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After All These Years (A)

This post references anal sex (A). She steps out of her clothes, piece by piece, and I gaze at her glowing beauty.  She is just as sexy as the first time I met her, and even though age has changed our physical bodies, it has taken no toll on the love I have for her.  […]

Gentle Goodnight

As we lay close together in bed, you roll over and place your smooth, naked body on top of me.  Your breasts can touch my chest, your stomach matches mine, and your pubic stubble caresses the hairs around my manhood.   We gently kiss, and I use my hands to caress your back and butt.  You […]

Night Cap

After a night out playing pool, the young married couple comes back to their apartment and retires to the bedroom.  He watches as she takes off her jeans, which outline her nice ass; she’d been teasing him with that fineness while they were out.  She lifts her shirt over her head and, as she turns […]