Play After Work

One day I came from my work. I rang the bell and waited. After five minutes my wife opened the door. And she was standing on one side of the door.   I kissed on her lips as normally I do every day.  She is very beautiful with huge breasts, buttocks, long hair, dark pubic hair etc.

That day I was very hot to have sex with her. Because she had been on her period for 7 days and I had not had any sex those.  So I hugged her with passionately. She responded and kissed me. I found her lips and started lick.

Then again kissed on her cheeks. Then again found her lips and sucked for five minutes. After that she sucked my lips. During this time my hand was removing her blouse. And her bra. And I massaged her back and her boobs. Then I unlaced her skirt and massaged her buttocks. Then removed her panties.

Then I licked her face, and then down  her neck, above breasts, wow now I found her nipples, and then started sucking.   I sucked both of them for five minute or more.  Then I came little more down on her navel and licked all around her navel and lap.

I removed her panties, and licked on her pubic hair. My tongue found her vagina and started licking on it, and my finger went inside her vagina.  During this foreplay she had an orgasm.

Then she unzipped my pants, and took my penis out, and started sucking on it.  Wow she sucked me until I climaxed.   Then we had supper.

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