Eyes Opened: Part One of the Full Circle series

Let’s go back 40 plus years. We were raised to believe that sex had nothing to do with love or pleasure; it was for conceiving children. After six months of marriage, our sex life was extremely basic.

I went into the military, and we moved away. After attending many churches, we found one where the Priest was very vibrant and the people actually want to be there. At a dinner one night, an older couple (about our age now) sat down with us. They were obviously very much in love, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, and each hanging on to the other’s words.

They became our marriage mentors and taught us how they kept their relationship strong.

1st: Love God above all else.

2nd: Love your spouse with all your heart and soul, and never defile your marriage vows.

3rd: Our bodies belong to Christ; we are renters. To keep these bodies pure, it is our responsibility to keep Satan at bay. Pure in mind, pure in heart, pure in body. They gave us a Bible passage to read: 1st Corinthians, Chapter 7, starting with verse 3. “We’ll talk about that in a couple of weeks, after you’ve digested it,” they told us.

The next time we got together, we had questions… lots of questions. They explained, “If you are not satisfied in your marriage—spiritually, mentally, and physically—your mind will start to wonder. That is when Satan will make an inroad. That passage does not say you can do whatever you want, whenever you want with your spouse. It means to love your spouse and to keep each other physically satisfied so their mind and body don’t wander.”

The woman handed my wife a package. “Read this.”

On our way home, she opened it. Inside she found the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. That was the beginning of our physical relationship blossoming into what it is today.

When I came home the next Friday, my wife asked, “Do you love me? Do you trust me?”

“Of course.”

She led me by the hand into the bathroom, and said, “Strip.”  This was something new, but I complied. She had me stand on a towel, picked up a pair of scissors lying on the counter, and dropped to her knees. I did not know what was going on, but I was hard. “I am going to trim this forest. Hold still.”

After the trim, she looked up at me and took the head of my penis into her mouth. I had never been so aroused. After a few minutes of her oral ministrations, I put my hands on the back of her head and slowly starting thrusting in and out. She felt me swell and grabbed a washcloth, but the first couple of ropes went over it and onto her blouse.

My wife stood up and kissed me. “Well?”

I could only look at her and moan. Then she did something that got me hard again. She scooped my cum up, rubbed it between her fingers, looked at it, then stuck her fingers in her mouth. “Different, but not bad,” she remarked. “I’m going to put my clothes in the washer.”

She came back naked, carrying a folding stepstool. Handing me a safety razor and a small pair of scissors, she said, “My turn.” Then she sat down on the stool, spread her legs, and put her feet on the bathroom counter.

I knelt and began to trim. As I worked, I could smell her arousal. Dew formed on her blossoming outer lips. When I finished, she was panting and there was a puddle on the stepstool. I did not know what to do, so I just licked her from the bottom of her labia to the top.

“Oh, yes.” She grabbed my ears and steered my face around her womanhood. “Lick, higher, higher.” She directed me up to “the little man in the boat,” and told me to suck on it, then hum. “Gently. Now draw the alphabet, lower case first.” She started to slide off the stool, so we made our way to the floor. She locked her legs behind my neck as I ate her. “Harder. Suck. Lick. Upper case, now.” She taught me what she wanted.  “Write numbers with your tongue.”

Then her hips started bucking. She pulled my face further into her and let out a wail that could be heard a block away. Then another. The only part of her that touched the floor was the back of her head.

I was kneeling with her legs wrapped around my neck, her hips pushing into my face, her hands gripping my ears. I took her clit between my lips and sucked hard. Then she let out a guttural sound that I had never heard before and soaked my face. She pushed me away and leaned against the bathtub, both of us panting. She looked at me with passion in her eyes. “We are definitely doing that again.”

I could not say anything, but she read my face.

“Cosmo,” she explained. “They have articles on sex stuff. What do you think so far?”

“I think we need a subscription.”

That was a weekend of many firsts for us but only the beginning of our new life together.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Oh my heavens! What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us! You both were given a great gift by that older couple! Their advice to you, all of their advice, was spot-on! It is amazing what a little sexual technique education can do for a marriage. Honestly I think many of us Christians have kind of dropped the ball on this one. We NEED good education & advice on sexual matters and techniques etc. to help make our marriage sex hot like this! Thanks again for an absolutely amazing story!
    By the way, my Melodie has done… and still does the back arch thing when she’s insanely turned on… (although maybe not to the point of that headstand thing your wife did)!

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