Wife Masturbates


Recently we have started to enjoy shower sex a little more than we used to.  My wife, however, has told me she doesn’t always want to be bothered in the shower so we devised a little code.  The code is simply this, if the bathroom door is locked, leave it that way (don’t pop the lock and come in).  If the bathroom door is unlocked and not fully latched, I am welcome to join her.

The other night our children were in bed and I realized the shower was running upstairs.  I checked the door and found it unlocked.  It had been quite a while since she had left it that way, so I literally ran to the other bathroom, brushed my teeth and arrived back in under a minute with just my undies on.  I quietly pushed open the door and stepped inside.  I dropped my undies to the floor and was about to pull back the shower curtain when I heard a noise.

As I listened I realized my wife was softly moaning.  I could also see over the curtain enough to know the removable shower head was not in its holder.  I peeked around the curtain and saw my beautiful wife’s ass.  She was holding the shower head down in front of her genitals and was massaging her clit with her other hand.  She always told me she doesn’t masturbate so I was stunned.  My penis (which was already hard) instantly became super hard and I grabbed it and started to stroke.

After a few seconds she saw me out of the corner of her eye and jumped.  I had scared her, not on purpose, and she tried to make out like she was washing herself.  I told her I saw what she was doing and that I was turned on more than I had ever been in my whole life.  I started to stroke myself again and with a bit of encouragement she started on herself again too.  I told her to say when she was about to arrive.  When she did I let my semen fly all over her as she orgasmed.  When we finally got out of the shower, we were both so wobbly legged we could hardly stand.  What an awesome and intimate experience with the woman I love, I pray it will happen again.

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