Set Free to Be a Hot Wife

Growing up as a child, I was taught about being the woman in Proverbs. I learned at an early age the “duties” of a wife. I learned her responsibilities to her children, her home and to her husband. I learned that it was her “duty” to have sex on demand, regardless of the day she has had. Regardless if the mood was just right. Just as long as the husband was satisfied.

After I was married I carried out these age-old traditions. I did exactly what was required of me. I was the good housewife and mother. I was the woman who fulfilled her wifely duties to her husband. I thought I was doing everything that I needed to do.

I always loved reading the Bible. I read story after story. I began reading about Solomon and his beloved. I found the story stirred certain feelings inside of me that I thought were dirty and unclean. So I wouldn’t read it.

One day I was browsing on the Internet and I came across an Internet site about marital sexuality. I began to browse and read through the stories. The “feelings” began to stir inside of me once again. I felt so much condemnation upon me.

My Pastor came online and we began to talk back and forth. I couldn’t take the guilt any longer. I had to confess to her of the terrible “sin” that I had done. She said, “Don’t you desire your husband? Don’t you lust for him?” I responded with a yes. She began to witness to me concerning the intimacy and the love that God created inside of each and every one of us. She told me how it isn’t a sin to lust after your mate for the marriage bed is undefined. I began to cry as I felt the chains of bondage slip off of me. I began to read the WORD to find out all I could about passion in a marriage. I found out that oral sex wasn’t condemned. I found out that masturbation wasn’t condemned. I found out that being a lover to my husband wasn’t condemned.

I began the journey of freedom in the bonds of marriage. Our marriage bed has never been the same. I have no desire to leave that bed!

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  1. Joyce Buchanan says:

    For the 12 1/2yrs I’ve been married to my hubby the past 7 I’ve slipped into sex is a duty and not a joy. I was suppose to be responsible and didn’t have time for playing. Things like oral, masturbating, toys and sometimes kinky were Ungodly. Thank you so much for sharing this. My husband has been telling me for years that as long as its between us and the desire is for each other it is not Ungodly. Would love to know some of the scriptures you found so that I can read them and pray over myself and my husband for this new release. Thank you again and God Bless You.

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