In the Hammock

The Beach looked like something out of a postcard, a stretch of almost pure white sand along a shore lined with coconut palms. We’d found a resort of Beach huts, those typical of Thailand, raised on stilts with teak wood walls and palm leaf roofs and mosquito nets above the beds and had some luck when we’d checked in, a hut right on the beach had just became available. It was perfect, secluded behind coconut palms and banana trees; we could lie on their bed and look straight out onto the sea and in the evening, watching the sun set behind two Islands on the horizon.

That particular day the weather had become especially hot, even for Thailand, there was not a breath of wind in the air. After spending the morning swimming in the sea, having breakfast and reading, there was nothing to do other than climb into the hammock and relax, maybe sleep. We’d bought a two-person hammock in a night market in Bangkok; it had cost next to nothing and had turned out to be the best purchase that we’d ever made. After hanging the hammock between the two posts that formed the porch area outside the entrance to our hut, we both climbed in and stretched out.

Lying in the hammock, swaying gently, dozing off in the heat of a tropical afternoon I looked at Maya; her eyes were closed, breathing deeply as she slept. She was wearing a strapless swimsuit, one that accentuated her figure. I took a moment to admire the shape of her breasts, her long hair falling across them. My eyes traced the outline of her waist down her thighs and to the inside of her legs where her swimsuit pinched in around the mound where her womanhood lay. Before we had left England Maya had had a “Brazilian wax,” this had stripped her of all her pubic hair. At first I’d found this extremely strange, I loved my wife’s body the way it was, she came home a couple of days before we left London and told me she had a surprise for me. When she showed me her hairless body for the first time I was taken aback, but I loved the feel of it, so smooth, so soft. Around her crutch there was nothing but beautiful soft lightly tanned skin. Although fair skinned, Maya hard tanned well, we had been careful to avoid the mid-day sun.

I climbed out of the Hammock, my movement waking Maya from her sleep, “Where are you going?” She said dreamily.

“I need a cold drink, would you like one?”

“Mmmm, an iced tea would be great.” I kissed her gently on her lips and headed off to the resort shop to buy our drinks. When I returned I found Maya had drifted back off to sleep. I tried to slide back into the hammock without waking her, unsuccessfully. We lay sipping out drinks, the coolness of the iced tea a welcome relief.

Condensation formed on the surface of the ice-cold bottle and water dripped down onto Maya’s chest. “Oh, that’s so cold!” Maya giggled as the drips ran down her chest to the top of her swimsuit. I held my bottle over Maya and waited for the ice-cold water to fall on her. She winced in anticipation of the shock of cold water on her hot skin. Every time water landed on her she gave a squeal of delight! Laughing together I accidentally spilt some of my iced tea onto her, the effect was almost instantaneous, she took a sharp intake of breath and then did the same to me, holding the bottle up high. I made an act of trying to reach up and stop her — really I wanted to feel something cold on my skin. I lay back and held my breath in anticipation. The Iced tea landed directly on my chest; the temperature difference was incredible but I tried as hard as I could to make it look like I wasn’t affected. Maya knew I was holding back, “Oh”, She said “Doesn’t that cool you down a little?”  With this she poured a stream of ice cold fluid down my chest, I jumped.

“Aghh! That’s so . . . Oh!”

Maya was laughing so hard she didn’t notice that I had grabbed hold of the bottle and dropped it on the floor. “Now we’re going to be sticky,” I said, looking down at my stomach where little rivers of iced tea ran across my now goose bumped skin.

“Don’t worry”, Maya said, “I have an idea.” And with that she bent her head down and started to lick the rivulets of iced tea from my stomach. I’d always loved having my stomach kissed and licked; Maya knew it and she held her hair back so she could watch my reaction as she traced the path of the iced tea across my body. The feeling of her wet tongue on my skin was tickling and teasing me at the same time. I hoped Maya noticed the swelling in my shorts and decided to kiss me till I grew hard in her mouth.

Once she had licked me clean, Maya continued to kiss my belly, working her way down my midriff and then back up again to my neck and then face where she found me smiling, eager to return the gesture.

The iced tea had left sugary streaks across Maya’s chest; they shone in the tropical sunlight. Using the tip of my tongue I followed their path to the top of he swimsuit. Maya lifted her arms above her head as I peeled her top down, her perfect soft breasts exposed. “Did the tea go all the way down there?” She said smiling.

“Yep,” I replied, “I think it went everywhere.” I reached back down to the floor and picked up the half empty bottle of drink. It wasn’t as cold as it had been, the sun had warmed it up a little, but it was still cool enough to make Maya catch her breath when I poured a little on her nipples. I pulled her swimsuit down and poured a little bit more on her belly and along the inside of her legs. I kissed her across her body and up to her breasts and her now hard, erect nipples where I gently and slowly licked them clean.

Maya reached down and put her hand inside my shorts, groping around for my half swollen penis; she gently caressed it until I grew hard. My penis felt bigger and harder than it usually did, the tip of it poking out from the top of my shorts. Maya teased the exposed tip with her fingers before griping firmly and stroking me slowly.

I pulled the crotch of Maya’s swimsuit to one side. I ran my finger across her smooth labia. Without any pubic hair the skin around her vagina felt so soft and smooth, I loved the way it felt as I explored her with my fingers.

We lay, suspended cocoon-like in our hammock, Maya’s hand gripping my penis, stroking me firmly and regularly. I ran my fingers along Maya’s wet slit, she shifted her bottom and opened her legs slightly wider. “That feels so good”, she said as I moved my fingers more firmly around her clit. She indicated her mounting pleasure by increasing the speed that she pulled my penis up and down. Every now and again she would stop and use the palm of her hand to rub the pre-come oozing from me all over my sensitive bulging tip, as I jerking uncontrollably at the sensation.

I began to rub Maya’s clit more firmly, her juices lubricating her swollen, bald pink lips, forming a damp patch on the fabric of the hammock around her bottom.

Maya started to breath more, quickly stroking me harder and faster. I could feel my orgasm beginning to rise.

“You’re going to make me come,” I gasped, but she only intensified her actions.

“Yeah,” she said, “I want to make you come, come for me.” She looked down at just as I shot a stream of across my chest. Maya bent down and swallowed my penis, moving her head up and down, milking me as I came in her mouth. It felt amazing; Maya continued to kiss on me, licking sensitively so I stayed hard.

I felt as though I had a permanent erection. My manhood sprawled across my abdomen as Maya continued to lick up and down my shaft, making me twitch and jump as she did so.

“Shall we go inside?” she suggested.

“No, I’ve got an idea,” I said, climbing out of the hammock. I held Maya by the legs and pulled her around. Smiling but slightly confused she shifted around so that she was laying in the hammock sideways, her legs hanging out the edge.

I kneeled down so I was at eye level with Maya’s crotch, lifting both her leg up and resting them on my shoulders brought my face closer to Maya’s vulva. I kissed her legs up the inside and then spent some time working my way up to and around her sex. Some of the iced tea had run down in between her legs, I could taste the sugar on my lips. I licked the sweetness from all around her, her bald skin felt so smooth under my tongue, the sugary taste mixing with flavor of her. I couldn’t get enough; the more I licked her the more I wanted. I slid my tongue into her so I could taste her inside; I licked her clit and then teased it until she started to press her wet vagina into my face. I held her by her hips and pulled her into my face, licking her harder, burying my face in her, drinking her wetness and she lay suspended above me. Maya held me by the back of my head, her breath becoming shorter. I licked and licked knowing she was about to orgasm; I wanted her come in my mouth.

I stood in between Maya’s legs; the hammock was slung at just the right height. I pulled my swimming shorts down.  Maya looked down at my erection and opened her legs a little wider. I pulled the side of the hammock down so Maya’s butt hung slightly over the side. I placed the tip of my penis at the entrance to her smooth sheath, and allowed the hammock to swing back, letting the weight of her body and the movement of the hammock do the work for the both of us. Maya let out a deep moaning sound as I slowly entered her. She felt so hot and her vagina was so tight. I didn’t move at all. I watched transfixed as inch by inch, Maya’s body enveloped my penis.

I looked at Maya, her eyes were closed; for a while I just stood there, in that unique moment, my hardness filling her, the sound of the waves brushing gently along the shore, the heat producing beads of sweat forming on Maya’s breasts which rose and fell as she breathed deeply. She was trying desperately to suppress the sounds she was making. I bent over and licked the salty beads of sweat from Maya’s breasts. I took her in my lips, teasing her, flicking my tongue across her erect nipples. I started to move my penis in and out of Maya’s vagina, she felt so hot around my rod, her soft hairless lips wet from a combination of her juices and sweat, the taste of salt on her skin. I stood up and watched my manhood stretch her lips apart. With every thrust from my hips Maya swung back in the hammock and then back down onto my rock hard shaft. She lifted her knees up to her chest so that the only physical contact between us was my rod sliding in and out of her; she started to moan, biting her bottom lip. I held Maya’s legs open wider and began to thrust hard into her, using my full length, pushing deeper. Maya’s climax was hard, a series of half uttered gasps and unfinished words tumbling out of her throat as I rocked into her, pushing forwards so the hammock swung back harder on my penis. She pulled her labia apart, her come covering my shaft and dripping down her bottom. As she came a second time I felt myself crest the wave as well. I burst deep inside of her, unable to control myself any longer, moaning loudly as I released warm bursts of come.

We collapsed into the hammock again, panting, covered in each other’s juices, kissing, holding each other, bright red from the physical activity.

When we had recovered we both ran into the warm sea together, washing each other off. Kissing each other, she took my hand and guided it to her mound. We stood in the sea playing with each other’s sex, making each other come in the sea.

That hammock became very useful throughout the rest of our time in Thailand. We made love in it all the time in all sorts of locations. As I said, buying that hammock turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

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