Sams Problem – Jenas Solution

Sam Mason shifted uncomfortably in the seat of his pickup. A small part of his problem was the fact that the air conditioner hadn’t been working all summer. The real issue, though, had nothing to do with the humid, hot summer day. His mind wouldn’t stay on his work, and every time it drifted to his pretty young wife, Jena, his body responded. At the moment, a large, hard bulge was quietly throbbing along his inner thigh, trapped between his hard muscles and the rough denim of his jeans. Grimacing, he shifted his lean body in the worn seat of the truck, attempting to gain some relief from the sexual pressure his mind and body were tormenting him with.

Jena Mason giggled as she headed toward her appointment in town. She had plans for her husband later, and knew he’d likely be taken completely off guard by her deviousness! She parked her Jeep at the local government farm office complex, and headed inside with her folder of paperwork. Several hours later, Jena emerged, finished with the lengthy process of enrolling a large portion of their rangeland in a new program designed to protect it from urban development.

Muttering under his breath, Sam pulled off the rough gravel road at the pasture gate. Sliding out of the truck, he attempted to adjust his male equipment into a more comfortable position. About all he accomplished, though, was to move the bulge from his thigh to a more vertical orientation, now more obvious than ever. His straining masculinity extended toward his tarnished belt buckle while his zipper strained to keep everything in place.

Jena drove north from town, headed to the particular parcel of land where Sam had mentioned he’d be checking cattle during the afternoon. She pulled off on a deserted dirt track totally hidden from the main road by a dense row of hedge trees. Checking for other vehicles, she heard and saw none. Smiling, she stripped off her white blouse and bra, replacing them with a cropped, baby blue T-shirt. She then pulled off her slacks and panties, switching to a pair of soft, knit shorts that barely covered her pretty bottom. She pulled back onto the main road, laughing at what Sam’s response would be if he could see her breasts jiggling as the Jeep bounced over the rutted path! She soon arrived at the pasture and grabbed her Golden Rod wire stretcher to open the too-tight gate. Quickly, she pulled through and closed the gate behind her, hoping to leave little trace of her passing.

Sam slid to a stop at the pasture, venting a little of his frustration as he worked at opening the wire pasture gate. Unwanted visitors and road hunters were often kept out of his & Jena’s property simply because they couldn’t get Sam’s tight gates open! Sam’s “problem” had begun to subside a little by the time he got the gate open, drove through, and closed it behind him. He noticed some vehicle tracks in the slightly damp soil inside the gate. Stopping to look closer, he realized that they belonged to the small Jeep that Jena often drove. Curious, his thoughts again returned to the wonderful, beautiful and sexy woman he’d married 10 years ago. Imagining her luscious body pressed against him, his erection immediately sprang back to its former rigidity. Climbing awkwardly back into the truck cab, Sam began the process of locating the cows and calves that grazed this tract.

Jena hid her Jeep between two of the large boulders that flanked the huge water tank near the center of the pasture. She gracefully climbed up to the top of the rock closest to the tank, nearest the ranch road that Sam would have to travel as he checked the water supply. The sun’s warmth had heated the rock to a comfortable temperature. As Jena lay back to rest, the warmth and the gentle breeze combined to lull her softly to sleep.

Jack finished checking the cattle, pleased that there were no bad eyes or lame animals. The calves seemed to be growing well, testimony to the couple’s commitment to using only the best genetics available. He checked the salt and mineral supply, then headed to the water tank, his final task of a long day.

Jena’s sleep was dream-filled, and her body was responding to the attention Sam was providing in that erotic dream. His strong hand was caressing her breasts, lingering on her erect nipples, gently twisting them through the thin fabric of her shirt. His other hand was marking slow circles on her inner thigh, driving her crazy as he approached but never actually made contact with her eager femininity.

Sam couldn’t believe his eyes as he rolled down the path to the tank – there, displayed in all her sensual beauty was his gorgeous wife, fast asleep on the huge, smooth boulder. He stopped the truck, his manhood quickly growing even harder than before. His determined stride toward Jena was almost comical due to the interference his swollen member caused with the simple act of walking. As he approached her sleeping form, he admired her erect nipples as they jutted through the tiny shirt she’d chosen. He couldn’t help himself, and reached out to touch them, savoring the feel of her body to his eager hands.

Jena reveled in the ever-increasing heat of her erotic dream, being driven to higher and higher levels of arousal by the dreamy Sam. Her body was becoming hungry for his maleness, that sweet fulfillment she’d enjoyed all during their marriage.

Quietly, gently, so as not to awaken her, Sam lay his other hand on her tanned, muscular leg. The warmth and smoothness of her skin tantalizing him to explore further. The strength of his fingers probed further and further toward her center, and his delight increased as she pushed against his seeking digits. Finally, he slid aside the leg of the soft shorts, gaining access to her glistening lips. His stroking of her soon found a rhythm that pleased both. Jena’s blue eyes fluttered open when he made contact with her bud, and she whispered “I love you! You’re a dream come true!”

Sam and Jena fulfilled each other’s dreams until the sun set behind the rugged hills to the west. As he helped her down from the boulder, he was again reminded of how much he loved this funny, sassy and sexy lady. She, too, gazed back at him, equally in love and equally amazed at how perfect they were for each other. “I love you!” they both whispered at the same time. As Sam took her into his arms and kissed her soundly, he also patted her bottom, saying, “You’d better get some clothes on, because last one home has to wash dishes!”

As he closed the gate after watching her drive through, he grinned to himself and thanked his Heavenly Father for the blessing Jena was to him.

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