The Final Frontier: Part three of the Full Circle series

One instance of strong language (L). Here are part one and part two of the series if you need to catch up.

Our mentors had started us on a journey.  We had discovered there was “adventure” in keeping our mate physically satisfied.

We had started our relationship only having sex in the missionary position.  I’d climb on, do what I was supposed to do, and roll off.  We would never dream of oral or other positions back then, but now we would move heaven and earth to satisfy each other.

Yet, there was one bridge we hadn’t crossed.

As we were going thru the Cosmopolitan magazines, anal ended up in my “maybe” pile.  But then my wife read the article and threw it off by itself.  “That’s the definite pile.”

Color me surprised.  We had tried several times, but it always ended in failure.  She was not ready; we rushed; it was spur of the moment.  Now, we had directions.

Months went by, and it slipped from my mind, but not hers.

Making love is usually an emotional experience, a loving experience, a spiritual experience, or a pure, raw physical experience.  You might get a couple of those in one session—our first successful anal combined them all.  It was the most intense lovemaking session we have ever had.

One morning, she whispered, “Let’s do this,” and went into the bathroom.  “Go downstairs and take a shower,” she said as she closed the door. When I came back up, I heard the cycle of running water, the commode flushing, then the shower coming on, repeated several times.

She came out in a silk teddy, her nipples prominently on display.  She took a big breath. “Here we go.”  She pulled my cock out and started masturbating and fellating me in a workman-like fashion; she was on a mission.  Soon, I came.  Licking her lips, she said, “I don’t want Mt. Vesuvius to erupt prematurely.”

I was confused.

“We have made love to each other in every conceivable manner except for one.  We have tried and failed because we did not prepare, and we were in a hurry.  Today, we do it right.”

My wife stood and slowly let her teddy and panties fall to the floor.  Standing in front of me in all her beauty, she took my hands.  “I want you to make love to me here,” she said and placed them on her heart-shaped butt.  “I want you there, but I will call the shots.”

I could only nod.  She looked down, and I followed her eyes.   She was drenched, her fluids running down the inside of her thighs.  “I’m ready.”

We lubed each other, then my wife pushed me on my back and straddled my hips.  “I will be in control of everything.”  She pressed the head of my cock on her rosebud, and holding me, she slowly pushed down.  My cock started to bend, so she eased up, gripped me higher, and pushed downward again, but it still would not go in.  She eased up then pushed back down again. This continued for several minutes.  She had tears in her eyes. “I want this.”  She slapped my chest.  “Damn it, the one time I wish you had a small dick.” She raised herself once more and gripped my cock just behind the ridge, then slowly came down.

It happened.  Her anal ring relaxed, and the head slid in.  Her ring closed behind my ridge, stopping my entrance.  Her head went straight back; she moaned and started to quiver. “It fits!” she whispered.  “I have been stretching myself but didn’t want you to know.”

We were motionless for what seemed an eternity, then she started making small movements back and forth, side to side, up and down, stopping when a spasm passed through her.  Several times, she poured lube out and coated us.  Slowly, I slid further inside but then started to swell.  Before we could stop, I came.

My wife grabbed both sides of my face. “If we don’t get it all in this time, there probably won’t be a next time.” She reached down and felt, “You’re still hard, good!”  Her hands were gently stroking herself, and her juices were flowing like a small stream.   Between her juices, the lube, and my cum, we were well greased.

She slowly worked herself up and down my shaft until I was completely in.  She exhaled, her nails digging into my shoulders.  Eyes closed, her mouth opened and closed several times, but nothing came out.  She shuddered and had a series of small orgasms.

I said, “Honey, I’m going cum again.”

Shaking her head, she muttered, “No. No, you’re not.  Not again.  Not until I say so.”  She reached down and gripped my cock at the base, strangling my orgasm response.

She started to rise and slowly come down, rising higher and sliding down faster with each repetition.  She started shaking, orgasms flowing thru her body; I could feel her squeezing me over and over.  She would raise herself and came down hard, taking me in one move—over and over.  Then, her entire body started shaking.

She placed my hands on her breasts, and I gently pulled her nipples.  “Harder.”  I pulled harder.  She came down one last time. Then, eyes closed and sweat dripping off her nose, she said in a small voice, “Cum.”

I lifted my hips off the bed into her, pushing even deeper, and started coating her with the most intense orgasm I ever had.  It felt like a constant flow leaving me, and I could feel wave after wave of her orgasm flood through her body too.  She continually spasmed on my cock.

Then, her juices flooded out, soaking the bed and us.  That had never happened.  She sat there looking at me with a blank stare, breathing deeply, having an occasional tremor.

We closed our eyes.

When I woke up, her head was on my chest, and I was still inside of her. She had several small spasms causing her to tighten around me, and I started to get hard.  I gently moved my hips up, and her eyes flew open.

“No, please, no.”  A shudder ran thru her body.  She started to rise off my hardening cock but only made it a couple of inches before she dropped back down, causing her to orgasm again.  “Oh Gawd, another one.”  After the spasm passed, she pushed on my chest and pulled free.  As she lay on her back, occasionally, a small moan would escape her, accompanied by a twitch of her hips.  She looked at me with moist eyes.  “I love you.”

Suddenly, she put her hand between her legs and stood up but grabbed the bed to keep from falling.  “Help me get to the bathroom.”  I put my arm around her, and we limped in.  I helped her sit on the commode, then sat on the edge of the bathtub. “This isn’t going to be pretty.”  She put her head on my shoulder and gripped my hands.

I helped her to the bed in the spare room, sat on the floor, and we fell asleep.  The next morning, I woke to her stroking my hair.  “Are you OK?” I asked.

She grimaced, “Very sore. Going to walk funny for a while.”  I started to apologize, but she stopped me.  “I have wanted to do that for years, but every time we tried, it wasn’t the right way or time, or we rushed.  I studied; I read; I prepared.  I did not say anything because I wanted to surprise you.

“When you first entered me, I came.  Then it was almost nonstop until we finished.  I saw stars, rainbows, light flashes, everything. The last time, my entire body came. I felt it in my kitty, breasts, and butt; they all sent orgasms to my brain.” She rubbed my arm and said, “Everything I have is yours.” Grinning, she added, “Not everything you have is mine.” (That might be another story.)

She stood up and walked bowlegged to the bathroom.  Stopping at the door, she turned to me.  “After all these years, you finally fucked me silly. This will definitely happen again.”  And it did.

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18 replies
  1. OldManJam says:

    Hot story and an extremely sexy picture, my wife and I are heading in that direction slowly but haven't had the opportunity to slip it in the backdoor yet. 😛

    We are still working up to it and having fun practicing!

  2. Leigha95 says:

    I love reading about anal but the aftermath terrifies me! I don't know if I could do THAT with my husband in the same zipcode. Still, got me very wet.

    • Leigha95 says:

      Ok, I need to apologize. My comment sounds super rude. I was just a little bit shocked and frankly scared with the whole this isn't going to be pretty thing. I love the anal stories, but I'm seriously inhibited about any touch there.

    • ILoveMarriage says:

      I'll bet he doesn't feel that way about it. Watching my wife poop is on my bucket list.

  3. LovingMan says:

    I doubt we’ll try this anytime, however I really appreciated your story because your wife researched and prepared plus she was willing to try something different and new. I’m so glad that it was such an epic experience for you both!

  4. Grace911 says:

    Loved the stories and also this photo. Yes, she's naked, yes her breasts and nipples are visible but they don't feel pornographic in the least, just very loving and appropriate to the story. Thanks for being willing to share your beautiful journey.

  5. Funcouple5476 says:

    We have tried anal, but he is too thick for me. So we compromise. We have anal beads that I love. So when he is inside me I am getting double the pleasure. I also love his big fingers in my butt while he bites my nipples and rubs my clit.

    Great story!!

  6. Preacher says:

    I loved your story and I'm happy for you. I didn't see any pictures so I can't comment on them. My wife isn't comfortable with anal sex but is more than happy to anally peg me or use thrusting butt plugs on me, both of which give me great pleasure.

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