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Well Alrighty Then!

So, it seems the membership platform that we expected to disappear last month had been paid through yesterday. Today, we woke up to find that all Ignite content is open to the public! So we will take that as a sign that we should give a short-term peek to all of you who hadn’t subscribed previously.

There’s no way you could consume all the content that was contributed over the last couple of years, but you should be able to get a feel for whether you’d like to buy a book or subscribe to a podcast or however we figure out to offer this specialized content in the future. We hope that it will make it possible to make MH solvent in the future without limiting access to the worldview-building message of MH as a whole. We want all to know that following Christ doesn’t mean having a lackluster marriage and that the best sex in the world is with the wife or husband who knows you and loves you just as you are, second only to their love of our Creator and Savior.

So enjoy this short period of free access to the premium content. Be sure to sample the story narrations and the different types of compilations as well.  In a day or two, we’ll have it all behind a firewall again until we are able to republish it in different ways: books, ebooks, and audiobooks.

May your marriages be hot and blessed!

Calvin and Missy

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  1. LovingMan says:

    I gotta put in a plug for y’all who weren’t Ignite members to check out these past Ignite stories while they are available to you! At the risk of sounding like a self promoter… the last Ignite story AKA the most recent one called “A Christmas Wish Cum True” is one I wrote about my wife Melodie and I at a wildlife refuge…. & we were pretty wild! I also wrote “Love Under The Stars” about making love in an outdoor hot tub. Then there was one part fictional & part true story called “Mesozoic Massage.” “Accidental Nudists” is another true story I wrote too.

    There are also many memorable stories from other contributors that are amazing like “String Of Pearls” & “Book Lovers!” (…& many many more!)

    So give some of the Ignite stories a read. I think you’ll be glad you did!

  2. LovingMan says:

    If you want to make a comment on this post for some reason AFTER you log in you have to click on the “Menu” then “Stories” then click on the
    “Marriage 🔥 Heat” icon at the top of the page. Then the “Well Alrighty Then” post from MH will shield up.

  3. starlight says:

    Hi MH, I just wanted to say thank you for making the ignite content availible as you did for a few days. I wasn't a paid member; and TBH, would not have signed up for a paid service I couldn't try first; that's just how I am! but I really enjoyed the content I did see; it was of a really high standard and definitely something I'd pay for, I'm sure there will be other non-subscribers in that situation. Thank you for giving us a sample of the amazing writing! so many really gifted writers on here! I enjoyed reading from them and hope you find a way to make this content more widely availible to us soon.

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