Marriage Heat Challenge of the Week – 3-Sentence Story

One of my favorite story ideas that I’ve seen recently is the concept of the very limited story.  posted some two sentence horror stories from Reddit and had a challenge to write a 6-word sci/fi or fantasy story. It was really impressive to see how much story and emotion could be thrown into something so short.

So, if Blondie and Co. will allow it, I wanted to challenge the MH writers to something similar: the 3-sentence marriage heat story.

Three sentences to tell a story – it can be humorous, surprising, sultry, or touching. Only rules beyond that are 1) you have to establish the characters are a married couple (with bonus internet points earned for creative ways of showing it) and 2) it’s got to have some heat.


I’ll go first:

The walls of my wife’s  pussy tightened around my fingers for the third time, my chin bumping the table with each flick of my tongue. She had arched her eyebrow at me when I answered her question about breakfast. My all-I-could-eat approach surprised her even more.


Want to take up the challenge? Post yours in the comments below.

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17 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Love this idea. Here is mine: He pumped his cock as I watched, my anticipation building and my pussy dripping wet. “Oh, baby, I’m ready,” he groaned and I leaned in and sucked him dry as he climaxed. It woke him up enough to drive us the rest of the way home.

    • nikywa says:

      As he continued to enter my heated swollen cunt, slowly, steadily, i began to cum in such agonizing pleasure. He rose his cock up to my lips so i could taste the mixture of him and i fresh and tasty on his tip. Here, on our wedding night, i finally understood what it felt like to have my body become one with the love of my life.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Great job Blondie. By the way, my wife and I both love how car sex keeps us so alert for long periods of time during long trips. I finger her as she goes at my cock! It should be in the marriage driving manual!!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    I had recently fallen asleep – but was awakened by the smell of Victoria’s Secret perfume and my face being slapped by two hard-nippled tits! I grabbed my naked wife and pulled her already wet pussy down to the bed. We fucked with renewed passion and energy to our heart’s content.

  3. Caveman says:

    She loved the feeling as her own fingers slid into her panties, even more excited as she knew she was being watched. Shadows danced across the room and the candle lights flickered. Her passion grew, her mound moistened, her fingers reached ever deeper–calling, “lover return to me from the shadows and share God’s gifted pleasures with me.”

  4. youngheart says:

    Another to keep the challenge moving.

    We both looked at the plate of brownies sitting on the kitchen counter, mouths agape. My cock twitched in her hand as the last of my explosive orgasm subsided.
    “Well that went different than I planned,”she said.

  5. tpc says:

    Cops and Robbers. I have her pressed against the wall with my hands behind my back. My cock glides in and out of her juicy pussy. “Show me your sexy tits ma’am and I will gladly tell you where I hid the bank’s money.”

  6. doctemp2 says:

    “As I opened my legs for my husband the very first time; and as his rock-hard penis captured my most feminine secret on our wedding night–it was then I realized we had become one flesh. Even though we were now legally married and he was deeply imbedded into my hot moist sex, we couldn’t help shyly smiling at one another. Naked, with his full weight on top of me, crushing my breasts as I wrapped my legs around my man; he roughly yet tenderly drove his love home into me–because I am his and he is mine…”

  7. gabriella says:

    Hands tied and naked, he sits opposite me, a pleasant agony rising inside him as he views my fingers tracing the moist lips of my pussy before they plunge deep inside me. He begs to come to me but the answer is again, “No, you may only watch” as I touch myself to my own enjoyment. His swollen cock holds formation at attention, adorned with a glistening of deliciously sweet precum that I lick as my mouth slides over him.

  8. Thenakedpostmen says:

    She walked into the kitchen, exhausted by the stresses of another working day. I took her hand and led her upstairs to the bathroom, undressing us both as we walked. We emerged from the bedroom much later that night, our mutual orgasms once again proof of the lifelong bond between us.

  9. Barnboy says:

    As I slept early Christmas morning, I was awaken by my Love’s hand grasping my cock and pumping it hard. I opened my eyes to find my Love wrapped in a red ribbon as she moved to straddle my legs, then slowly inserted my hard cock deep into her pussy. As her hot moist pussy slowly enveloped my cock she kisses me whispering, “Merry Christmas”.

  10. tpc says:

    In seconds the two became one again as the young officer and his bride embraced and passionately kissed each other in the Budapest hotel hallway. In an instant the seperation resulting from months of deployment disappeared as his hand moved up her skirt and down her panties. While their tongues danced, a moan of pleasure escaped their lips as his finger slid deep into her wet welcoming pussy. Somehow they found their room and opened the door.

  11. cj1975 says:

    With her hands bound and secured high above, kneeling on the floor, blindfolded and naked in front of me, she’s trusting. Playfully spanked with a black leather riding crop turning her ass pink and softly tickling her perfect nipples hard, her pussy swells and drips it’s sweet nectar, she’s wanting. One gentle flick of my tongue she explodes cum into my mouth quenching my thirst, take her from behind, deep and hard until I empty myself into her, she’s my love, my friend, my wife.

  12. K P says:

    Bringing this thread back to life, as it’s a wonderful idea and a great way to interact. Here’s mine, from the perspective of a wife:

    During the day, I sent my dear husband an apology for acting like such a snot the night before, particularly when I snapped at him in a way that caused him to bristle at my tart tongue. Tonight, I made amends for my snottiness by turning my mere words into deeds by making a better use of my tongue through the act of sucking his amazing cock. After dropping to my knees in front of him, I made everything up to him by devouring his cock, and even let him ‘get back at me’ by showering me with a full-load facial.

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