Blind Date Reverie

A friend from the Chapel service had set them up, but after a single blind date, Mitchell was hooked. Angelica’s parents had named her well; she turned out to be an angel, and he was sure that the more he got to know her, the stronger that impression would become. 

As he pondered ways to entice her to go out with him again, the scent of her lingered in Mitchell’s mind. He remembered the softness of her skin when his fingers had brushed her upper arm. Her chestnut hair entranced him, and the goodnight kiss she had allowed him left him drunk as if from wine. He had to see her again. 

Mitchell hoped to impress upon Angelica that he was all she needed.  Though he served his country for a living and had little money and no vehicle, he had plenty of love and was ready and willing to share a lifetime with her.  During his long hours at his duty station, his mind often flitted toward a future married to her.  

With thoughts of her sweetness, her touch, her dark skin and eyes, Mitchell’s member stiffened and hardened. Desire for her made him crave release.  Thankfully, he could take a break and be alone with his thoughts.

Finding a secluded area, Mitchell discretely unbuttoned his faded bell-bottoms and freed his member, now hard and hot to the touch.  He closed his eyes and thought of how she’d look and feel on their wedding night. 

He imagined her intoxicating scent, needing her like a drug.  His fingers would caress her breasts, feel the stiffness of her nipples under his fingertips. Then he’d slide them down the soft skin of her belly and slip them between her folds to touch her clit. How wet she would be!  He could practically hear the moist sound of his finger wiggling its way inside her. He would be sure that he’d brought to her orgasm before he would allow himself to enter there. When he did, he knew the sensations would undo him. He would flood her with his seed and claim her finally as his own.

Mitchell didn’t last long, stroking his hard member while thinking of Angelica, the woman he wanted as his wife.  As he climaxed, the only sound was her name whispered from his lips.

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  1. Epsilon123 says:

    I read this story and was disappointed to see only one comment. I was curious about other people’s thoughts regarding fantasizing and self-pleasuring in this context?

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