Wife Caught (L/A/F)

This story contains strong language (L), anal play (A), and is worded in a way that expresses a fantasy (F).

Sarah wanted only to ease her body into the steaming hot bath. Her body was already glistening with sweat from the heat. It had been a long week of homeschooling, chores, kids, and pain. This was her escape. She did not have to be anything to anyone but herself.

She glanced in the mirror at her 52-year-old body, pleased she had kept her figure after kids, for the most part. Her small breasts were still firm enough and perky. She slowly flicked a moistened finger over her pierced nipple, delighting in the sensation. With that one small jolt, her pussy came alive. Accepting the reflection of her body as still sexually desirable and fit, she slowly slid her naked body into the steaming water.

She had brought “Marc,” one of her favorite toys, in case she really wanted to relax.

The water hit her aching pussy like a bolt of lightning. Damn, how she wanted to feel a hot cock in her. As if by some carnal instinct, Sarah eased two and then three fingers into her wet love nest. It felt tight, explosive. Her clit swelled with anticipation, and the memory of the musky scent of her sensual juices sent her into “get off” mode. She spread her legs as far as the tub allowed and, picking up speed, thrust and flicked and thrust and flicked at her pussy and clit. Her back arched. She knew how to make herself cum, but stopped just shy of climax. She must maintain control.

Her lust-filled breaths coming fast, she gently removed her fingers and brought them to her mouth. She touched her cum-covered fingers to her full lips and spread her slightly watered-down cum over her lips like some high-priced gloss, inhaling the scent of her desire. Slowly her lips parted to taste the sweet, pungent flavor of her own pussy. Damn, how she longed to feel the hot breath and beard of her man drinking her nectar.

Knowing her pussy wanted more, not to mention the desire of her ass for a good fucking and her mouth longing to suck the cum from his fat cock while her hair is tangled around his strong hand, Sarah took Marc, grabbed his remote, and let her dripping wet body impale itself upon the hard shaft. She gasped as her pussy suddenly stretched and tightened all at once. Without regard, she bounced up and down like a kid in a bounce house, each descent slamming Marc’s balls against her swollen labia. As she thrust faster, the heat intensified. With one more press of the button, the vibrations sent orgasmic contractions pulsing through her body. But it wasn’t enough… Tease a little longer. She pulled Marc from within her and, with a sly sluttish smirk, brought the cock deep into her mouth, licking off every drop of her ambrosia.

Her body quivering, she sank back into the now-cold water, which furthered her sensitivity.

While the hot water refilled, Sarah slowed her wanton ways by focusing on her tits. They were not as big or firm as she would like, but she enjoyed them. Her nipples had always been easily aroused, so much so that her husband could make her cum by only touching her breasts. Now that she’d had them pierced, they were always erect. The sexy look of those silver spikes piercing her nipples aroused her, and she pulled and pinched, slowly makes love to herself. She caressed her breasts, almost tickling them with all the tenderness of a lover unwrapping a lifelong gift. She circled her nipples, marveling at their response to her touch, then placed one and then the other into nipple clamps—ooooh, the pleasure—but to have them sucked and pinched would have been better.

With a dripping pussy, her lips and tongue tasting of cum, Sarah had only one more mind-blowing orgasm in her. She grabbed Marc again, giddy with excitement. She knew what was “coming.”

Just then, lightning struck outside, and the power went out. Wrapping a towel around herself, she stumbled through the darkness to the candles. The storm has really picked up. She slowly headed back to the steamy bathroom with candles, Jim (another dildo), and a still insatiable need to cum more. At least with such loud thunder, the neighbors wouldn’t hear her orgasmic cries.

Her “brown eye” twitched with desire. Unlike many women, Sarah had learned to enjoy every aspect of her body, every pleasure, every hidden orgasm. She liberally applied oil to her ass and Marc. She let him gently massage her ass, just pressing… waiting for an invitation. As the water lapped against her hard nipples, she teased her asshole.

Her hips began a steady rhythm as Marc matched her with harder pushing. She wanted him—wanted to feel him deep inside her. With much teasing and patience, Marc took her ass, shaking her breath from her. She embraced this welcome visitor, squeezing her rectum tight against him, her pussy oozing. Oh, yes, Jim would have to wait. Marc felt so good that Sarah wanted to cum. With a scream of delight and a loud cry of “FUCK”, she had to hold Marc against the strong pulsing orgasm that rushed through her body.

Hyperventilating and filled with lust, she grabbed Jim by the balls and buried him in her waiting pussy. Oh, my word. She marveled at the pleasure. Her legs trembled as she continued to plunder and please herself, licking her lips with desire.

Just then, she heard a strange noise…it startled her, and she wasn’t sure what to do. Her husband had taken the kids to visit their grandparents and wasn’t due home till morning. She quickly dried off, checked the security cameras, and decided it was just the storm.

Sarah decided to move her pleasure to the bed. There, she slowly rubbed oil over her entire body, sprayed some of her husband’s cologne, and settled onto the bed in preparation for more self-pleasure.

She looked through their videos and started one on the TV, watching as she sucked her husband’s hard cock. Marc started working his magic on her ass again, and she slowly slid Jim in and out of her juicy pussy. She purposely slowed as she moved the head of his dick over her G-spot.

A slow squeak broke the sound of her heavy breathing. She opened her eyes to see her husband, Drew. She’d been caught. Would he be angry, jealous, or surprisingly aroused as he took in the view of Sarah, fucked and filled by two other cocks?

He didn’t say a word, but Sarah notices the increasing bulge in his shorts. He motions for her to continue and began to remove his clothes.

Sarah got on all fours, Marc thrusting quickly in and out of her ass as Jim continued to plunge deep into her. She looked up at Drew to find him stroking his bulging cock, his precum glistening and begging to be licked.

He moved in front of her mouth and passed his cock across just out of reach of her lips. She wanted him, he knew, and he would give her exactly what she wanted… but not just yet. Still without a word, Drew used his finger to give her a taste of him.

“Please, let me suck your cock,” Sarah pled.

Drew simply shook his head no. He moved her body so that he could watch as Marc pushed past her anal opening. His dick hardened as he saw the ease with which she took him deep into her.

Still startled by her husband’s early return, lost in her pleasure, and staring with want at his sexy cock, Sarah didn’t notice when Drew took control.

Suddenly, Marc was fucking her harder while Drew helped Jim to plow that pussy like a pro. He felt ready to burst as he watched his wife being stretched, pleased, and fucked by these two cocks; it was too much. He grabbed her hair and, with all the force of ownership, pushed his cock deep into her throat. Sarah gagged but hungrily sucked at him, allowing this invasion with joy.

Drew thought he would cum from the sheer visual of his wife being banged in every way. She continued sucking his cock like a horny wife who wants to please her man, and her enthusiasm had his dick ready to break concrete. Here his wife lay before him, cocks in every hole—he wanted it to last, wanted to please her. He stared and moved all the cocks in and out. Teasingly, he shifted Jim from her pussy to her mouth, watching her smile, then happily begin licking her cum off of him. She smiled because she knew Drew’s cock would replace Jim in her dripping pussy.

Drew stopped his cock right at the wet, warm opening of Sarah’s vagina. Wanting to show her whose cock was better but not wanting to cum yet, he waited. Ever so slowly, he pushed into her, feeling every squeeze and pulse. His balls grazed against Marc’s, the cock filling her ass, as she continued sucking Jim. Drew savored the pleasure he was bringing his wife. His cock quickened its plunging in her pussy, her squeals and screams urging him on to fuck her harder. He quickly pulled out so that he didn’t cum.

“Let me clean that up for you,” his wife demanded.

He refused. Instead, he left her there to think about what was about to happen, taking Marc and Jim with him. After about 10 minutes, Drew returned with both of her buddies. He dipped Jim into her pussy and then placed him against her mouth. As she deepthroated the juice-covered cock, he turned her over onto her knees again. Marc entered her pussy with one long push, thrusting and hot.

Sarah knows what came next. And she wanted it.

Drew moved in behind her. She caught a quick glimpse of his oiled, hard, fat cock just before feeling it press against her tight and hungry ass cheeks. Drew gave her ass a gentle spank, and Sarah arched up for him with a begging “Please.”

In one lust-filled, powerful move, Drew eased his entire cock deep into her. She dragged him in with contractions. Her pussy ached as it pulsed out cum around Marc. His hands firmly on her hips, he dragged Sarah’s ass back towards him. Her ass wanted fucking. Sucking Jim, Marc ravishing her pussy with his thrusts, while her husband fucking his wife’s ass hard—it was all just as Sarah fantasized.

Knowing she was ready and that he wouldn’t last much longer, Drew gripped her hips harder and pulled her aggressively onto his cum-filled cock. He increased his speed and depth, feeling Marc slide against his cock just on the other side of the thin wall inside Sarah.

Sarah screamed his name and came, her body out of control. She forced herself hard against his cock and didn’t stop until she felt his cock flex and knew. He’s gonna cum.

Drew rammed his cock as far into her ass as possible and let go. “Fuuuuuuck!” His cock pulsed and thrust deep into her ass as his cum exploded out of him. Damn, he loved her ass.

“Spank my ass,” she gasped through her spasms.

Drew granted her this pleasure with one smack of her ass cheek. He didn’t stop ramming her until his cock was drained of cum. She wanted and took in every bit of him while still enjoying Marc and Jim.

Sarah was spent and wet, but Drew wasn’t done. After all, that well-fucked pussy looked scrumptious, and it belonged to him, not Marc and Jim.

Drew knew his wife, and he felt sure she had another orgasm left in her, one BIG one. His index finger knew just what to do and quickly found the spot as his mouth sucked her clit and pussy lips. He worked her into a frenzy until her legs spread wide, and she surrendered total control.

It was building—the total body orgasm. His finger worked faster and faster until that “Holy fuck!” scream escaped his wife’s lips, and she squirted her pleasure all over him, herself, and the bed. The spasms of pleasure coursed through her body, and just as they began to ease, Drew took her there again.

The bed drenched in their lust and love, they collapsed in each other’s arms.

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  1. alwayswet101 says:

    I would be lying if I were to tell you I didn’t have 3 shaking orgasms while reading this. Holy moly. Hubby is at work but definitely had a dildo filling me up and went to town on my clit. Good thing for my new waterproof blanket because I squirted with all 3!! SUCH a hot story

    • Giants05 says:

      @alwayswet such a hot comment cause this was a super hot story. Sent my wife the comment along w the story again and she had to get the dildo out herself w me working. Got some nice pics she sent to get me worked up for later. Woohoo

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh my gosh what a compliment! Even just your comment back to me was enough to start some natural lubrication flowing down below. I’m glad it inspired her to send you some texts. Clearly I can relate having to take care of business myself before the hubby got home! Although like Mr. Lover said…hubby definitely knew what I was up to when he received my texts!

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      You had 3?! wow. That's amazing. I don't blame you. It was so dirty and amazing. I came too.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I can’t help myself anymore! The bigger my boobs and belly grow, the hornier I am! Hot that you came too! Are you a squirter!? This comment got me all wet again, so here I go…

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