A Walk to Remember

It was the summer of 80 and we had just moved to Daytona Beach with our four small children.  We had been under lots of stress from the move and all the work associated with getting settled in a new house and location.  We had help from family and friends to get settled and with the presence of helpers and others over the past days, there was very little privacy for you know what.

My wife is very beautiful and very romantic.  She is ready when I am and is not shy about trying an unusual location, if she is sure there is no one watching.  So on this particular evening I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk, as there was someone there to watch the kids and read books to them for a while before their bedtime.  I either gave her a certain look or said something suggestive about getting away for a bit.  I could tell by her response that she understood.  She said she would be right back in a min and left to go into our bedroom and closed the door and came right back out and said she was ready.

Upon leaving the house for our walk, I really had no idea of any private place that we could be alone in an urban neighborhood.  It was just after sundown as we were walking around our new surroundings.  We hadn’t walked far when she asked me if I knew what she had in her pocket.  I said no and asked what it was.  She gazed up into my eyes with her tantalizing smile and answered,  “my panties”!   Well, I just about fell over and you can imagine what that did to me.  I felt the blood rush to my face and somewhere else.  I squeezed her hand and smiled and picked up our pace somewhat.   Even though I still had no idea of where we were going.

A couple of minutes later I was beside myself with desire and after a brief stop for a passionate embrace and long and deep kiss, so was she.  We were just about frantic to find some privacy when we both noticed a small park with a baseball diamond, bleachers and dugouts.  As we approached, we were stunned not to see anyone around.  Also, the area was not lit at all, so other than the sliver of a moon it was pretty dark.  I pulled on her hand and hurried over to the nearest dugout.  Inside, there was a bench across the back wall.

We both stood near the bench and of course she was worried that someone would see us and kept going back to where she could see outside.  I told her not to worry and to hurry up before someone would show up.  We went back to the bench area and I stood there, my back to the wall and of course she had her lovely arms around me.  I put my arms around her back and kissed her deeply.  In doing so my hands quickly slid downward on to her protruding and very sexy and firm bottom.  Immediately, I grabbed her knee length housedress and gradually gathered it up little by little with my fingers and it wasn’t long before I could feel her bare hips.  I grasped her buns and pulled her to me.  My erection that started back when she told me about her panties being in her pocket was raging.  She pressed against me passionately and flattened my penis as she was trying to rub her crotch up and down on mine.  She would periodically stop and look behind us and wonder if there was anyone watching and I assured her, that it was okay.

I had to unglue my hands from her lovely posterior so I could free them to frantically try to unbutton her dress.  While I was doing that she had unzipped my white cotton Levis and had a firm grip on my erection that had just popped out.  I sat back quickly on the bench as she straddled me.  As she was doing that, I grabbed the top of her bra protruding out of her dress with her very shapely breasts still in it.  I quickly pulled her straps to the side off her shoulders and jerked her bra down and her beautiful erect nipples popped out.  She had both hands now on my penis now trying to guide it in between her lovely thighs.  I momentarily grasped both breasts as she came down on top of me.  My hands then were grabbing at her dress that had fallen down behind her so I could get them on her bare bottom.  I clutched her mounds and rammed myself deep inside her as her legs spread around me.  We kissed passionately as she wildly rode up and down.  She glanced one more time out of the dugout briefly and turned around and moaned as she had a very hard orgasm.  I was ready to explode and held off for a few seconds to enjoy the rhythmic strokes of her luscious body.  As she climaxed again, I exploded inside her as we collapsed by now almost on the floor.  She hurriedly jumped off, looked around and quickly pulled her panties on for the exhilarating walk back home.

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