Romantic Husband – A Valentine’s Day Treat

Romantic Husband – My romantic husband has always been the romantic in our relationship. I was, until the arrival of our four children. I guess the constant physical, and emotional needs of our kids have sapped me of my creativity in the romance dept. I so appreciate that my husband husband puts so much importance in our relationship. He says that our relationship is the foundation of our marriage, and that if that foundations is not strong, and secure then nothing else will matter. Having God as our foundation, and my husband to constantly remind me of the importance of investing in time together as a couple has kept our marriage strong and passionate for 18 years.

This past weekend he surprised me during our dinner date by handing me a key card to a hotel. What I thought was going to be a little dinner date was going to turn out to be so much more.  After dinner we walked across the street to a quaint little hotel in downtown San Diego. My husband had managed to get a corner room with a balcony over looking the bustling 5th Ave. below. As we walked into the room he had waiting for me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a gift bag sitting on the bed with a card propped up against it, and “I LUV U” spelled out in chocolate hearts on the bed. We slowly embraced and I gave him a passionate kiss. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness. He always seemed to remember the little details. He had packed all my make-up, my warm pajamas, and a change of clothes for the next day, and a whole bag of goodies for the night ahead. We talked, and laughed, and hand fed each other grapes, and chocolate. We sipped wine, and just absorbed each other’s presence. We were connecting.

As our evening wore on, and after we had showered my husband offered to give me a massage. He told me it would be the best one he had ever given me. He lay back with his back against the headboard of the bed, and told me to slide between his legs with my back against his chest. He began massaging my face, slowly and gently rubbing my cheeks, temples, and forehead, his other hand cupping my breasts. As the candlelight, soft music, and wine started to take affect I felt myself becoming very aroused. My nipples were now becoming hard and erect, and sensitive to every touch. As my husband’s fingers gently passed across my chin line and over my mouth I parted my lips and took his finger into my mouth. I licked his finger up and down, and slowly took it into my mouth in a sucking motion. I worked my mouth magic on each of his fingers, all the while causing him to become more and more aroused.

His swollen penis pushing against my back. His hands were now all over my body. He reached between my legs and rubbed the silky red thong that I had worn for the occasion. I was so hot and swollen that the fabric of my panties barely covered my shaved vulva. I began rubbing myself while my husband twirled, and pinched my nipples. He then began whispering into my ear, while at the same time kissing, and licking my neck. I was so hot, and needed him now! I rolled off of him onto my back, and asked him to put his hard glistening penis into my mouth. He kneeled above my face and obliged. I loved how he rubbed his manhood over my lips, chin, and cheeks. I watched his face as he slid his hard penis in and out of my mouth, the look of ecstasy growing as we make eye contact. He pulls out and moves down to my awaiting vagina. I am sooo hot I feel like any touch is going to send me over the top. He rubs his manhood over my soft, now wet silk panties, his pre-cum oozing out. I slide my panties to the side and feel his rock hard pole dip into my gaping wetness. He finally plunges in. Filling me full, he slams me as hard as he can.

We are locked in a passionate rhythm; each of us building to what we know will be an unbelievable orgasm. Then we get there. Together we tighten our embrace and I can feel him shudder as he fills me with his warm juice. I began to orgasm and pull him deeper. The waves of pleasure overtaking both of us. A wonderful night to celebrate our love, and commitment to each other. I have such a romantic husband.

By: Alex Crick

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