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Mature Sex – Inspired by Marriage Heat

Mature Sex -I really hope I do not offend you younger readers with a mature sex babyboomer post. I have been married to a wonderful man longer than many readers have been alive: forty-three years. My husband has worked many, many hours and put his family first for the forty-four years he spent with his job as a lineman for a utility company. He recently retired and seems to have a renewed interest in me both in life and in our intimate times together. I truly love my husband but sex does not appeal to me the same as it does to him.

One night after church choir practice some friends and I decided to stop at the local coffee shop on the way home. During our chatting one of my lifelong friends laughed and said “Now that Dave is retired, I bet the honeymoon is on again!” I just smiled and murmured something about I’m too old for that to which she replied, “You’re never too old for that.” She then started to tell me about a site encouraging intimacy for Christian married couples called Marriage Heat, a site she thought I might like to visit. The conversation drifted to different topics, but her comment remained in my head. As I walked in the door to our home Dave hugged me, gave me a pat on my backside and, sensing my ho hum response, asked me if my day was good before he went out to his garage. As I sat there watching TV I wondered why I was so uninterested in Dave’s attention toward me. Then the Marriage Heat comment hit me and I decided to check it out. Soon I was on our computer searching for the site. I must admit I thought all the stories were for young married couples until I read some stories from couples around our age.

I still can’t believe I’m sharing this, but I started thinking about how well Dave treated me and the only thing he ever asked for was intimacy in our life. I also thought about how I avoided it whenever I could. I am a devout Christian and somehow I related being intimate with Dave as wrong. I became an “addict” for Marriage Heat and really liked the stories from older readers being able to relate better. I decided to improve that part of our life right now, and mused over where to start. Dave loves to cuddle naked while talking with me, he loves intimate talk from me, he is turned on by the thought of showering with me and loves doggystyle sex. I can’t believe I am sharing this, but I am.

A few days later Dave returned home from the mower repair shop and upon entering the back door I sniffed and asked him what smelled. He replied, “It must be the gas smell from the mower.” I told him he was stinking up the house and he needed to shower. I took him by the arm to the bathroom and undressed him, trying not to laugh at the look on his face. I turned on the shower, undressed and we both entered the shower while he still didnt say a word. I turned the hot water on as hot as we could stand it and lathered Dave’s body from top to bottom giving extra attention to his private parts, handed him the soap, looked him in the face and smiled. Without a word he did the same for me and covered every inch of my body with his loving hands. I thought about furthering the action in the shower but chickened out, so we dried off and went to the bedroom.

I then left a trail of kisses from his bald forehead (sorry Dave), down his body to his groin area, and then I kissed and licked his groin without touching his penis while fingering his testicles. I thought, “Here goes” and slid his penis into my mouth hoping I was doing it right (and by his reaction I was). I wasn’t sure about deepthroating, so I kept my attention on the head of his penis and I swear he was ready to come off the bed. Almost muttering he said, ” Jo, you better quit, he is gonna blow up.” He then rolled me over and licked my groin area before sliding his tongue into my privates, and I felt like never before in our married life. Soon I felt an orgasm coming and before I knew it I went over the top for only the third or fourth time in our married lives! Afterward we lay next to each other and talked like newlyweds and I swear the smile never left Dave’s face.

After about 15 minutes I rolled over and told my hubby he had business to finish, and then I kneeled down with my head on the bed and my bottom up high and smiled at my husband. Dave slid behind me and poked around untill he found the right angle and entered me slowly and tenderly. Soon Dave’s thrusting picked up he muttered for me to f— him and then kind of stopped as he did something wrong. I said, “That’s all right, lover, your wife wants you to f— her! She loves you.” That was enough to put Dave over the top, and even though he was super excited, he tried to thrust slowly until I told him, “Lover, you’re not hurting me give it to me.” Then the floodgates opened and we both let loose with lovers talk that seemed to further our excitement and intensify our finish. After the heavy breathing returned to normal, Dave thanked me several times until I told him that’s what loved wives do when they love their husband! Two things: I can’t believe I did this and really can’t believe I shared this! Thanks for the inspiration Marriage Heat!!

From Marriage Heat:  This story inspires mature sex and intimacy can always be young at heart. We hope to inspire married couples of all ages so that mature sex is just as heated as newlywed sex. We hope that more baby boomers will tell their friends about And you babyboomers, maybe we need a new category called mature sex. This will be one of the posts.


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18 replies
  1. doctemp2 says:

    Loved Wife thank you! We loved your story, your honesty and willingness to be honest. Your story was sweet and beautiful. You have nothing be ashamed or embarrased of. Take good care and we hope to hear from you again!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Loving Wife – it is you who is now an inspiration to the visitors to this site! I am so enthused by your testimony because it points to how God can keep growing and changing us in wonderful ways. I am so happy for you and your husband. You have many great times together still ahead. Thank you for having the courage to share. Don’t be surprised when you find out that your testimony has encouraged others just like you! Keep seeking the Lord first in all things – He never disappoints us! God bless you dear Loving Wife! Please write again soon!

  3. SweetTwinky says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can tell that it took a lot of guts just to open up to your husband and then more to post it on MH. It is never too late to build upon your marriage in the intimate areas. It is my prayer that you continue to work on enjoying your God given sex life. There is nothing worse to a sex life and intimacy than to hold onto old stero-types of the past which good girls and respectable girls dx not like or want sex. Thats a big lie from Satan. i pray that you reprogram your mind to a new way thinking. Everything is permissible in marriage sex so enjoy and write down, post here, and be sure to share with hubbyx.

    Sorry so long, and again awesome story, look forward to you next adventure..

  4. SweetTwinky says:

    Oh and by the way. Being older does not make your story less hot. My wife of 25 years has come around just like you have and she has tried and continues to shed the guilt trips and baggage taught to her in her youth. She loves sex now and we enjoy masterbating together because one of her issues was that she really didn’t know much about her own body and had not masterbated until I requested it and now it’s great, not perfect , but as far as I’m concerned, she has come along way baby!! Lol

  5. Gina G. says:

    Loved wife, Thank you so much for such a beautifully written and inspiring story. May God bless you and your husband as your journey continues. Please write again soon!

  6. youngheart says:

    Loved Wife, thank you for your story and your willingness to share it. You give me great hope for my own future with my sweet wife on what we can hopefully have in years to come. We’ve made great strides already and your words inspire to keep pushing for deep intimacy as we grow.

    And yes, I think we should have a new section to remind us that stories like this should be their own norm.

  7. Steve says:

    Very inspiring Loved Wife you have given me hope that attitudes about sex can get better. As baby boomers you can get caught up in the sex,drugs and rock-n-roll lie. Then you come back to the Lord and give your life over to him, you sometimes feel guilty about sex, you can only do it in a certain way and if you venture out of that box and be more creative you say to yourself that not right, that is how we did it back then and that was unholy, so you put the brakes on.
    So please keep sharing about this wonderful journey you and your husband are now on. Blessings to you both and Merry Christmas!!!

  8. rocket says:

    A truly inspiring story. Very often couples give up on retirement. Testimonies such as this puts the fire back into marriage. Thank you Loved Wife.

    Hope you will be emboldened to use the word “fuck” in full. Within marriage “fuck” is “Formal Union Commanded by the King” (God). So fuck is divine and sacred. Meditate on the beauty brought into sex within marriage by the Babe of Bethlehem this Christmas. Your marriage will be blessed, your fucking will be blessed. Merry Christmas. Make it all the merrier by a session of good fucking. God bless.

  9. poetic_justice_ says:

    Loving Wife, thank you for sharing this. It is encouraging to see a mature woman embracing God-given sexuality and being set free of shame. Your friend was right. You’re never too old for this. The gift you gave your husband is priceless. You are his wife, but now you are truly one with him.

  10. smitten says:

    Great story from the heart. My wife and I have been married for 43 years. We share our bodies as if giving gifts. We plan on having wonderful loving hot sex until our last breath and when we die it will be a good way to die.

  11. indian couple says:

    Thanks for sharing a real life experience. Truely age is no bar for intimacy between loving husband and wife. We are married for 24 years. And we are quite intimate and have hot sex as often as possible . of late she has been hesitant because of growing age. But your story has brought in new life into our sexual intimacy. Thanks.

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