Petnames for Genitals

We have given each other’s genitals pet names, and have even used these names innocently during conversations at parties etc. to convey to each other that we want each other.

We chose the names during our honeymoon.  My wife one day wanted to see how my ejaculation spurted, so she masturbated me. Just before I started to spurt she began talking in this “aerospace” voice, saying: “We’re ready for liftoff Houston…Apollo is ready to blast away…ten…nine…eight…” and so she counted down to one when I really blasted away!  So, my penis was named “Apollo” from that day on.

We named her love spot “Velvet”, for obvious reasons.

One day (years later), we were at this boring cocktail party.  She excused herself to go to the ladies room.  When she came back she had her cell phone with her, earnestly and loudly “talking” to some one.  “O.K. Velvet, just calm down. We’ll go and get Apollo and come straight home to help you. Yes…yes…bye.”

Then she turned to me and said with a sigh: “Honey, Velvet got herself in some sort of slimy mess, so we’ll just have to go and get Apollo to help us sort this thing out.” And we politely excused ourselves and left.

I could not believe her smart little plan.  When we got into the car she said she was so bored by all the boasting etc. that she rather started fantasizing about us.  She had left for the ladies room to start this plan to leave, but she had also removed her panties, so will I please start immediately to begin attending to Velvet’s slimy problem!

While driving home that night, she just lifted her dress a bit and I softly stroked her vagina, till we stopped at our place.  Needless to say, but Apollo got to do the real work the moment we got inside!

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