A Hot Picnic

Today it is was much cooler day in Australia, so they decided to have a picnic down by the river.   They took cold chicken, fresh fruit and a bottle of non-alcoholic wine. They sat on the bank eating their food and drinking wine, with a slight breeze blowing her hair.

I’m Lea and my husband’s name is Atul.  My husband bent over to me, to let my hair down, so it would fly more in the wind.  He loves it with my hair down.  He pushed it back from my shoulders so he could kiss my neck.   I leaned closer to him so he could do this with more ease – it felt sensational.  I moved closer to him so he could feel my breast whilst kissing her neck.  My love spot is starting to juice right up by now.  I am all hot and horny for his love, so I laid back onto my  back pulling him down with me.  He is laying by my side still nibbling at my neck and fondling my breast.

I take my hand and undo your jeans, slipping my hand inside I find his penis in full erection with a drop of juice on the head, so I pull back his foreskin running my fingertips all over the head, also finding his semen hole, I also rub it with gentle strokes.  My juice arises, Oooo Mmmmm you shyyyy – Lea please don’t stop,   Atul, I won’t stop if you kiss my nipples, they are so hard that you have no trouble putting them into your mouth. Whilst he is nipple sucking me, I’m fingers teasing his penis head.  He then takes his hand and undoes my jeans.   “I’m wearing your “G” undies you had brought for me”, she says.  This makes him even more erected to see this, as he moves my jeans down to my hips, then moving his hand into my undies, my love spot is very wet, my vagina is screaming for his penis.  But his hand will do for the present moment, so his fingers slip right on in to my love tunnel, this feels so magical..

His mouth is love sucking my nipples, his fingers are inserting my love spot, and I’m finger teasing his love cream hole of his penis.  The air is so still now, are bodies are so hot, we then stop right there.  I stand up taking off my clothes, just leaving on my matching “G” and bra, both of black Indian lace.  He also stands taking off his clothes, leaving only his boxer shorts.  I take his hand and walk to the water edge, and we slowly enter the water, it is cold, it takes our breath away.

We still keep entering, we are in the water up to our necks, we stand hugging each other kissing very passionately, our bodies are now very cool, we then make our way back to the waters edge, I pull him closer to my cold wet body, pulling him to the ground, we lay on the waters edge…….

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