Behind the Shower Curtain . . .

I love my wife.  Her and my two sons are the best and most Godly thing I’ve ever been a part of.  As we both come from very different families, we instinctively react differently to numerous occasions.  She’s an order and control personality while I’m a bit more a free spirit.  Sexually speaking, she needs everything to prepared in advance, the kids asleep for at least 30 minutes or with the grandparents, only in the bedroom, but early enough to get a full night’s sleep as to not ruin the next day.  Me, like most men, I have no pre-conditions.  As for location, in 8 years I’ve convinced her to wander outside of our bed for a few romps in the living room, an exciting encounter on the stairs, a few in the TV room, and only once in the back of our minivan provided it was locked up securely and parked safely in our garage.
Occasionally we will shower together.  Sadly, it seems like that’s more of a service station where I honk my horn, step in, get the hand-rub, and get on my way.  I’ve not once been allowed to please her.  Until last Saturday . . .

Yes, the boys were at the grandparents.  I kindly suggested I’d like to have fun in the shower.  To let her know my intentions, I placed our new waterproof vibrator next to her shampoo bottle.  (Last year I purchased the vibrating Rubber Ducky.  We used it once, but it seemed a little weird to be enjoying a children’s toy that much.  Now our 4 year-old son innocently thinks it’s the coolest bath toy because the duck “shivers”.)

Back to the shower: I could tell today would end differently based on her laugh at seeing the vibrator.  After she had her few minutes alone to wash off, I jumped in.  There’s nothing I love better than watching hot water cascade down her beautiful body.  Perfect sized tits slippery from the water.  After a long hug running our hands across each other’s backs, I bent down and gave the appropriate lip service to the perfect nipples on those perfect tits.  I was secretly waiting for her to bat me away after five seconds as she usually does.  Instead, she laid her head back into the stream of water.  Her breathing immediately quickened.

Sitting down on the edge of the tub wall, I continued to kiss her right nipple while running a finger around her inner thigh.  When I brushed across the sweet spots, she parted her knees and pushed her hips forward.  One of her ‘tells’ is when she puts her arms around my shoulders and pulls me closer.  That’s the “keep doing what you’re doing” sign and that’s what she gave me.

As I reached for the vibe, I heard a little purr of anticipation.  I always tease her with it before firing up its motor as she loves the touch of something smooth, hard, and cold  almost as much as my fingers.   By the time I fired up the purple pleasurer, she was well into it.  When the first vibrations hit her clit, she shuttered and I was a little afraid of her slipping in the shower.  She, on the other hand, had no room for such thoughts as she pumping her hips racing toward a great orgasm.

After convincing me to stop so we could have intercourse and both “go” at the same time, we tried a few positions to no avail.  Apparently our shower model isn’t the best fit for tall-people sex.  I can’t believe that wasn’t on the box.  Nevertheless, we had two very turned-on people in the shower that couldn’t copulate in any safe and comfortable way.

I suggested we take care of ourselves and handed her the vibe.  I grabbed the soap and lathered up.  She put a leg up on the edge of the tub.  It was a beautiful thing to watch her position the vibe in the perfect spot. Then seeing her eyes and head roll back, and hips gyrating at record speed.  Though our wet bodies were sliding against each other, I quickly realized I better hold and support her before she slips and takes us both down.
When she finally started coming back down from the mountain, she looked at me with love in her eyes and said, “That was fun, we should do this again sometime soon”.  So, here’s to hoping the grandparents will offer again soon . . .

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