Giving Her Pleasure

I love my wife so much. I loved her gorgeous body from the first moment I saw it, her short but voluptuous body, her raven hair, beautiful dark eyes, and those very sexy dynamite legs. I had always been a leg man. Perhaps that’s what caught my attention. She loved to wear short skirts, not the vulgar type, but short enough to expose their tone and beauty, yet hiding enough to make me desire the treasure that rests at the apex of those wonderful legs.

In time I learned to love her soul as well as her body. She is a kind, gentle spirit who loves a sunny day among the beauty of a flower filled garden. She cries when she knows others are in pain; she cries with me when we hold each other close and watch a sad movie at home. She is all these things and I love her for each and every one.

There is no greater pleasure for me than to make her happy. This I will do tonight. She sits across from me, I on the bedroom chair and she sitting comfortably on the bed. She is naked except for her black panties and the shimmering tiny diamond earrings that stand out against her coal black shoulder length hair, which rests against her flawless alabaster skin.

As I drink in her beauty, my heart and my spirit soar. Our eyes meet and hers sparkle with lust, and I know a deep and caring love. I stand naked and walk towards her. Reaching down I take her face in my hands and kiss her deeply. Our tongues entwine as my tongue searches deeply into the warm soft heat of her mouth. I have done this many times before, but it is like new now. I can taste the sweet saliva and feel the active movement of her mouth.

Our mouths untangle as I place my hands on her soft shoulders and nudge her back. Her eyes meet mine as she lies back on the bed, her legs over the side and her sweet ass resting on the edge. I drop to my knees on the floor and gaze at paradise. I gently part her thighs and gazed at her now slightly damp womanhood. I place her legs gently on my shoulders, her legs now bent so that her knees rest on my shoulders.

I turn my head slightly and kiss her lower thigh; kissing and licking my way slowly up her leg. Her scent now grows stronger. As I near her warm, damp vulva, I can see the juices on the crotch of her panties. I nibble gently on her soft inner thighs and she moans quietly. I move in closer and now her thighs are resting on my shoulders. My neck is now encased by the soft flesh of her thighs. My mouth moves to the waistband of her panties and my tongue traces deftly along that line. She moans louder and her pelvis churns gently. I lap at the material of her panties. I feel the crevice underneath and lap at it with long smooth sweeps of my tongue.

She raises up off the bed, grasps her panties, and moves them aside. “Please,” she moans. Now I thrust my tongue deep, and she clamps her thighs tight and rides my face hard. I trace my tongue around her clit and she screams. As she comes I clamp my mouth on her clit and suck gently but rhythmically. My face and mouth are covered with juice, and I feel her heat as she convulses against me. My mouth fills with her nectar. I now understand the essence of lust and love. Her thighs twitch as her orgasm courses through her body.

Finally she relaxes, and I softly kiss her sensitive sex for a moment. I look up and she is looking at me. I rise, kiss her, and enfold her in my warm, strong, arms and we both fall into a deep sleep together.

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