Shopping for a Dress

It was about a month before our daughter’s wedding.  My husband already knew what he would be wearing, a tux.  I, however, didn’t have a clue.

That afternoon I told my husband that I was going shopping for a dress for the wedding.  To my surprise he said that he would like to go along.  He never likes to go clothes shopping with me.

We went to Macy’s and I looked through about fifty dresses before deciding on three to try on.  I went into the fitting room and he followed.

“You can’t come in here!”

“No one is here to stop me.”

“Okay, but keep quiet.”

I removed my blouse and skirt and slipped into the first dress.  We stood in front of the mirror and looked it over.  It was red and not bad.  Next, I tried on a pale green one that was off the shoulder.  I thought that I was probably too old for that look, and it did look especially funny with my bra straps showing in the mirror.  Finally, I tried on the blue one.  My husband hadn’t said a word, he just admired me in the mirror as I tried on each dress.

I whispered to him, “Which one did you like?”

“You looked fine in all of them.  Why don’t you try on the green one again?”

“You like the off the shoulder look?”


“You don’t think I’m too old for that?”

“Let me get another look and I’ll let you know.”

I admired his honesty and removed the blue dress.  As I picked up the green one again he stopped me.  He stepped behind me and unhooked the back of my bra.

“Try it without the straps in the way.”

I took the unhooked bra off and slipped the green dress over my head again.  He stood behind me and adjusted it just right around my shoulders.  We just stood there for a minute or two looking in the mirror.  I was finding it hard to believe that we had been together for 30+ years and had a daughter who was old enough to be married herself.

“This could be the one,” he whispered to me.  It was growing on me as well.  “There is one problem, however.”  He winked at me in the mirror.

“What’s that?”

“It wouldn’t be nice to be more beautiful than the bride at a wedding.”

With that I turned around and kissed him, long and hard.  After releasing me, he turned me around and asked if I wanted the dress.

“If you continue to kiss me like that, I’ll be young for a long time yet.  I’m going to take it.”

He helped me out of the dress and sat it down on the bench.  Then he reached around me and cupped my breasts.  I looked in the mirror and smiled.  I was standing in just my panties in a department store fitting room with my husband fondling me.  A young woman’s dream.

As I stood there with him holding me, my nipples got hard.  I knew we would be having some fun when we got home.  He had other ideas.  Slowly, as I watched in the mirror, one of his hands slid down my stomach and into my panties.  I waited to see how far he was thinking of going.  I think I wanted to go all the way.  He had the same idea.  He slipped my panties down my thighs and leaned me over so I was pressing against the mirror.  He lowered his pants and underwear down to his knees.  I could see that he was erect.  Slowly, he slipped it into my love spot and we very quietly made love in the fitting room of Macy’s.

As we dressed a thought went through my mind, “You don’t think they have surveillance cameras in here, do you?”

We hurried and bought the dress, laughing all the way out of the store

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