The Wonder Years: Part two of the Full Circle series

Part 2 of a 4 part (probably) series.  Thanks for reading.

Our mentors stopped us at Church.   “Stop by. We have a present for you,” they told us.  They weren’t home when we visited them later, but sitting on the porch were three copier-paper boxes with our names on them.  When we got home, we found them full of Cosmopolitan magazines, some in pristine condition, others well used with dog-eared pages.  We sat in the garage in our lawn chairs and started exploring.  We separated them into “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” piles,  sorting until we had a good “Yes” pile.  It took several weeks because each session would result in several breaks for “practical application” of things we wanted to try, many of them things from the “maybe” list.

We started refining our love skills.  We learned that making love is more than putting a penis in a vagina.  Use your imagination!  Oral became an acquired skill, and masturbation (without wasting the seed), wonderful!  We explored, experimented, enjoyed.

We then attended a marriage encounter weekend sponsored by the church, where we re-dedicated ourselves to God and each other.  After class on Saturday, we went to our room to do homework.  As we finished, I hugged her from behind. “Please make love to me.” 

She said nothing, just undressed and faced me in all her glory.  When I removed my clothes, too, she simply said, “How do you want me?”

Then, it was time to start a family.  She tracked her cycles and decided the best time to get pregnant.  The week before, there were no ejaculations on my part.  “Have to make sure the pool is full of swimmers.”

The next Friday was circled on the calendar.  We took that day off.  When we woke up, I asked “Today?” and she nodded.  We started to the same shower but realized, after not making love for a week, that wasn’t going to work. So, I went downstairs, and we met back in the bedroom. We held hands and prayed. 

Then she put her hands on my shoulders and said, “I love you.”

I was nervous as I untied her gown, letting it fall at her feet. She unfastened my towel, and it followed the gown to the floor.  She was radiant.  We went to the bed and lay side by side, and I reached down and felt for wetness.

“Don’t worry; I’m ready.” She rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her, spread her legs, and opened herself to me. 

I positioned myself at her entrance and pushed—we started to make our family.  It was beautiful. This was lovemaking in its purest form.  No wild orgasms, no screaming, nothing. No words needed to be said.  As she felt me swell, her hands went from my shoulders to either side of my face.  My testicles tightened up to my body, ready.  She bit her lip and nodded yes.  Her legs wrapped around my back; her hips raised to me. I pushed into her one last time, and my seed flowed into her as we looked at each other. Life had been created.

About six weeks later, she woke up and ran to the bathroom to throw up.  I grabbed a washcloth and wiped her face. 

“Something you ate?” 

“I don’t think so, Dad.” 

“What can I do?”

“I think you have already done it, DAD.” 

“I’ll get you some water.” 

She looked up. “Are you listening?  DAD!!”

“Why are you calling me Dad?  Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”  Like I said before, I’m kinda slow sometimes. 

We repeated this process three more times.  We were blessed with two boys and two girls. When our first was born, her doctor said, “Two months before you can have sex. That includes oral.” We hadn’t gone a week without enjoying each other! Two months? Thank goodness that has changed.  By the end of the first month, we were cross-eyed with want for each other. What’s the saying? “The crack of dawn isn’t safe.”

I loved to watch her nurse our daughter, one of the most beautiful, loving things I will ever see.  As she finished one breast, she would hand the baby to me so she could switch sides.  She fastened the cup of her nursing bra on one side and opened the other, then I handed our daughter back, and she latched her onto her nipple. My wife looked up at me, smiling.  Soon the baby fell asleep, so my wife fastened her bra and put the baby in the crib.  Taking my hand, she led us into our room.

As I laid in her lap, she opened her shirt and her maternity bra. I gently caressed the exposed breast, and she sighed.  Milk ran over my hand and I licked it off.

She shuddered.  “Please, help me; I need this.” Putting her hand on the back of my head, she guided me to her.  I sucked her nipple into my mouth, and as she held me close, I drank from her.  She moaned, “Sweet Jesus, I’m cumming.”  She gently pulled me from her, then exposed the other breast.  Milk was running out of her nipple and flowing down her front.  I drank from that breast, and she came again.  When her orgasm stopped, the milk slowed.  We got cleaned up, then talked. 

“When I put her on my breast, it feels wonderful.  After a few minutes, I get a tingle in my cookie.  With you watching today, I went into full-blown arousal.  When you nursed, it gave me several small orgasms.  I had to have that; thank you.” This happened with each pregnancy.  I never asked to nurse, but never declined when she needed me to.

Coitus interruptus–If you have children, it means something other than the medical term.  We’d sneak into the bedroom and try to have a quickie, and in the middle of everything, a child would be standing in the hall, yelling, “I pooped.”  We’d dissolve into laughter.

Over the next 20 years, we scaled back the physical aspect because we would not be overtly sexual around them, but we did not forget each other’s needs and desires.  We just had to be creative.  I heard noises from the laundry room.  The door was locked, but from the sounds, she was enjoying herself.  When she came out, she was flushed. 

“What’s going on?”

She waved her hand at me and walked away.  I went in, and the room smelled like sex.  I looked around for a toy and could not find anything, but when I turned to leave, light glinted off moisture on the corner of the washer.  I felt the liquid, smelled it, then tasted it.  I caught up with her in the backyard shed.

“What were you doing?” 

She turned on the light and closed the door.  Then she pulled down my pants, pushed me to a sitting position on the floor, and mounted me.  Never losing eye contact, she spoke.  “During the spin cycle, I can cum sitting on the corner and leaning forward.  The vibrations are amazing.”

Once, I was building cabinets in the garage and she came out.  Looking down at my erection, she smiled. “Wait a minute.” She fixed the kids something to eat and came back out. 

“Hey Mister, can I help you with that?” 

We went to the back of the van, I sat down, and she straddled me.  I ripped her shirt open and nursed on her beautiful breasts. Just as we were about to finish, the door opened. 

“I’m thirsty.” 

“Grab two juice boxes each from the fridge.”

“Thanks, Dad!” 

We looked at each other and laughed, the moment had passed.

I would stand behind her, and we’d watch the kids out the kitchen window.  Many times, she would move her panties to the side and I would slide in.  She would “Kegel” me by clinching down, then relaxing.  I would push her hips forward and make her clit rub on a handle that sat at the perfect height.  We would make love in that position, not saying anything, with minimal movements.  When we came, a slight grunt or sigh was all.  She would fold up a paper towel and put it in her panties when I pulled back.  Then she’d pat my arm, kiss me, and carefully walk to the bathroom.  We were surprised by our eldest a couple of times; she was about 6 years old and the inquisitive one.  She never saw anything, just us standing close with my hands on her hips. 

“Daddy’s just kissing on Mommy.  Go back outside.”  After the second time, we started locking all the doors first.  

When this daughter was married with a child of her own, she asked her mother, “The times I walked in on you and dad at the sink, were you guys, umm, you know, ahhh…”  

My wife replied, “First of all, that is none of your business. And secondly, there has only been one divine conception.  You, kid, and that young man over there were not it.”  

Our daughter laughed and said, ”You were, you were!”  My wife just gave her the Mona Lisa smile.

We think we were good role models.  Together we had “the talk” with both the girls and the boys.  We taught them your body is from Christ, you should only share it with someone who believes the same.  Making love is an experience that is not to be shared lightly but with someone whom you love.  They grew into responsible adults, moved out, and had families of their own.

About that time, one of our mentors passed away.  They were in their late 80’s.  When we went to the funeral home, the widow hugged us and asked us into a private room.  “You two were special to us,” she said.  “God brought us together.  It takes a special couple to love as you two do; You love God, you love each other.  Do not ever lose that.  When we were young, a couple showed us the way.  We advanced things and shared them with you and a few others.  Those magazines should be updated and passed down to the next couple or couples that need them.  You’ll know who it is.”  

We held each other and cried.  As we were getting up to leave, she stopped us, whispering, “Up until a couple of weeks ago, we were still, you know, loving on each other.” She smiled, winked, and left.  We looked at each other, knowing what the future held for us.

Soon, she also passed.  We think it was from a broken heart.  We got a letter from the attorney handling the estate.  First came a short note from her; second, a Bible; third, a set of heavy, locking cabinets.  “Put your library in these to keep them away from prying eyes.” The fourth bequest caused us to laugh.  She’d extended our subscription to Cosmopolitan.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    What a beautiful narrative of married lovers! Thank you so much for sharing! The “at the sink sex” is a hoot! (& a good idea!) Your descriptions of conception sex and nursing on your wife’s milk filled breasts to give her orgasms was sweet! And your mentors were a blessing indeed to your marriage. I’m interested to see who you passed the knowledge on to? Is that possibly parts 3 & 4?

  2. JuicyForMyMan says:

    We were told to wait 6 weeks after birth before resuming lovemaking. We never made it that long, but it was always only when I could handle it. Before that, I could always help him out with oral sex and I did.

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