Early to Rise

Last Saturday morning I had a rather pleasant awakening. My wife started to lightly rub her fingernails across my back and neck causing me to wake up and roll over. As she continued to do this I realized that she had more on her mind then just getting me awake.

She wanted me up…and she achieved this in little time. Soon I found her kissing my chest working her way down to my legs. It wasn’t long before she was sucking on my balls, playing with them gently in her mouth. She would occasionally lick the area between my balls and butt. This area is very sensitive for me and she knows it.

Well a few minutes of this had me begging for it…so soon she had my love shaft in her mouth and she was sucking it soft at first..but soon she picked up the tempo as she could sense my orgasm cumming. Before I was fully awake I was rock hard and ready to explode. I told her I was about to come –  this encouraged her to suck longer and harder. Before I knew it I was exploding my juices in her mouth and down her chin, she loves to continue the orgasm and stroke me till every last drop is sucked from my love shaft.

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