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The End: Part 4 of the Full Circle series (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and mentions anal sex (A). We’ve written the first three installments of this journey together.  My husband can’t get the last part the way we want it, so now I have the con. 😁 My husband and I believe the Lord brought us together to serve him.  When we […]

The Couch

We were blessed to have conceived three children who are now out on their own.  But after 30 plus years of marriage, intimacy seems to take a back seat to the daily mundane tasks.  With God’s help, we are slowly finding our way back to “us.” One cold winter morning, my wife was kneeling on […]

Embers turning to Flames (L)

After four decades of marriage my love for my wife is as strong as the day of our wedding. I still get a good feeling seeing her wake up in the morning, smile at me and hold my hand. Hearing that you can imagine how I feel about our intimate life! A few days ago […]