Handcuffs Sex – Hot Wife Shackles Pilot Husband

Handcuffs – Down in our marriage sex game room I perched on the edge of the hard straight-backed chair trying my best to get comfortable. It was a bit like sitting on a rock, but I focused my attention on all the tantalizing things I wanted to do. To that end, I made sure to wear my best black lace bra, thong and my favorite stilettos. I left my long, dark hair to fall around my shoulders and down my back.

Every nerve in my body sprang to attention when I caught the faint hum of a car pulling into the garage. I made sure the door that led into the house was locked, my signal to Jim that I had something special planned for his homecoming, letting him know he would have to use the apartment above the garage to shower and shave.

I missed Jim terribly when he was gone, every time he was gone, but he was a pilot and I knew when I married him he would be away often. Now that he was home, I was going to make use of every second. Tonight was my turn to put handcuffs on him.

A knot of excitement settled in my stomach and I wanted to pace the floor to release some of the extra energy it produced, but I stayed seated until it was time to go up and unlock the door. I wanted to appear calm and relaxed, not excited and impatient like a horny teenager.

I had a general idea of how long it would take him to get ready, knew how much larger the knot in my stomach would grow as I waited, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. I tried to concentrate on calming I nerves – deep breathing, that sort of stuff – but all I accomplished was to watch the time on the clock. I gripped the arms of the chair, my fingers turning white as they clamped around the hard, solid wood.

It was almost as if the hands of the clock purposely stood still. They strained to move, but eventually they reached a point that told me it was time.

I got up and unlocked the door. Pure excitement washed over me when I thought about the delicious things I had planned. The anticipation whirling around in my stomach made me wonderfully dizzy and built to an incredible level that I shivered at its intensity.

I returned to the game room and once again perched on the edge of the hard chair. I sat in silence while I waited for Jim to come to me. My nipples grew hard when I imagined his soft lips leaving a trail of blazing hot kisses down my neck before taking my earlobe between his teeth and giving it a gentle tug.

I heard the sound of the door upstairs close and I knew he was on his way down. I reclined against the hard back of the chair and crossed my legs. I hoped to give an air of calm seduction. One of my eyebrows arched up when Jim appeared in the doorway wearing nothing more than a towel wrapped around his waist, his dark hair still damp from the shower.

“Come into the room,” I commanded.

Jim stepped inside the room and stationed himself in front of me.

“Get rid of the towel.”

Without hesitation, the towel hit the floor and Jim stood before me completely naked. My gaze traveled over his tall body, savoring his hard muscles, and a smile curved my lips when I saw his cock standing at full erection. I struggled for a brief moment to maintain control. I yearned to reach out and grasp him, to feel the hardness of his cock under the warm velvety skin.

Sounding more confident than I felt, I commanded Jim to turn around. I looked over his broad shoulders and strong back before appraising his ass. I really wanted to sink my teeth into those sweet, firm buns.

I got up out of the chair, kicked the towel out of the way and stood so close to him I could smell the shampoo he used on his hair. I placed a kiss on his shoulder and ran a finger down his spine, causing him to shiver.

I rested my chin on his shoulder and quietly asked, “How was your day today?”

Jim’s deep voice was soft and warmed with lust as he responded, “My day was good. It’s getting better.”

“Are all pilots this sexy?”

Looking at his profile, I could see a trace of a smile appear on his face before he answered, “Nope, I’m the only one.”

I ran my hands over his shoulders and down his back feeling the contours of his hard muscles. I pressed myself against him, his warm body scorching mine with desire, while I reached around his waist to massage his balls.

Jim leaned his head back and moaned softly then held his breath when I took a firm hold of his engorged cock. His hands balled into fists when my fingers ran up the veins of his shaft. There was a sharp intake of breath when my thumb rubbed against the dark pink head and teased him mercilessly.

“Your cock is so beautiful when it’s hard, like a sculpture, and the skin is soft and warm.”

I kissed the back of his shoulder again and let his cock free. When I stepped back, I gave him another order. “Bring the chair up to the pool table and sit down.”

Jim took a few deep breaths before he obeyed my command and sat down on the hard surface of the chair as I instructed.

I sauntered over to a table across the room, knowing he would be watching me walk. I slowly bent over and retrieved the two pair of handcuffs from the bottom drawer. I took my time walking back to him and watched as his eyes roamed over my body, caressing every part of me they touched.

I loved the way Jim looked at me. The lust, the desire, all made my blood run hot and I could feel the moisture pool between my thighs.

When I stopped next to him and handcuffed one wrist to the chair, a few strands of my long hair fell in front of my face. Jim reached over with his other hand, swept the waves out of my way and tucked them behind my ear. The light brush of his fingers on my cheek caught me off guard for a moment. When I looked into his eyes, I caught my breath. Underneath the longing and the fever of anticipation was love. I took a moment to revel in the tender look before my lips pressed against his.

I gave him a smile and whispered, “Thank you,” before I continued around the other side of the chair to handcuff his other wrist.

I set the keys for the handcuffs on the pool table, straddled his lap and ran my hands over his shoulders and chest, stopping for a moment to play with his nipples. All the while I watched Jim’s eyes burn with hunger into mine – saying a thousand things without speaking a word. I reached down and firmly gripped his cock; my hand slowly gliding up and down over his hard shaft. He leaned his head back against the chair and closed his eyes, a grunt of pleasure coming from deep in his chest.

“Do you like this?  Do you like the way I stroke your cock?” I whispered into his ear.

I placed soft kisses on his neck and the scent of musk and man mingling together sent my arousal soaring, awakening a hunger, a yearning for him so intense it made me dizzy.

“I love the way your cock feels in my hand. The way you moan with pleasure as I stroke you makes me hot. The thought of your hard, beautiful cock plunging deep inside of me makes my pussy so wet.”

When Jim opened his eyes and tried to kiss me, I sat back and left him wanting, purposely avoiding his soft lips, knowing his kiss would melt my resolve to tease him. I set his cock free and removed my bra, allowing him time to get a handle on his arousal. His eyes became more intense as he watched my breasts bounce free. I tossed the bra over the chair and it brushed the wall before it fell silently to the floor.

My hands ran over my breasts and caressed their fullness while I teased my erect nipples. I watched Jim’s eyes follow my movements. The warm feeling that flowed from my breasts to my pussy made me more wet then I was already and a soft sigh slipped past my lips.
The handcuffs made a soft clicking sound when Jim tried to lean forward and capture one of my rosy nipples in his mouth. I leaned back just far enough to keep them out of his reach.

Enough was enough, I thought. I placed my hands on his shoulders, pushed back on them, and in a firm tone, I instructed him, “Sit back! If you lean forward again without my permission I will stop everything. Is that what you want?”

Jim closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep, uneven breath before he quietly answered, “No.”

The sad expression he had on his face made me smile and feel sorry for him. I could only imagine how hard this was for him and I decided to sit forward to bring my breasts to his lips. Jim wasted no time sucking a nipple into his warm wet mouth. His tongue circled around the taut nub before he nibbled and toyed with it.  I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through his soft hair while I enjoyed the warm sensual feeling he caused to flow over me.

Reluctantly, I pulled my nipple from his mouth. My pussy was slick and my body electrified, I craved his touch, but I was resolved to continue to tease us both.

I left his lap and stood with my back to him. Looking over my shoulder, I watched him watching me. I took my time and pulled my thong down past my hips. The small strip of fabric in the back stayed lodged in the crack of my ass for a brief moment and Jim’s gaze burned with molten lust as it locked on that piece of fabric.

I stepped out of the thong and kicked them out of the way, then asked over my shoulder, “Do you want me to leave my shoes on, or should I take them off?”

His voice was a husky whisper as he replied, “Please, leave them on.”

Leaving my shoes on, I crawled up onto the pool table and knelt on all fours on its hard surface giving Jim a full view of my ass and pussy. I rested on one elbow, spread my knees apart and slid my other hand down between my legs, letting my fingers run over the cleanly shaved lips of my pussy. The creak of the chair caught my attention and I looked around my body to see Jim shifting in the chair trying to reach for me as I slipped a finger between my wet lips, running past my clit to my hole.

Jim watched hypnotically as my finger rubbed back and forth over my clit, jiggling the lips of my pussy, and caused his breathing to become ragged. Sparks of pleasure ignited and coursed through my body; I yearned for more.

I removed the finger from my pussy and dismounted off the pool table. I turned around to face Jim and lean against the edge of the table. I slipped my finger into my mouth, licking it clean before I put my ass up on the flat surface of the pool table and lay back. I spread my legs wide, giving Jim the most intimate view while I ran my hands over my body.

A soft moan of pleasure slipped past my lips as I caressed my skin and pinched my nipples. I glided a hand down between my legs, my fingers sliding between the lips of my drenched pussy. I slipped two fingers up inside my wet hole and slowly pumped them in and out while my other hand rolled and teased a nipple.

I glanced at Jim down the length of my body, his expression one of tortured pleasure while he watched me masturbate. A groan of frustration rumbled in his chest while he struggled against the handcuffs. “Oh sugar, remove these handcuffs! I want to be the one to finger your wet pussy.”

I ignored his plea and pumped faster and harder, my moans of ecstasy becoming louder as my body wanted for release. My fingers were soaked when I slipped them out and rubbed my sensitive clit with frenzy. My toes curled inside my shoes as my orgasm started to build. My breathing came fast and my skin flushed. The electricity started warm from deep inside. The more I rubbed my swollen clit the warmer it got, the louder my moans became, and the closer my orgasm bubbled to the surface until it took up a life of its own. It surged forward, burst forth and sent waves of pleasure to wash over me.

I laid motionless on the table, eyes closed, breathing fast, and heart pounding hard in my chest. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I could hear the sound of the chair creak and the clinking of the handcuffs as Jim fought against his restraints.

I waited only a few moments before I stirred myself and removed my fingers from my pussy; I felt the cream drip from my body onto the table as I sat up.

Jim stopped his struggle and met my gaze. The look on his face told me that I had tormented him long enough and he needed his own release.

I dismounted off the table and placed my wet fingers into his waiting mouth. The feel of him sucking on my fingers, the way his soft tongue swirled around them, made my pussy crave the feel of his tongue licking me, tasting me.

I pulled my fingers from Jim’s mouth and slid them between the lips of my newly aroused pussy. Our eyes met as I asked, “Do you like the way I taste?  Do you like the taste of my pussy?”

Before Jim answered me, his gaze dropped to watch my finger slide back and forth between my pussy’s lips. When he met my gaze he murmured, “I love the way you taste, like sweet, warm honey. The taste and delicious smell of your pussy drives me wild.”

I withdrew my fingers from my pussy and once again placed them in Jim’s mouth. “I love the way you eat me, the way you eat my pussy. The feel of your tongue inside me, licking me, makes my nipples tingle. The thought of your mouth on my pussy, sucking my clit, makes my body feel alive. I never want you to stop.”

I stood on the chair and straddled his hips bringing my pussy to his face. Jim wasted no time burying his face between my thighs.

Gripping the top of the chair with one hand, the other in his hair and pressing his face deeper into me, I leaned my head back. My hair cascaded down my back as I enjoyed the exquisite feel of his tongue licking up and down my pussy. My hips bucked slightly when his tongue swirled around my sensitive clit. I moaned loudly, my eyes shut tight while Jim slid his tongue inside me. He swirled it around and darted it in and out before he trapped my clit in his mouth and sucked it in. The harder Jim sucked on it the more I ground my pussy against his face until another orgasm spread through my body, my muscles clenching.

Jim continued to suck the orgasm from me and my moans became screams of pure pleasure as I begged him to stop. He showed no mercy as one orgasm turned into another, and my juices spilled onto his chin before he released my clit to lick them up.

My body shook, my legs weak as I slid down to his lap and our lips met in a fierce passionate kiss. The sweet taste of my pussy was on his lips and the smell of my musk was on his skin. Every molecule in my body screamed to feel him inside me.

Jim’s hands gripped the armrests while I reached down and began to stroke him; he leaned his head back and groaned loudly. The urge to have him inside of me was too great and I couldn’t wait any longer. I lowered myself down onto him, impaling myself on his hard cock, my hungry pussy greedily wrapping itself around his thick shaft.

I didn’t move. Instead, I closed my eyes and luxuriated at the feel of him deep inside me, filling me, giving me what my body craved before I started to ride up and down on him.

“Oh babe, you feel so good.  I love having you deep inside me,” I groaned.

With his hands cuffed to the chair, I missed the feel of them roaming over my body, so I ran my own hands over my breast to pinch the nipples as I started to ride him faster. Jim tilted his hips to bury himself deeper inside of me, his head leaning against the back of the hard chair and his face a grimace of determination and need.

Another orgasm exploded in me and it hit with exquisite pleasure. The convulsions of my pussy sent Jim over the edge. A deep growl came from deep in his chest and announced his own climax. I collapsed against him and felt his heart beating hard against mine.

I didn’t want to move, but I knew it was time to unlock the handcuffs. I carefully dismounted from his spent cock and stood on wobbly legs to retrieve the keys off the pool table.  My legs were too weak for me to stand for long, so I sat in Jim’s lap while I unlocked one set of handcuffs. I handed the keys to Jim as I snuggled against his hard body and he unlocked the other set of handcuffs himself.

Jim wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me gently before he kissed my forehead. “Wow. I love you!”

I looked up at him with a weak, exhausted smile. “Welcome home, babe. I missed you.”

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By: Jason Clapp

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  1. Cattleya Sanderiana says:

    Pilots are sexy, indeed! I am an RN and my husband is an airline pilot at a regional airline. I love him and his job as I wanted to be a pilot myself. Putting that aside, my dream of flying has already been sufficed after I married a pilot.
    This post somewhat gave me an idea on what other ways I could do to spice up our sex life, especially when he is not around most of the time. I always know my husband misses me a lot when he’s flying. He calls me as much as his time permits. I thought I could probably try this out when he gets home from work. I am sure he’d be looking forward to getting home as much as possible. ☺

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