Birthday 3-Day Weekend – Part 3

Chicago Weekend

Part 3

I awakened a few hours later to the sensation of a finger drawing circles around my breasts. My eyes fluttered open and I found Dave studying my face and smiling sweetly. He grabbed the covers and slowly pulled them back exposing my full body to the chilled air. It appeared as if he had something planned. I grinned at him, rolled over on my back and gave him better access to my charms in the hope that he would continue fondling me.

My lover favored me with loving strokes of his hands on my breasts and stomach, and delighted me with playful pinches on my nipples that were sticking their little heads up erectly. In a pseudo-altruistic effort to warm them, Dave covered one nipple with a hand and suckled the other. He continued to massage the taut flesh of one firm breast, while his tongue jiggled the sensitive bud of the other. Soon I heard myself growling from the back of my throat and my head was beginning to spin. Without warning he stopped what he was doing and rolled over onto his back. Pulling me toward him, he whispered an invitation in my ear. I was only too happy to oblige and I hoisted myself up to straddle his neck.

Hands behind my butt, he pulled me forward into position so that I hovered above his mouth. I leaned forward, my arms supporting my upper body on the mirrored wall, my knees underneath me. He pulled me down by my hips and lowered my moist vagina to his eagerly awaiting mouth. Inserting his tongue between the folds of my labia, he searched for the hood of my clit and concentrated his efforts there. With the tip of his tongue he jiggled the delicate nib back and forth. I watched in the mirror as the sensation of his tongue on me sent bolts of electricity coursing through my blood. He clamped his lips on me and drank in the nectar that I was producing in lavish amounts. Every now and then he’d take his tongue off my clit and drag it from the top to the bottom of my split, licking it lovingly. On one trip down, he stopped at my vagina and pushed his tongue into it as far as it would go. I cried out with pleasure.

I could tell he was enjoying what he was doing as much as I was. He pulled me forward to position my vagina to his advantage, all the while swirling his tongue on and around my clit. “You give the best head that I ever had,” I told him.

He loved to be covered in my cream and pushed his head farther into me so he could rub my hot juices all over his face. He pulled away long enough to say, “Oh babe, I love the way you taste.” I shuddered, drew in a deep breath.

Dave resumed his ministrations on my clit and established a spirited routine of massaging it with his tongue and sucking on it with his lips. He was very skilled and he knew just how much pressure to use and how I like that steady, consistent motion of his tongue. Relentlessly he maintained that steady rhythm with his tongue. Within seconds I was convulsing in exquisite pleasure, and bringing forth a surge of fluid. Again he pushed his face into me smearing himself with the liquor of love.

My arms were weak and I suddenly realized that I was not supporting my weight. It occurred to me that it might be uncomfortable for Dave, so I stated to lift myself off him, but he clamped his arms over my thighs and held me so that my vagina stayed in contact with his face. Like a thirsty man, he sucked on me, making until there wasn’t anything left for him to consume. Finally he released his grip and I climbed off.

Lying next to him, I pulled his face to mine and plunged my tongue into his mouth so I could taste for myself what it was he found so addictive. As we kissed I felt the residual tension leave my body. I rolled over onto my back, and lay next to him. We looked up into the mirror on the ceiling and at the same time started laughing. His face was soaking wet and sticky. He had a monstrous erection. We had come all over us. It struck us that we looked pretty funny. I couldn’t remember when I saw him looking this beguiling.

I hopped over him, jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Bringing back a warm, wet towel I began to clean his face. “Leave it baby, I want to keep your fragrance on me.” Despite his protests I continued with my task

Suddenly we both got a case of the giggles. We laughed at nothing until we had tears in our eyes. Things finally settled down and I noticed that Dave were still as hard as Chinese arithmetic. “Hey, we can’t let that go to waste,” I pointed out as I moved towards him with the intention of climbing on him and playing ride em’ cowboy.

“Wait, let’s take it slow. Let me hold you first.”

I leaned back into Dave’s chest and he stroked the front of my body, starting at my throat, then moving down to my stomach and back up to my throat again. He had his hands spread open and they covered the entirety of my torso with each stroke. My nipples had become aroused the minute I realized what Dave was up to; and he took this opportunity to pay special attention to each erect bud. My nipples were always sensitive, but that night they were on fire. Each time his hands touched them I moaned with pleasure as the wonderful sensations shot to my loins. Dave took each little bloom between his fingers and pinched and twisted them gently. Each movement filled me with electricity. He kissed the back of my neck and moved his lips down to my shoulders.

“I can’t tell you how good that feels,” I whispered.

“It feels good to me too,” his husky voice rejoined.

Again he lifted me, moving me into position. With a little guidance from me, he impaled me with his erect spike. Hands on the inside of my thighs he spread my legs apart so I was wide open. Then he slid down a bit, and began rocking his pelvis back and forth. I just sat still and enjoyed the sensuous feelings. “Oh that feels good,” I moaned. Dave’s rhythm was perfect. Not too fast, and not too slow.

Tenderly, Dave caressed and stroked the insides of my thighs. His hands glided up and down on the soft, sensitive flesh there. He whispered, “Oh honey, you have such beautiful, soft skin. Touching it makes me dizzy.” My answer was a throaty moan. He maintained that wonderful tempo, pumping with his hips. He moved a hand from my thigh to the center of my body and skillfully used his fingers to find my clit. I trembled from his touch, but managed to tell him, “That feels sensational, babe.

He was rolling my clit back and forth between his fingers. I thought I was going to explode. I drew in a deep breath and Dave reacted to my excitement by increasing the pace of his hips. With each stroke he plunged harder, and I began propelling myself down each time his penis pushed up into me. My body tensed, it was the prelude to my orgasm. He continued the dance at just the right speed, lighting me on fire.

His manhood felt rigid and swollen inside me, and I worked my vaginal muscles to put pressure on it. He took the fingers that had been manipulating my clit and pressed them on top of it, making circular motions. The rotations were timed to match his thrusting. I emitted a long, low moan and Dave whispered in my ear. “Come on baby. You can do it.” His talking to me always turned me on and instantly his wish was granted. My insides churned and my come flowed into Dave’s open hand.

Dave let me sit there and rest a minute, but I could tell he was anxious to get started again. I was only too happy to accommodate him. I rose, leaving his swollen penis gleaming with dew. At this point Dave pulled me off his still-hard penis, turned me toward him and gently pushed me down on the bed. He moved his body between my legs, spread them apart and then pushed them back and up and over my head. It was one of my favorite things to do because it gave him total access to me.

Slowly he dipped his shaft in to my sweet spot, and then he pulled it back. Through clenched teeth he told me, “Oh baby, I love your hot, tight, vagina.”

I grinned at him and pulled my legs farther apart. I declare, “It’s all yours big boy.”

In this position not only could he push all the way to the top of my vagina, but with each stroke the tip of his penis rubbed my g-spot. Before long he was ramming himself into me like a jackhammer, and I had to hold onto the headboard to keep from being propelled off the seat. I was wildly excited again and I uttered breathlessly, “Babe, don’t stop, please don’t stop. I want you to come inside of me.”

My words inflamed him and he rammed his pelvis into me time and time again, just like a piston. “Honey, I’m gonna come soon,” I screamed.

Automatically he increased the speed and ferocity of his thrusting; He was out of control and burning with pre-orgasm fever. As he made the final plunge and blasted stream after stream of hot lava into the back of my vagina, my muscles contracted and the spasm sent electricity coursing through both of us at the speed of light. Our bodies quaked as our orgasms traveled to our heads and we held on to each other as if our lives depended on it.

Eventually, he pulled his penis out of me and sat up, and moved close to me. His penis lay flaccid in his lap and I put my hand on it anyway and massaged it slowly. I was feeling rather spent myself.

I was exhausted and fell asleep on my stomach. Dave stayed awake a little while and gently rubbed the small of my back. Finally he got under the blanket, covered us and slid over next to me. In no time, he fell asleep with a smile on his face and me in his arms. I know we’ll both take the memories of that night with us for the rest of our marriage together.

The End.

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