The End: Part 4 of the Full Circle series (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and mentions anal sex (A).

We’ve written the first three installments of this journey together.  My husband can’t get the last part the way we want it, so now I have the con. 😁

My husband and I believe the Lord brought us together to serve him.  When we married, we became one body; it is our responsibility to ensure our spouse stays one with Christ.  It is also our responsibility to ensure our spouse is content and satisfied in the marriage—to keep things alive.

We ended the third chapter with our first anal experience, one of the top two sexual escapades of our marriage.  If you haven’t yet, at least investigate it.  It’s added an entirely new layer of “wow” for us.  He is well-endowed, and if we can do it and enjoy it…

My husband is a wonderful lover: sweet, caring, and gentle—sometimes, too sweet and gentle.  He has never hurt me during our lovemaking, but over the years, our spice started to fade. The lovemaking was wonderful, but I felt a fire smoldering in me and couldn’t figure out what it was or out how to douse it.

One day, I was out for lunch with two of my girlfriends, when we noticed a young couple sitting near us.  One of my friends said, “Look at that fishing outfit she has on.”

“Fishing outfit?”

“Yeah, she’s fishing for dick.”   We laughed, then I started watching her and it all clicked.  My friends and I went shopping for my fishing outfit, then stopped at one of their houses, and I tried it on. They looked at me, then each other.

“Child, you will walk funny after he is done with you.”

That afternoon, I approached him.  “I need something from you.  You may want to get a drink.”

He poured a stiff one.

“I need sex.”

He looked baffled.  “We have a boat load of kids, none by divine conception.  And we make love at least once a week.”

“That’s not what I mean.  I don’t want to make love; I want to have sex with you.”

He took a big drink and sat back.  “What are you saying is you want us to fuck?”

“Yes.  I need it.  You have been my only partner in the past 25 years.  You are a wonderful lover, but I need something else now.”

“What exactly do you want?”

“I’m not sure.  I love you, but I need to turn up the heat.  The first time we had sex here,” I pointed at my butt, “it was hot, steamy, and sweaty. I want another dose of that, but not just there.”

I could see he was getting an erection, but he wasn’t sold yet.  “Anything off limits?”


“You sure?”

“Yes. Yes, I am.”

He leaned forward, “Okay, but I have some rules.  One, once we start there is no turning back, no chickening out;  two, no phones, no music, no interruptions; three, only for 24 hours; and 4, this will probably take us to places we’ve never been.  I love you but this will not be love.  Are you ready for that?”

I nodded.

He ended the conversation with, “Let me know when.”

Friday afternoon, he walked in to find me standing in the middle of the living room in high heels, a split skirt, with a silk blouse covered in a blazer.

“What do you want?”

I unbuttoned my blazer and dropped it.  My silk blouse was a size too small and my braless breasts strained to get out, my areolas pressing tightly against the silk and my nipples were hard.  I was dressed for sex.

My husband grabbed me hard behind my head and pulled our mouths together, then bit my lower lip.  Pushing me back, he grabbed my blouse and ripped it open, and my breasts spilled out into his hands. He mauled them, pulling on my nipples, then took them between his teeth.

We were panting.  He tried to work his hand under my skirt, but I pushed him back.  I unzipped my skirt and it slid down my hips.  Underneath were thigh highs, a garter belt, and no panties; my bush was soaked.

My man ran his finger between my labia and licked it, which gave me a small orgasm.  I drug us to the couch, where he bent me over the arm and buried himself in a single stroke, knocking my breath out.

“You want sex?”

I nodded.

“I said, do you want sex?”




He stopped; I had never said anything like that before. He stood there for a minute until I looked back at him and we both grinned.

That began a marathon sex session—new territory for us.  Our mouths, tongues, and fingers were in every part of the other’s body.  His cock was in every place in mine.  After a lengthy session in the shower, I was lying curled up in the tub, with my lover sitting beside it.  Neither of us were quite coherent.

“Where have you kept this side of yourself hidden?”

He didn’t acknowledge my question, just picked me up, dried me off, and took me to the bed.  I rolled onto my back and saw him stroking himself to an erection.  “Found these,” he said, holding up two of my vibrators.  He used them to get me off a couple of more times.

We passed out in bed and woke up spooning.  He reached around and cupped my breast, gently rubbing it.  Then, he pulled my nipple, and  I cringed a little.  Muffy was about to get opened again.

Hubby raised my leg and entered me.  I moaned and started humping his cock and fingering myself, but he whispered in my ear, “Let me.”  He moved my hand and strummed me to one more.  We feel asleep, one body.

When we woke up, we were sore—but it was a good sore.  He had doused the need in me.  When I moved, his penis fell out of my slit.  He rolled onto his back, and I straddled him.

“Thank you,” I told him. “This has been a pure physical release for me.  I had to have it.”  I took his face in my hands.  “Now, I need you to make love to me.  Please love me.” I very, very gently, took him into me.

We made love slowly, sensually, two people very much in love joined together as one.  Neither of us had an orgasm, but with him inside me, holding my hand, and cupping my breast, it was pure love.

That weekend fanned the spark, and it is still glowing brightly. We did change after that weekend.  We don’t plan a day to make love; we fulfill the need, not the time frame.

I went out with my friends a couple of weeks later.   “Did it work?” they wanted to know. I just smiled.

We walked into a church dinner, holding hands as usual.  As we sat at a table, a young couple sat across from us.  We introduced ourselves and talked for a while, then they said, “We’ve watched you two.  How do you stay so in love?”  We talked in generalities for a while, then it was time to go.  They asked if we could get together sometime, and we agreed to that weekend.  As we were getting ready to part, I wrote down a Bible verse: 1st Corinthians, Chapter 7, starting with verse 3.  “Read that, talk about it, we’ll talk more when we get together.”

The next Saturday, we met at our house. They asked about the Bible verse, and we explained it like this:  “When you are married, you are one body in Christ.  What yours is hers, and what hers is yours.”  The young man asked, “What about, um, well, ahhh…” and then they both turned red.

“Making love?” I said. When they nodded, I explained, “Your intimate relationship is none of our business.  Having said that, it is your responsibility to ensure your partner is spiritually, mentally, and physically satisfied.  It’s how you stay in Christ and stay in love.  That does not mean your partner can force you to have sex; that would be abuse. Many times in your married life, one or the other will want to make love or have a physical release, and the other won’t be interested, but it is your responsibility to keep your spouse satisfied.

We talked for several hours.  When they left, we took them out to the garage and gave them a couple of boxes of Compositions magazines.  “Here is some study material.  Call if you need help.”

As they pulled away, I said to my lover, “I want you.”

“Better shut the garage door first; I don’t want to go to jail.”

The students were now the teachers, but we are still learning.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this journey.

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  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Love this ! Your love and desire for each other is evident! In marriage you need both those raw animalistic moments as well as the sweet intimate love making moments both fill a need! Well written !

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