”

“No, I did not know that. What else does your wife enjoy?” I asked while still slowly gripping and stroking his big dick in my little right hand.

“My wife loves my cock. She loves how it tastes and feels in her hands and down her throat. She calls it her Man Pop. She loves to suck on me and taste me when I… well, you know, when I ah, finish up.”

“Pop, eh? That’s cute. Does she like to do this?” Then I slowly ran my tongue from his balls to the tip of his penis without breaking eye contact.

“Oooh, yes, Nurse, she likes doing that. I like how she makes me feel as she does it, too.”

I felt his first twitch quiver in my hand and knew his time had almost arrived, so I had to be careful.

“And sir, does your wife like to do this?” I asked while taking his balls into my mouth and gently running my nails up his thigh, and scratching him along the way. When I inhaled them into my mouth and gently sucked them, I felt his hips begin to twitch.

“Oh, Nurse, that feels wonderful, and yes, she enjoys doing that too.”

“And how about this?” I gently released his balls and slowly dribbled saliva onto the tip of his penis, then slid him into my mouth. Gently, I took him all the way in and down my throat, then released him.

“Oh, Nurse, yes, my wife loves doing that, and it feels wonderful. Will you please do that again for me, please?”

“Very well,” I answered and slowly took him in again for several deep-throated bobs before rereleasing him with a loud lollipop sound as he dropped out.

His cock was really throbbing now, and we didn’t have much time left.

“I think you are ready to produce your specimen now, ah, Mr. K.”

“Yes, Nurse, I am ready, I am ready. But please, one last request.  You have been very nice to me and are very pretty. To help me obtain my specimen, may I have one last request?”

“Well, yes, we agreed to assist with obtaining your specimen. What is your request?”

His penis was still erect and throbbing as he sheepishly asked, “ah Nurse, may I, ah, even in your scrubs, I can tell you have big tits. Will you please show them to me, just this once? Please, Nurse? I can tell you are blessed with a very nice rack.”

Blushing and a little embarrassed, I thought it over and replied, “Well, there couldn’t be much harm in that. Just don’t want anyone to walk in on us. The only thing is, Mr. K, I don’t want you to lose your erection when I stop touching your penis to show you my bosoms.”

“Oh, that’s okay; I will stroke myself but won’t climax into the specimen cup yet. I’d just be so honored to see your big tits.”

“Well, okay then.” I gently smiled. “If it will help you produce the specimen…”

I let go of his cock, stood in front of him, slowly lifted the top of my scrubs, and pulled my titties out of the bra that was keeping them at bay. It was cold in there; I felt a distinct chill on my nipples.

“Oh, Nurse, you have wonderful tits, just like my wife! I can’t believe how much they look alike. I love those prominent, round areolas. And your nipples! They look like strawberries! Are you and my wife related or something??? Wow, you are blessed with magnificent tits. I bet you your husband adores them.”

“As a matter of fact, yes, my husband does adore my breasts. He loves to knead them in his hands and gently massage them. I especially enjoy how he sucks them. He can even bring me to climax while sucking my big titties.”

He reached up and started to massage my right breast gently with his hand. Its warmth felt so good on my cold breast and nipple. I sighed with contentment at his comforting touch. Then, with my breasts exposed to him right there in the doctor’s office, I saw his face drop suddenly, and he cried out.

“Shit!” K quickly reached over to the exam table and grabbed the specimen cup just before shooting his load of sperm into it.

“Oh, Nurse, you are so hot. You remind me of my sexy wife, especially with those sweet titties of yours. Thank you for helping me obtain this specimen.”

I hurriedly readjusted my clothing and made sure none of his sperm got wasted. When he finished, I lustfully licked the trickled globs of sperm off his thumb and the side of his specimen cup. Then I sucked him dry, savoring his last drops and causing him to wince on the table. Oh, how I love the salty taste of my sexy man.

As if on cue, the real nurse knocked on the door, asking if we were okay. I hope they didn’t hear anything, I thought to myself.

“Yes, just finishing up,” my husband said, and I punched him in the shoulder.

“Really, K? I can’t believe you just said that!”

He just smiled as he got dressed.

Making sure everything was in order, we got up, gathered our stuff, and left the examination room. K handed his specimen cup to the nurse and signed some final paperwork.

As we turned to leave, the nurse thanked us and winked at me again. This time, I winked back and smiled as we strolled away hand in hand.

Sex after vasectomy reversal is working great.


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10 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    What a fun journey for you two! Thanks for the story and I hope you don’t mind I changed just a few things to include the optimized focus word. I think other couples who are going to have a vasectomy reversal would enjoy this story so I made that the focus word. 🙂 God bless you K. and Kay!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Blondie thank you for the encouragement! And yes, we welcome your edits especially the optimized focus word for this story. You always do such a nice job of tightning up the wording so please continue doing so friend. Its our hope other couples experiencing vasectomy reversal will see a sexy new world can await them–even the night of the procedure! 😀

  2. Gina G. says:

    WOW! Wonderfully HOT story, I loved it! What a journey you two have had. My panties are soaked! ( probably because I fingered myself to a wonderful orgasm after reading it) Thank you so much for posting, more than worth the wait K and Kay! God bless you both.

    P.S. Gotta let Ben read this, I’M fairly certain he will have the same reaction. Besides I love watching him whack off! Lol.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Oh Gina thank you for your kind words of encouragement–and the effect it had on you ;-D. Mission accomplished, LOL! One of our favorite pastimes before the Lord led us to MH was writing little erotic diddies to each other. Perhaps this was His way of preparing us for MH.

      It means alot to us to have the freedom and trust to share our intimate moments with fellow MH members. Its a tremendous outlet and we learn a great deal from other contributers such as yourself; Blondie; LovingHusband, Lttlb; Westcoast; Mommyof threewifeofone and so many others.

      Lord bless you and we will write again soon!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    I love the way you so accurately describe the way you two feel during your encounters. It makes it so easy to identify with your experiences. Very hot! This definitely has set the mood for what will happen in our marriage bed tonight!! Thank you for your great writing. God’s blessings to you both.

  4. doctemp2 says:

    LH very kind of you; thank you sir! Glad you find our encounters easy to identify with. We love writing them and sharing with MH readers. Hope this one brought you and Mrs. LH a wonderfully hot evening last night. Take good care!

  5. HornyAussies says:

    Mmmm. What a sexy story. Makes me want to reverse my vasectomy lol. My wife sounds very similar. Your intimate description and detail are beautiful. Keep them coming! Thanks.

    • doctemp2 says:

      HornyAuusies thank you for the feedback; we are pleased our adventure brought you happiness. Its been quite a journey and I will never forget the poor sight of my swollen honey–it was an honor testing out the goods that evening, lol. I can vouch–there is a sex life after vasectomy reversal. Wish he was doing me now on an Australian beach 😀

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