Marriage, Love, And Sex….what wonderful things!

I love it that my wife and I can talk about anything.

Our dreams, goals, troubles, fantasies, all of our thoughts we can share. We have learned that we have much in common; we have a common outlook on life. We both view things from different angles, but in the end our conclusions are usually pretty close to the same. We can talk for hours, and we can go hours without talking. We can look at each other and just burst out laughing, for no apparent reason. We have fun in our marriage, and have learned to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously. I remember one time not too long ago, we had just stepped out of the shower, and we continued our conversation that had begun in the shower. Well it was winter and I had the window open a crack so as to not let the steam build up too much. I could feel the cold air on my wet skin as I stepped out, and looked at my bride and could see her nipples getting hard from the cold. Now remember, I was talking seriously about….ah, something, I don’t remember what, and she just broke out laughing and pointing. I thought she was going to hit the floor. I knew without looking, what she was getting such a charge out of. I looked down anyway to find that my penis and balls and reverted back to about the size they were, over thirty years ago when I was 12.

I did not take offense to that, but laughed with her, and said, “I bet you didn’t know that you had married someone so young huh?”. I don’t know if all women get such a laugh out of seeing their man suffer shrinkage from the cold, but my wife sure does. When we have skinny dipped in our pool in cold weather, or “played” around naked in the backyard in the winter, she likes to point and laugh. I am not shaken by any of this, I am confidant in myself, through her love, that I am a good husband, a good lover, and she makes me feel good to be a man. I am not suggesting that I am “small” by any means, just talking about shrinkage during cold times, or after working out, or when I am really nervous.

We both love to romance each other. We like romantic things, times, and getaways. She likes soft music on, we both like to have soft lights on when we make love. She likes soft sheets, and me in a white t and skimpy bikini briefs. I like her sheer lacey panties and bras. We live together, work together, play together, laugh and love together.

We have a game we play, she can be clothed or naked, I have to be naked. She tries to see how hard, or how big, or how far she can make my love pole stand up, without touching me. She can use words or actions, but no touching. I do the same with her, only I try and see how wet I can make her smooth sweat pink lips get, and if I can make her nipples hard and her chest turn red. And after we have teased each other up good for about an hour, we make wild passionate love where ever in the house we happened to be playing our little game.

It’s the simple things in life. Like now that I am older and my penis doesn’t just jump up every time a sexy thought comes to mind or when I see something sexy, it sometimes takes a little coaxing, a little tugging or sucking. But there is nothing like standing there and having it raise up on it’s own. What a feeling, it’s great.  And see her watching it, smiling, and seeing the desire in her eyes start to burn. Another thing we do is touch one another without using our hands, but using our genitals only. We do give each other massages, with lotions, and oils, and even feathers, but using just the genitals to rub and touch with, drives us wild.

First, I’ll lay her on her stomach and start at her feet, straddling her leg.  I will rub my penis and balls up and down her leg, the back of her knees, lightly over her soft buns. I straddle her hips and slide my soft limp penis between her butt checks and then up her back to her shoulders and neck, oh it’s great…and I haven’t even turned her over yet. When I do turn her over, I again start at her feet, working my way up to her ample breasts. I rub my balls over her breasts, and rub the head of my penis around her nipples. She arches her back, wanting more, getting hot. I slide my manhood from one side of her neck to the other, sliding my balls on her checks. I brush the tip of my love tool across her lips, she tries to take me in her mouth, wanting to suck me, wanting to taste me and give me pleasure. But I don’t let her….not yet, not that I don’t want to give in and feel myself grow in her mouth, but not yet. Now it’s her turn, she lays me down, and covers me in a sweat smiling talc powder. She takes her time as I feel her smooth shaved pink lips slowly and softly rub me all over.

We did this just two weeks ago, when we decided to have an in town “out of town” date night. First we went out to dinner at a nice place next to a nice hotel. After dinner we checked into the hotel, went upstairs and changed into our swimming suits. After a nice swim, we had the pool all to ourselves, we went back up to our room and soaked our in room Jacuzzi. It was wonderful, and so sexy. We played our little love games, teasing and pleasing with the window open, we were on the 10th floor, and you could see the lights of downtown, it was like we were somewhere else. At 1am we finally slide between the clean white sheets, and without another word, I turned and laid on top of her. We kissed, she moved her tongue around my lips and into my mouth. I grew hard and my penis started to throb. She spread her legs and I entered her hot, moist lips slowly. She was so tight around me, I was so turned on at this point I was bigger than normal. When I had pushed my member deep inside of her, I didn’t move, I felt her breathing harder as her back arched towards me. Still I didn’t move, oh just feeling and knowing where I was, that we were one. I slowing began to move, five shallow and one thrust, five short thrusts, one deep thrust, moving in circles, at different angles. I lifted myself up to kiss her hard nipples and hear her moans as she reached down to rub her swollen clitoris. I put her feet up over my shoulders to be able to rub my penis head along her g-spot while she rubs her clitoris. She is dripping wet, I look down and see my shaft moving in and out of her, see her lips wrapped around my hard penis. She pulls her legs down and wraps them around my hips to pull me in faster and deeper. We slow down, and she puts all four pillows behind her back so she can sit part way up to watch. She talks in a whisper about how she loves feeling my body against hers, how she loves to feel us both getting so hot, how good it feels to have me inside of her. I stopped moving again, I stayed deep inside of her and let her squeeze my shaft, with my balls resting against her butt checks. And as if something wild had come over us, I start thrusting deep and hard with her asking for it harder, and faster, while she bucks with me, looking into each others eyes,  then me watching
her breasts bounce with my thrusts, her watching me do full deep thrusts, almost pulling my penis out so that she could see the head, and then bury it deep again. She came first, then I started to, she could feel that, even while everything in her was pulsing and squeezing, she moaned out softly, “pull out, I want you in my hand”. When I couldn’t hold back any longer, I withdrew and moved up a little, she took my pulsing, throbbing, love muscle in her hand and stroked it, full length, my penis head was so big and purple, she continued milking out every drop of my love cream onto her. She tells me how she loves feeling my hard penis pulse in her hand as I shoot my load of hot love cream over her belly and breasts, and rubs it into her skin with the other hand, tracing her breasts, and nipples with the slickness of it, and tastes it.

We made love several more times that date night that turned into a date weekend. It ended on our third night there. It was our last night to be there, we were in the throws of passion, when her little toe got caught in the sheets and broke, we packed up and went home to put her foot up, packed with ice.

It was a weekend to remember. But even with that, we can look back on and laugh about how our sex broke her toe.

Ah yes, marriage, love, and sex, what wonderful things. All mixed together with a whole lot of other stuff, it makes life worth it, with all the ups and downs, tears and laughs, with the love of my wife, my life, by my side, it’s worth it.

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