Camp Night

My wife and I wanted to spend some time with some friends of ours that were recently married so this summer we invited them to go camping with us. On Friday I was late coming home from work so by the time I got home my wife was a little bit upset that we were leaving so late and our friends would be at the campground waiting for us. I could understand how she was upset with me, but I felt mad that she was upset with me. I tried my best to be home early, but work was difficult that day. We were not very happy with each other as we packed the car and tried to remember all the things we needed to bring for the trip. We had a few tense moments while packing and didn’t talk much in the car.

The trip to the campground was even more stressful as traffic was bad. After an hour or so of driving, we started to relax a bit and finally arrived at the camp site and saw our friends, Mary and Bob, had already set up their tent. They helped us as we unloaded our car and started to setup our tent. To save money, we shared a camp site. We hoped it would have been a larger site so our tents would not have to be so close, but it would work for the weekend.

We had a good evening playing games and making dinner. We talked for a while and discussed important things like our family upbringing and religion. We enjoyed our conversation late into the night. As the campfire burned down the conversation turned to their recent wedding. We talked about their wedding and their wedding night. They were very straightforward and shared with us each of their expectations for their wedding night. My wife and I both knew they were virgins before their wedding so we were comfortable talking with them about sex since we shared the same values and we were two married couples sharing with each other. It was wonderfully refreshing listening to two happily married couples talking about their wonderful sex lives and how it was much better than they expected.

As the fire finally went out, we decided to cut the conversation short and go to bed so we could wake early and start a new day. My wife and I were very close to one another as we got undressed in the tent. Our eyes met many times and we kissed each time. I think all the talk about sex had started both of us thinking about our marriage bed – even if it was an inflatable marriage bed for the night. As we hugged and kissed, I reached around and unhooked my wife’s bra. I took off my shirt and could feel her warm breasts against mine. It felt so good being so close. She slid her leg between mine and let out a slight moan as she felt my hard penis through my shorts.

We stopped for a moment as we heard some giggling coming from our friends tent. We looked at each other and shared with each other that we hoped they were enjoying each other as much as we were. My wife started to run her hands down my body as we continued to kiss. She slowly slid her hands down my shorts and squeezed my butt.  My wife let out a gasp as I started kissing the tops of her breast and squeezed her butt.

I started to lick her breasts even more and after a while she pulled her breasts away from my mouth and started to run her tongue down my body. I finally gave in and let out a beautiful moan of my own.  My wife continued licking until she reached my shorts. She quickly pulled my shorts and underwear down and grabbed my penis.

Her tongue started at the base and swirled around my shaft until it reached the tip at which point I let out a loud moan.

I reached over and grabbed my wife’s ankle and pulled her over to me. She knew exactly what I wanted and straddled my face with her legs. Looking up I could see her beautiful vagina, dripping wet for me. I could see her wonderful love juice pouring from her opening. She lowered herself over my head and let out a soft scream as my warm tongue touched her vagina lips. I sucked her lips and tasted her sweetness. My tongue swirled around her clitoris as she continued to pump my penis.

My wife lifted her vagina from my tongue and positioned herself over my very stiff and wet penis. She slid down my penis so easily. It felt so warm and wet. We just stayed like that for a while, our arms tight around each other, my penis deep inside her. She flexed her kegel muscles around me and told me that she was “hugging my penis”. It felt so wonderful.

My wife started to slowing move up and down on my shaft. She knew exactly how long I was and could lift her self up just to the point where only my tip was left inside, then quickly impale herself with my penis. Our pace quickened and our breathing became heavier.  I couldn’t handle much more and groaned as I gave myself to my wife. The feeling of my warmth inside her triggered her climax and I could feel her vagina gripping my penis, nursing every last drop from me.

We soon fell asleep, my penis still inside my wife.

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