Description of a Great Newlywed Sex Life

My wife and I are a very active newlywed couple. We have been married not even a year yet, and already we have some exciting stories we can look back on. Sometimes we even look back on them and get so turned on that we head straight for the bedroom, tearing each other’s clothes off. Let me give you and example:

My wife is a very attractive woman. She is in her 20’s and very fit. She has tan skin with beautiful 36b breasts. She also regularly shaves her pussy. I find this very attractive and it leaves nothing in the way when I want to taste you love juices.

One night we had decided to have some friends over. a little bit before they were to arrive we had decided we couldn’t take it anymore. We decided to have our way with each other on the couch. It was amazing, trying every position we could think of, our favorite on the couch being her straddling me while I am sitting on the couch, playing with her breasts. Needless to say we ended up having our orgasms together in the 69 position.

My cum went everywhere. We tried to clean up the best we could since our friends were about to come over. After a night of food and games we decided to make our way into the living room. My wife saw something on the couch and asked what it was. As soon as she opened her mouth she realized that we had missed some on the clean-up. It was a great laugh and a bit embarrassing for her.

Needless to say it opened up a great conversation for us between this couple and ourselves.

We have also had our fair share of experiences in hotels, airplanes, cars, buses, and the like…

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