The Meeting

I hurried home that night; looking forward to what laid ahead.

It had been almost three weeks since I had made love with my wife, Kelley.  Since that time, she had had her period, we both had business trips (in different directions) and of course the three kids (ages 9, 6 and 3) kept us hopping. The lack of intimacy, the longest such period of our marriage,  was something we took seriously and on this day, we had vowed to change that.

We talked about it that morning, at lunch and via text messages. We had a grand plan: Get home, have dinner with the kids, do the evening-at-home thing with them and then put them to bed early. And then the night was for us — we even texted (in code) how we planned to pleasure each other.

I drove into the driveway at home and noticed that Kelley was already there. As I bounced up the steps, I felt the stirring in my groin. It is going to be a good night, I thought.

I opened the front door and a three-word phrase called “life with kids” hit me in the face.

Actually, it was a plastic baseball that conked me in the forehead. It was thrown by our second oldest from 10 feet away. The kid’s got an arm, I thought with more than pride than pain.

As I rubbed my head, I noticed the sound on the TV was turned up way too high and saw the oldest child chasing the dog (or was it the other way around?) from living room to dining room to kitchen and back again. Then I heard this loud “ARRRRRGH!” coming from the kitchen. I knew then chances of sex that night were headed out the door (as was the dog who was scampering into the backyard).

I found Kelley on her knees on the kitchen floor trying to clean a multi-colored glob of something — there were reds, blues, greens and little orange thrown in for good measure. Our youngest was sitting in the middle of it all, splashing it around on the floor and kitchen cabinets. Kelley was working to clean it up as quickly as the child spilled it. Kelley’s new white business shirt was already a mess. There was a hole in one of her stockings as and strands of hair were clinging to her face.

As I grabbed a towel to help, I tried to sound cheerful as I knelt besides her. “So, everybody doing OK in here?”

Kelley, scrubbing furiously, stopped to peer at me. She was not in a happy mood. “I am not seeing anything that is OK about this at all,” she said in a sour tone. Then a puzzled look crept across Kelley’s face as she noticed the red mark on my forehead. “What happened to you?”

“Fastball to the head,” I said as I removed the youngest child from the colored mess she had painted.

The rest of the night was spent cleaning up and calming down the clan. We had food messes, kid messes and a barking dog.  And worst of all, the kids were not willing participants to the Grand Plan. They wouldn’t go to bed, wouldn’t stay in bed and wouldn’t stay quiet. By the time, the last child mercifully fell asleep, I found Kelley falling asleep on the couch.

“So much for sex tonight,” I thought.

Kelley stirred and saw me watching her. She remembered the previous plans for the evening. “I am sorry,” she said yawning. “I am still game if you are,” she said as her eyelids drooped.

I reached down to pull Kelley up from the couch and take her to bed. “I’ll tell you what,” as I led her by the hand, “we will make love when you are up to it.”  I kissed her on the forehead. “And besides you falling asleep during intimacy would be a bad thing for my fragile male ego.”

We went upstairs, undressed and climbed into bed. We kissed each other and fell quickly asleep in each other’s arms.

Morning was hectic as always getting the kids ready and ourselves ready.  As I was leaving, Kelley reminded me that I had promised to come home early for she had a meeting scheduled to last until at least 6 p.m. I was to stay with the kids. At about 4 p.m., I headed home, ready for parenting time. I got home, opened the front door and ….

Wham! I got hit in the head again by the plastic baseball. “Not again,” I muttered as I rubbed my head.

I started to look for the young culprit, but all I saw was a grinning Kelley. She was holding another baseball in her hand. Her “uniform” was high heels, a pearl necklace and black lingerie that perfectly showed off her attributes.

“So how was my aim?” said Kelley giggling.

I walked over, gathered her into my arms and gave her a deep kiss. “What happened to your meeting?” I asked.

“It got canceled, ” Kelley said as she rubbed her hands up and down my back. “I asked my Mother to watch the kids. I told her you and I both had meetings until 6.”

I kissed her neck as I ran my fingers through her black hair.”So you lied to your Mother?”

Kelley put her hand on my crotch. “Would you want me to call her and tell her the real reason?”

“You know,” I said as I put my hands on her lovely rear end and squeezed, “I am sure a little white lie won’t hurt anyone this time.”

Kelley smirked as she led me by the hand to the couch, laying down on it. She spread her legs — one on top of the couch and the other on the floor. “Let’s see,” she said as I knelt down on the floor, our faces close. “Last night when we were here, I fell asleep. I promise you there will be no napping on this couch today.”

With that, Kelley grabbed me by the neck, locking our lips together. As we kissed passionately, my right hand began to explore her lovely womanhood, which was moist and enlarged. My fingers moved around the lingerie strap that covered her private area and then up and down her opening’s edges, feeling her wetness. Kelley gasped as the first finger probed her entrance and then moved inside. A second finger soon followed.  My fingers began to move inside her, going deeper with each thrust.

I buried my head in Kelley’s breasts, kissing her orbs through the garment. My wife’s hands played with my hair as my fingers kept up its pace inside. As her body tensed, she placed her hand on my moving hand, pushing it farther inside. Kelley cried out as she was carried away by her orgasm. I felt her love stream cover my fingers.

As Kelley laid there catching her breath, I placed my head on her chest and my working fingers rested on her opening. I kissed her and she returned the kiss. “I certainly hope you don’t think that is the end,” she said softly. “We have three weeks to catch up on.”

Kelley sat up and as I stood up, she began to kiss my bulge, which was now very evident in my dress pants. She unbuckled my pants sliding them down the legs. As Kelley watched me, she then did the same with my underwear, leaving her face-to-face with my erection.

“After three weeks, I had forgotten what it looked like,” she giggled as she began to gently stroke my penis. Kelley then took me into her mouth, using her tongue to encircle the head of my penis.  I moaned loudly as her tongue moved up and down the shaft and across the opening.

Kelley got up off the couch and helped me undress the rest of the way. She removed my suit coat, tie and dress shirt. Then she began to nibble on my chest, sucking my nipples while stoking my penis. Meanwhile, I was able to remain focused enough to remove the straps of her lingerie off her shoulders and then I pulled the outfit down past her breasts, love triangle and down her legs. As always, she was beautiful, especially still wearing pearls and high heels.

“After three weeks not seeing you naked, you are still very hot,” I whispered in her ear.  Kelley grabbed my penis, pulled it and said, “Show me how hot.”

I sat down on the couch, spread my legs and moved Kelley on top of me. She hung onto my shoulders, hovering above me. I guided back and forth across her opening. Kelley closed her eyes as I moved my penis in position below her. She then slowly slid down my shaft, reaching the base.

We both moaned slightly as I settled into her. She kissed my forehead as I played with her nipples, rolling them through my fingers.  I kissed each and then kissed Kelley.  She started to move up and down my penis. As she did, I moved my hips upward, thrusting to meet her.

Kelley pushed up and down, our bodies slapping against each other. I watched her movement quicken and I could tell by how tightly her arms were wrapped around my neck that she was closing in on her second orgasm. I could also tell by the feeling that was creeping through my groin and up into my penis that I also was close.

One final slide down my penis and Kelley started to rotate her hips, grinding against my penis. That was too much for me  as I finally released into my beloved. As I gave one final thrust, Kelley also reached orgasm with a shudder.

As we sat there, our combined juices started to leak down my penis. I gather some of the drippings on my finger and put my finger to Kelly’s lips. She sucked it eagerly. “We taste good together,” she whispered.

We knew our time was growing short because somebody would have to soon get the kids. Together, we looked at the clock: 30 minutes left. Kelley stroked my face with her hand and smiled. “I am game if you are.”

Without a word, I lifted Kelley up off my penis and gently placed her on the living room floor. Seeing her wearing nothing but pearls and high heels aroused me even more. Kelley spread her legs wide and held them high, giving me easier access to her. Thanks to our joint lubrication of her love area, I was able to enter quickly and began moving in a steady pace.

We watched each other as our lovemaking continued. Kelley wrapped her legs around my back and arched her back, allowed me even deeper penetration.  As I  thrust, I kept going deeper, so much so I could no longer feel the end of my penis.

“I can’t feel myself in you,” I panted to Kelley. “Don’t worry,” she gasped, “you are there and I can feel you.”

Kelley grabbed my head, pushing my face down to hers.  As we kissed, Kelley’s body tensed once again and her head lifted off the floor as she was overwhelmed again by orgasmic pleasure.

For me, it was taking longer and I kept thrusting, hoping to reach the same level. Kelley saw that I was laboring. She lovingly reached between us and stroked my balls. “Come on baby, you can do it,” she whispered. And with her help, I did.

We held each other for a few minutes until my penis slipped out from inside  Kelley. I helped her up and volunteered to get the kids. Like we started our afternoon, we kissed passionately.

“Let’s never wait this long again,” I whispered to her. “I love making loving to you too much.”

Kelley stroked my face with your hand. “Me too, my love. We may have to schedule more meetings like this again.”

By: InExtremiss

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  1. kalcis says:

    Wonderful story that is very familiar to me and my wife! Our family situation is almost identical and to find time for each other is not very easy. Thank you for sharing and letting us know we are not alone!

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