The Massager

After reading the various stories about using vibrators I thought that I should surprise my husband with one.  So I went over to Wal-Mart found a nice massager.  I came home and tried using it on myself first and it was wonderful.

The sensations and orgasms that I experienced were fantastic.  So that night, I came over to my husband and kneeled down to lick and suck his penis.  Once I had him enjoying this I then reached for the massager and began to massage his balls while I sucked his penis up and down.  Boy did he enjoy this!  He began to open and close his legs, his eyes began to roll to the top of his head, and then he began to reach for my head to push me up and down faster on his penis.

Finally when he couldn’t take it any longer he rose up and gave me a big passionate hug.  Then I laid on the bed for my treat.  My husband began to lick my vagina and my clitoris.  Then I told him to put his fingers in me while I massaged the top of my vagina with the massager.  Boy did I have a good time and so did my husband.

As I reached many orgasms, my husband became very hot with desire and began pushing his finger in and out of me while licking the inside of my legs.  It felt so good.  Then my husband began to lick my clitoris which was completely enlarged. When I was completely wet my husband ask me to let him enter me.

When he entered me my clitoris was so large that I began to have orgasms along with my husband.  As we both came together I began to cry how much I loved him.  This made my husband feel like a King.  He just continued to smile and shake his head in appreciation for a lovely night and for the massager.

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