The Best Trip Ever

Early in our marriage, I spent a lot of time on the road as a truck driver. This made spending time together a bit difficult. To make it easier, sometimes my wife would travel with me.

On one of these trips when she was with me, we had been apart for nearly two weeks. We were both very needy, but I had a very tight deadline for my load. Stopping was absolutely out of the question, even for a quickie.

As the night ran on, the tension in the cab of the truck was nearing an unbearable level.  She began to nuzzle my ear, and stroke my neck.  This just made things worse. I began to reciprocate as well as I could, without removing my attention from the road. As things heated up more, and more, the frustration of not being able to do anything was beginning to show. We decided that continuing would be a bad idea, so she sat back in her seat.

Mile after mile, we drove, ever wanting to fulfill our desires. After awhile, I glanced over at her, to see her blouse unbuttoned and her bra exposed. She noticed my surprise, and told me that it was too warm in the truck, and to not get any ideas.

After another 5 miles, or so, I took another quick peek, to see that now her blouse was on the floor, and her bra was unhooked. I caught her eye, and saw that familiar gleam I had seen on so many other occasions.  I knew I was in for a special trip.

A sly grin from me was all it took to encourage her farther. Soon, the bra was on the floor, and her jeans were unbuttoned. She was leaned back in her seat, with one hand down her pants, and the other hand rubbing her breasts.  Her breath was starting to get deeper, and faster. I was starting to get very excited, and the lump in front of my jeans was proof of my enjoyment.

Before I could say anything, jeans were on the floor.  The wet spot on her panties between her legs was growing ever larger, and her breath was getting heavier.  I undid my jeans, and pulled out my extremely hard penis. I began to stroke myself very slowly, because if I got too excited, I would orgasm too quickly, and the show would be over.

Seeing her love toy in my hand, my wife now removed her panties, and was completely naked sitting in the passenger seat of my truck. Her feet were up on the dash, and one hand held open her lips, while the other alternated sliding in and out of her vagina, and stroking her very engorged clitoris.

Her breasts were heaving at a dizzying rate, and I knew that she was about to climax. I very softly whispered words of erotic love to her to bring it on stronger. Suddenly in a rush of moans and vaginal juices, she climaxed over, and over for what seemed like 10 minutes.

She lay back in her seat for a moment, then looked over at my hand stroking my penis. The next thing I knew, she was on the floor between the seats with her head in my lap. I released my penis, and she grabbed it with one hand. She lowered her mouth over the head of my penis, and slowly, tenderly began to lick it.

Next, she took it in her mouth, and began to suck me. I couldn’t believe how far she could take me into her mouth, and was trying desperately to concentrate on my driving.

Faster, and deeper, she sucked. Her hand stroking at the same time.  I couldn’t hold back any longer and I climaxed hard and long, with wave after wave of ecstasy. She continued stroking until I was completely finished, then gave me a long passionate kiss on the lips. Looking deep into my eyes she said with a smile, “That’s how much I love you”

After we were both finished, we redressed, and continued on the trip to its final destination.
This was absolutely the most memorable trip I have ever taken, and I am waiting for the next time she is in that kind of mood.

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  1. drelovingchrissy says:

    We know the feeling I’m a truck driver and a few times I almost didn’t get to my stop on time because I too had to handle my business ,but it is well worth it! So glad to see that it is fellow truckers on this site. God bless!

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