A Day to Remember

Well, where do I start? Sometimes even after years of marriage and four children you still feel like newlyweds.

Peter and I have been married for 15 years and there is little that we do not enjoy to spice up our lives…. even in the bedroom. We agreed when we married that as long as neither of us felt uncomfortable and it glorified our Father in the bedroom y enhancing our love…. we would listen to the ideas each other had. Today was no exception.

I am not the showy type, nor am I one that likes to be seen in the nude unlike my husband who would just about live in the nude if he were allowed. He is a handsome brown with dark eyes and a muscular build. Today he suggested a day or nudity. The children were away for the weekend and not set to return until Sunday evening late. It was only Friday mid-afternoon.

Peter had come home for the day and as usual stripped down to his boxers to do some computer work. I was trying to finish the last of the laundry and then off to the shower. I loved those hot showers with no disturbances and plenty of soft music and candlelight.

As I stepped out of the shower I was startled to see a small trail of rose petals from the door to the bathroom down the hall with a small not: Please do not put anything on, you have just entered Eden and no apparel is necessary.

Ok, I am game to see what he has planned. A tickle of excitement rose in me as I walked don the hall following the petals. Soon I entered the bedroom to find the door to our outer deck open with only the sheers pulled across and a gentle wind blowing making our hanging chimes ring a beautiful melody. The room was filled with candles and the smell of lavender but the flower petals led outside the room to the stairs. As I reached the stairs I found a bottle of chocolate set upon the banister that said…”Please bring me with you… I will add delight to your night”. So I picked it up as I went on down the stairs the chill running across my body. As I came down the stairs I immediately felt the warmth from the lit fireplace and there as naked as first created lay my husband surrounded by all of our pillows lying on the floor with a satin blanket beckoning me.

I figured the shower might make you hungry…it sure did me…he grinned. His manhood obviously at attention greeted me as well. He held his hand out to me and I fell into his arms. His mouth consumed mine with a passion that only could come from an eternal love. His tongue probed every area of my mouth and brought the fire inside me to match that of the one raging in the fireplace. I felt something warm run down my chest as I looked to see my love pouring chocolate on my breasts. “A little chocolate milk with my meal…his grinned was quickly gone as his tongue began to lap at my erect nipples. I felt a rush as they became more and more stimulated by his touch. I so loved this man that nothing could compare to these moments where we became as one and felt filled or even drunk with the love we shared.

His hands continued to roam and rub my body…sometimes gently other times slightly pinching or pulling as he continued to lap up chocolate that he would pour…. soon the chocolate would fall closer to what Peter lovingly called my treasure box. I loved it when he called it this because it held treasure that only his eyes could behold…. I so longed for him to be inside me. My body was lit with fire that sizzled every time he touched me. He slowly slid his fingers inside and I jumped at the anticipation of feeling any part of him inside me… his head went down kissing me in the most tender of places and then with a startled look he stopped…. this evening was not only a surprise planned by him…but I had a surprise of my own. My husband knew my body better than I did … His face lit up as he said, “sweetheart is there something you would like to tell me? I love the sweet smell of my treasure chest but we haven’t had any little bundles of treasure there for about 6 years…I didn’t even need to answer him as his hands wrapped around me in a tight embrace…little feet once again!!!

We had given up trying over 3 years ago for another child…. and yes I was pregnant. I always had a sweet smell Peter would say when I was pregnant… it was at that precise moment he smelled it.

His love was even more excited and energized as he lay me down and began to rub my small taught tummy…. his hands roamed by body and soon he pulled me close to him as his face met mine. Again passionate kisses his time they included a new joy…as we kissed he pulled me onto him and gently entered my treasure box. As I rode him he tenderly caressed my breasts and my back gently controlling the speed we would go. “I am so happy sweetheart…. maybe this time we can have a boy. Either way I cannot wait….. Have I told you how much I love you?… he spoke gently as he held my hips and we moved in a motion that never would grow old…. as our pace quickened and the rush began to flow though us we breathed in the love that created our child…. our baby boy.

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