Oh sweet night

My wife and I have been married for 14 years. We met at a prayer meeting on top of a mountain lookout.

Things didn’t always work the way they were supposed to in the lovemaking department. My wife can often go for weeks before wanting me to make love to her.

When we do though it’s usually very satisfying. I have made it my responsibility to ensure when we make love, it’s mutually satisfying.

To ensure my wife really gets into it, I try to entice her slowly. The gentle caress on her butt, the very soft back rub and the gentle soft kisses on her lips.

We often lay on the couch together watching TV and enjoying each others company.
My hands start to massage her neck and slowly move their way down to her butt. I know she likes it because the soft sensation gives her goose bumps. As things go, my hands work their way to her chest where I gently caress the base of her breasts. Her nipples firm as the soft and tender touches seem to surge through her body. She begins to respond by gently rubbing the inside of my thigh as I reach around and remove her bra and top.

I know she’s in the mood as she puts her hands down my pants and gently uses her fingers up and down my already fully erect penis. As I begin to become hot and bothered, we kiss passionately as we begin to remove what is left of our clothing. There is something about skin on skin that makes me burn with lust for my wife. As we continue to devour each other, my hands seem to almost by themselves work their way to her breasts where they massage and rub her stiff and long nipples. I move my mouth away from hers as it  works it’s way along her neck, down her shoulders and onto her perfect breasts just waiting for me.

She moans as my moist tongue and warm lips caress her soft but waiting breasts. My tongue and lips wander down her belly and toward her nest which by this time is so moist it’s dripping with anticipation. As my tongue moves freely around the outside of her vagina, gently making contact with her lips as they go, I enter her with my fingers as she begins to buck and moan and as she does, she takes my member into her mouth and begins to use her tongue around the outside of my very purple head. This only fuels the passion as I begin to lick her clitoris and use my fingers on her g-spot. We continue this for a while until she cannot handle it anymore and begs me to enter her. I tease her by gently inserting my penis into a very wet and ready vagina just until she feels it and then I remove it. This is repeated until she is at the point where she just cannot help but explode and then I enter her from behind and she orgasms with a great scream of delight.

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