Birthday 3-Day Weekend – Day 2

Chicago Weekend

Part 2

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. We arose early, still cuddled in each other’s arms. Inasmuch as we wanted to spend time at the Festival and enjoy the lakefront, Dave hopped up and got right into the shower. I called room service for a pot of coffee and followed him into the bathroom. I stepped into the shower and was pleased to discover Dave with a giant hard on. His penis looked so delicious I knelt down and took the tip of it into my mouth sucking on it like a piece of hard candy.

Dave was making small noises that weren’t quite moans but articulated his pleasure eloquently; I began moving my head forward languidly, until I could feel the tip of his penis at the back of my throat. I heard Dave pull in a long breath of air as I applied my tongue to his shaft and moved it from side to side over the sensitive skin of his throbbing penis. I pulled my head back slowly and sucked on the shaft as hard as I could. When I got to the tip again, I lingered there a couple of seconds and flicked my tongue at it.

As I moved my head forward once more, I pressed my lips together so that they made full contact with the cylinder of flesh inside my mouth. At the base of his shaft I pushed hard so that the tip of his penis was all the way down in my throat. With his member so deeply imbedded in my mouth I was able to stick my tongue out and lick his balls. I teased his balls for a few seconds before I began the upward stroke of this mutually-delightful routine. Dave just stood there motionless, with his eyes on me, groaning in rapture.

I continued to move my head back and forth on Dave’s penis, tonguing his scrotum on every lunge of my head. The warm water from the shower felt marvelous on my back and shoulders as I kept flicking my tongue against his shaft on the way down and sucking his taut skin on the way up. He was behaving wildly and had abandoned all senses except the In the state he was in I had to be very careful that I didn’t scratch his penis with my teeth. He was indefatigable and kept up those frenetic movements for a long time. In and out, in and out. He was a machine. Suddenly, in a spasm that wracked his body, he pulled my head toward him until it was pressed hard against him and he delivered his orgasm to the back of my tongue. His creamy liquid filled my mouth and I had to pull back a little to swallow. He tasted like honey.

Before long Dave pulled me up gently until I stood in front of him. He bent down and gave me a long, deep, slow kiss before he picked up a bar of soap and lathered a washcloth. With the sudsy fabric he began to wash me. Shoulders, arms, arm pits, back, stomach, legs, feet. I tried to shampoo my hair while he was working on me. I became aware that he was spending an inordinate amount of time cleansing each breast. I mentioned it to him and reluctantly he moved on. He applied the washcloth to every inch of my body and ended up at the soft, moist part of me that was, by now, aching for him.

With a soapy finger I felt him stroking my clit. He pulled me to his chest with his free arm. I was no longer able to continue with the shampoo. We kissed once more before he turned me around so that my back was facing him and again he drew me to his chest. He continued to massage my clit with a steady, circular motion and I leaned back for support. My knees were getting weak and were buckling beneath me. Dave wrapped an arm around me to keep me upright and just kept rubbing.

My breath came in quick, irregular bursts. My body tensed and my eyes closed. He continued to rub my clit until I was enflamed with sensations. With the hand that supported me, he stroked my breasts. I hissed, “Uhhmmm, I can’t take it any more. I’m going to come.” That was it. I quivered spasmodically and with a rush of pleasure all the tension in my body was released. I went limp. We rested a minute, kissed quickly, rinsed off and got out of the shower to dry our hair, drink the coffee that room-service has discreetly left in the room and got dressed for the festival.

The weather was glorious and we spent the day taking in the sights and sounds of Chicago’s lakefront. We walked along the beach, tasted some of the more exotic foods at the booths in Lincoln Park, and rented inline skates to take a spin on the bike path. Later in the afternoon we visited Navy Pier, across the street from the Four Seasons, where some of the bands were already set up and performing and we listened to music for a while. On a bench in the grandstands, holding hands, we forgot about everything but enjoying the music and each other.

All of a sudden Dave realized that if we didn’t leave soon we were going to be late for the dinner reservations he made at one of the restaurants in the Four Seasons. So we headed back to our suite and jumped in the shower again. There was no time for any fooling around so we stuck to business.

Dave had on a suit and tie and was just zipping up his pants as he emerged from the bathroom. I noticed he was wearing those red boxer shorts that turn me on so much. However, I restrained myself. I slipped into a body-hugging little black dress Dave had always liked. The hem was about thigh high and the top was sleeveless. It had a high neckline that circled my throat and held the top in place. Dave’s favorite part of the dress, though, was the cutout back that plunged to my waist.

Checking my reflection in the mirror I discovered that the line of the bikini panty I was wearing showed, and broke the line of the dress. I decided to take them off and go without. We were finally ready, and in no time and we stepped into the elevator that would take us up one floor to the restaurant at the top of the building. There were other people in the elevator with us, but that didn’t stop Dave from rubbing his hand over my butt once or twice. I kept my eyes straight ahead, and tried not to smile. We made it to the restaurant with time to spare.

We had a delightful dinner and our conversation, as always, was lively and bright. I kept thinking how handsome, funny and entertaining Dave was. And how much I loved him. After coffee we got into an empty elevator that would take us down to our floor. As soon as the elevator door closed Dave reached into the front of my dress and squeezed my left breast playfully until the door opened again on our floor. We went back to the suite to see what the evening would bring.

Dave turned the radio on and we learned that there would be fireworks on the lakefront that night at 10 o’clock, in about 20 minutes.

“Hey honey,” I said, “I have a great idea!”

“What’s that?” queried Dave.

“Since the hot tub faces the lake where the fireworks will be shot off, and the bathroom has wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor windows, why don’t we fix some drinks and watch the fireworks from there?”

Dave thought it was a fantastic idea and moved about the rooms mixing up pitchers of our favorite cocktails, dimming the electric lights, and lighting several candles which he carried into the bathroom. I turned the water jets on, and got some towels ready. We took our clothes off and climbed into the warm, pulsating water, letting the soothing bubbles massage us gently. It was a deep tub, with seating all the way around. The water came up to the top of my shoulders when I was seated. We sat opposite each other and enjoyed the moment.

In a few minutes I stuck my foot out and put it between Dave’s legs so I could tickle his balls with my toes. He grabbed my foot, lifted it out of the water and nibbled on the arch. I pulled it away from him and sent it back to continue its mission. Dave was leaning back, gazing at me and smiling.

Smiling back at him, I scooted over to sit next to Dave. He turned slightly and put his arms around me. I leaned into him and nuzzled his neck with my nose, planting baby kisses on his throat. I flicked my tongue on his ear and spent some time covering his neck and shoulders with sweet little kisses.

The fireworks show was beginning and we learned that the radio station we had on was simulcasting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s musical program that evening. The orchestra played a variety of musical selections and the fireworks had been choreographed to match the tempo of each piece. We watched the colorful pyrotechnic display happening right outside our window and sipped our drinks.

At one point Dave put his finger under my chin and raised my lips to his. We kissed gently. I nibbled on his lips before I pressed into them and opened my mouth to accept his smooth, sweet tongue. He stroked my hair with one hand and pulled me closer with the other. I broke free from his clutch and climbed onto his lap. “Honey, I love the smell of your hair and the feel of your skin on mine,” he whispered. We kissed again. Then he lifted me up, pulled me closer, and set me down on his rock-hard penis. I had been spindled like a vintage record.

The water was so buoyant, that with his hands on my waist, he could move me up and down as if I was weightless. The only thing I had to do was enjoy the sensations. I was quite content to let Dave do the work. He quickened the rhythm and began moving his pelvis back and forth to increase the length of each stroke. Sticking his tongue out he was able to lick a breast each time he moved me past his face. It felt exquisite. I leaned back so he could get his penis deeper into me. The water helped support me in a position that defied gravity. He stepped up the pace again, and because he knew my body so well, he could tell I was very close to an orgasm.

The orchestra was playing The William Tell Overture. It was the last number in the program. Without realizing it, Dave’s movements had matched the tempo of the music. I was on the brink of an orgasm as they began playing the final rousing bars of the piece. I couldn’t hold it any more. The fireworks outside the window were bursting in air and so were the ones in my body.

“I am so lucky to be with you,” I uttered. Dave lifted me up and off of him, then stood me up in the middle of the hot tub. Immediately my nipples got cold and puckered up. Concerned for my welfare, Dave suggested we get dried off and hop into the warm bed. “The part of me that’s still in the water is far from being cold,” I teased. “In fact it’s much warmer than the water.”

Dave’s response was, “Don’t worry baby, I’m going to take care of that for you.”

He climbed out of the tub, grabbed me under the arms, lifted me out too and arranged me on the floor in front of him. One of those thick, fluffy, white, terrycloth robes that the hotel provided appeared, and Dave draped it over my shoulders. Then he got into one himself. He grabbed a towel and tenderly dried every inch of my body. Dave was such a gentle and giving person. Again I thought about how lucky I was.

When I was dried to his satisfaction, I put my arms into the sleeves of the robe and Dave tied the belt for me. Then he picked me up and held me in his arms like a baby. He gave me a sweet kiss and carried me into the bedroom. After lowering me to the bed he went to see if he could adjust the air-conditioning. I scrambled to get under the covers, pulled the robe off and flung it away from me.

Dave walked back to the bed and stood at the side of the bed, facing me. He was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Dropping his robe to the floor, he presented me with a full view of his magnificent manhood, and I raised my eyebrows appreciatively.

“You have a delightful erection,” I said, trembling with anticipation.

Dave recognized the look in my eyes and eagerly crawled into bed with me. He was in a playful mood. Once under the covers, he got up on his hands and knees and with one leg on either side of me and he hovered there.

“You’re my sexy baby,” he crooned amorously, and adjusted himself so his penis was poking me in the stomach. It made me giggle. My response fueled his playfulness and he began rotating his hips, tracing circles on my body with the tip of his penis. He crawled toward my head. On the way up, the tip of his penis dragged across my breasts and neck. On the way back down, it caressed my shoulders and stomach. I stopped giggling as the gentle touch of his penis began to stoke the fires inside me.

Dave sensed my heat and put one of his arms under each of my thighs and pushed my legs toward my head. I helped guide his manhood into me and we into settled into a rhythm that moved our bodies in sweet concert. With my legs in the air over my head, he had complete access to me and he pushed his penis inside me as far as it would go. The tip of his penis stretched the limits of my inner walls with each thrust.

My vagina was slippery and wet but I still felt the friction of Dave’s penis sliding in and out. Skillfully he angled himself so that the tip of his penis rubbed my G-spot with each stroke. The soft tissue of that special place was engorged and swollen, giving me agonizingly pleasant sensations. Leaning down to whisper in my ear, my lover said, “You feel fantastic, you make me so happy.” Then he buried his face in my hair and told me he loved me. I wrapped my legs around his back and we waltzed to a slow, sensual beat of pure joy that only lovers share. We let ourselves enjoy the contact of our bodies joined in blissful union.

I didn’t want to stop, but suddenly Dave pulled out of me, flipped over on his back, and pulled me onto his stomach. I lay on top of him, our bodies making contact from head to toe. We melded together from the heat and might have stayed like that forever, but my urges overtook me. I rose to guide his sex into my throbbing vagina. When I was fully impaled, I leaned forward again and we kissed with our mouths wide open, our tongues dueling. I began working my pelvis up and down, timing my movements to correspond with his awakening thrusts.

He was setting the pace and had just revved it up a notch. I continued to match each movement and grind into him.

For a second I was distracted and noticed that he had become engrossed in our reflection in the mirror above the bed. The discovery sent a bolt of lightning through me. He realized I was watching too and uttered, “Oh baby, you look great like this!” I loved mirrors. They could do wonderful things for sexual encounter.

“Honey,” Dave said, “I want to see more of your beautiful vulva.”

I didn’t resist as he gently pushed my shoulders so I was seated upright on him. He grasped my hips and spun me around. I ended up facing the bottom of the bed still clutching his penis with my vaginal muscles. Then he pressed my body forward so he could see his penis in me without impediment. He watched carefully as he guided my movements. I felt his penis engorge as he took in the sight of the muscles in my vagina flexing as they squeezed his liqueur-coated penis.

I had matched his rhythm perfectly so he let go of my hips and put his hands to other uses. Reaching between my legs, his practiced finger found my clit. There was no reason to stifle the moan that his touch produced. Another finger found it’s way between the wet lips of my vagina, as the other finger made circles on the hood of my clit. It felt indescribably good.

The rhythm Dave had set was driving me wild. I was groaning audibly and often. He recognized my response and knew I would come soon. Instead of letting me have my release, however, he pulled out of my openings, got up and stood by the side of the bed. “Hold on to it baby. I don’t want you to come yet. Hold it now and it’ll be so much bigger when you do come,” he decreed. Then he positioned me on my hands and knees, my butt at the edge of the bed. Quickly he slid his throbbing penis into my slick-as-silk vagina.

He went to work on me in earnest. I sensed he had reached the point of no return by the tangible urgency in his thrusting. He pumped his hips toward me again and again. Neither of us could, nor did we want to, stop moaning loudly. His body, merged with mine, felt better than ever before. I watched him in the mirror. His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back in the throes of exquisite pleasure.

I gave myself up to the sensations I was feeling, and felt my blood pressure rising as Dave continued his assault. He sensed my urgency and with the special knowledge of a long-time lover, he knew to move faster and push harder into my slit. He was like a drilling machine, and I cried out in rapture. I begged him not to stop. “I’m so close, honey, so close,” I hissed. “Harder!”

A few more strokes were all I needed to push me over the top. Dave was at the brink too, and he shouted, “Oh baby, I’m gonna blow.” Before he got the words out of his mouth, his sperm was propelled into me and I convulsed with delight. Our bodies shuddered together as we rode out the aftermath of a sensational and mind-blowing orgasm.

Dave dropped to his knees on the floor behind me and I lowered myself to the mattress. I scooted around to give him a kiss. We were covered in each other’s fluids so he ran into the bathroom to get a couple of warm, wet washcloths. When he got back he tenderly cleaned me up and then administered to himself. We got back under the covers, had a buy cigarette and sipped what’s left of our drinks. After a little pillow talk, we cuddled together and fell sleep.

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