Plowing Me Instead of the Field

I pulled into the driveway around 8:00 p.m.  I’d had a usual busy work shift but I had something in mind. I was in the sexiest week of the month, and I knew my husband would not complain. Seeing him nowhere, I walked to the shop. He is a farmer, so you never know what might have come up. I quickly sent him a text asking for his location.

“I’m at the neighbors. Come join the fun,” was the reply. I wasn’t really in the mood to hang out with the neighbors, but I was a good sport and went anyway.

He popped out of the garage and gave me a quick hug. For a second, I considered flashing him my tits to get the message across but then decided we don’t know the neighbors that well. I said hi to the group, grabbed a drink from the ice chest, and sat back to watch the cornhole game. Between his turns to play, Matt would sneak over to me and steal a kiss.

The game seemed to go on forever. Finally, they announced the winners, and I shot him a glance that meant, “Let’s go!”

He grabbed our stereo speaker, not bothering to turn it off, and we raced across our adjoining yard.

We paused on the porch to catch our breath. “Hot tub? ” he asked.

“Naked,” I replied.

We entered the house, and I started shedding clothes. I was getting desperate for his dick to fill me. He went to the laundry room to grab our sweet-smelling salt to add to the water, and when he came out, he was surprised to see that I had hopped onto the kitchen bar. I spread my legs and let him get a good view of my pussy.

He stopped for a second, dropped the salts, and said, “Oh, you want to do this right here, huh?”

He walked over and stood between my legs as we started twisting our tongues together in utter desperation. It seemed like an invitation to undo his belt and zipper, and I was happy to oblige. His pants dropped to the floor as I scooted closer to the edge of the bar so I could rub my crotch on his erection.

Matt’s big hands reached for my breasts, and he took a step back, trying to delay his orgasm. He shoved one finger into my juices. Now it was my turn to be surprised! We pressed our bodies together and groped for nipples and hair until I felt him lift me off the bar.

“Lay on the rug, baby girl!”

I was breathing fast and pinching my nipples as Matt stepped out of his pants and knelt on the rug. I felt his beard between my legs, and then his smooth wet tongue explored my swollen lips.

As much as I love to have my pussy eaten, tonight I needed his cock. “Babe, please, fuck me,” I moaned.

“Are you sure you can handle this cock? ” he asked, wanting me to confirm my obsession with his length.

“Heck, yeah,” I reassured.

I got on all fours as he pulled his belt out of his nearby pants and made a secure leash that wouldn’t tighten, then slipped it around my neck. He plunged deep inside me, sending me over the edge for the first time that night.

After several minutes, we took it to the bedroom. Matt walked over to the closet and stood with his back to me. I heard him opening a package and sneaked up behind him to peep around his shoulders.”

I got you something,” he said, presenting me with an egg-shaped vibe with a remote.

I popped it in my mouth to get it lubed and reached over to revive his erection. He playfully smacked my ass as we made our way to the bed. He loves vibration too and it wasn’t long until he was groaning in pleasure.

“Aaarrggghhhh! Babe, you are so hot!” He kept slowly thrusting as his orgasm subsided. “I can’t get enough of your pussy, ” he whispered in my ear, “but right now, I’m hungry.” With that, he headed to the kitchen and, after a while, came back with two egg burritos.

We sat on the bed, eating and catching up on our day. “The hot tub will feel great—tomorrow night,” he said with a wink. We kissed good night and fell asleep.

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  1. CreamyPatty says:

    Nice story. Sounds like you and your hubby had some hot times! I don't know what I would do without a daily dose of Jim's cock. I worship it in every way, just as he does with his favorite creamy pussy. Thanks again!

    • FunJames says:

      Yes Hiking, I am a lucky man! Patty and I are very enthusiastic about sex and I feel SO lucky to have found and married the perfect wife. Aside from her sweet and charitable nature, she has an insatiable sex drive. I try to service her anytime she needs it and she is more than happy to feast on my cock when she notices it's hard. I could go on all day about very unique and creative places where we fed our desire on the spot!

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