Hot Day At Work

I was wearing a tight, low-cut blouse that showed off my magnificent cleavage. I gave my luscious breasts a sublime rubdown before I entered the office, pinching my coral nipples and turning myself on so much I almost came in the bathroom. I ran into the class and grabbed the prime seat.

As my husband came in I threw back my arms and stretched: thrusting my extra large chest forward and arching my back. One glance at me and his mouth fell open. I knew I could have whatever I wanted—my breasts are never to be denied.

Throughout his attempt at work I crossed and uncrossed my legs, affording him a perfect view of my shapely mound. I could feel my snatch fill with hot liquid; teasing him was turning me on beyond belief. I picked up a pencil and drew it in and out of my mouth, letting him know this is what I longed to do to that thick prick of his. I could see him fighting off an erection.

Finally, his work was done with. I could barely wait any longer.

I took the upper hand and walked over to him, hopping above him onto his desk and spreading my legs. I knew I was dripping and that he must be able to smell me, but he was tough. I leaned forward so his head was almost buried in my DDs and told him I needed a little “extra help.” Well, when he looked up and found himself in the crease of my love sacks all of his resistance was gone.

He got up out of the chair and walked over to close the door. I was almost quivering with excitement and desire. I hopped off his desk and stood in front of him, letting my long, blond hair loose.

“Strip for me,” he said.

I was only too happy to comply. I started with my skirt, than slowly unbuttoned my blouse. The look on his face when I released my magnificent breasts sent me soaring. He came over to me, unhooked my garter and rolled down my stockings. All I wanted was to feel his penis inside me but now he was teasing me, taking his time with everything, letting my desire push to new heights.

He then unhooked my bra, my breasts tumbled out and he caught them with a sigh of pleasure. He rubbed them and kneaded them, covering them with perfect little licks and kisses. I loved all the attention he was paying to me and I was so hot I was ready to beg for it.

He turned me around and bent me over his desk; with one hand wrapped around me he grabbed one of my breasts giving my nipple a nice little pinch. He stood behind me and stuck his hand in my dripping slit, with the other hand he began spanking me. Telling me what a bad little girl I was, with every quiver of my butt cheek I whimpered with pleasure.

Then he walked around and stood in front of me. He grabbed my breasts with both hands and began massaging them. I knew he wanted to have my breasts, but first I asked to have his penis in my mouth.

I sucked it like a pro, never losing eye contact, he pushed back my hair to watch his rod disappear in between my greedy, wanting lips. I tongued his head then took it deep until his balls were on my chin.

I lay down on my back. He lay over me and shoved his rod in between my boobs. Then he reached down and began stroking my clitoris with his hand. Between his hard penis in my breasts and his hand working my pussy I came with surprising force.

I could feel him slowing down, and yelled, “Please come on me, come all over me.”

He did, shooting his load all over, covering my breasts with his thick hot jism. He creamed so much my nipples were buried.

Needless to say that is now his favorite way to relax after work and more often than not you can find me staying in his office to help him unwind!

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