The Surgery (Part 1)

Making a trip to southern California did not rank high on his list of priorities. Spring planting season was rapidly approaching, and he had a million-and-one things to do on the farm. But this was Melissa, a fact he reminded himself of a number of times on the long flight to L.A. He hated large cities, but there was one thing important about L.A. where Melissa was concerned: It had the best plastic surgeons in the world, and so far as he was concerned, they were worth every penny if they could take away a painful reminder of her past.

He wondered at the sickness of a man that would beat his daughter with a whip until her backside was bleeding and bruised, leaving hideous scars, and decided he never did want to understand it. The damage was done, and now it was being fixed. Melissa was stubborn enough to never accept overt charity, and she’d worked long and hard on their farm, carefully saving her money until she had enough to pay the bill herself, which wasn’t cheap.

His wife, Lisa, had actually borne the brunt of helping Melissa, taking the poor woman under her wing from the outset. She’d simply ‘showed up’ at church one day. It wasn’t until they became close that she discovered the nightmarish past Melissa had endured. Melissa wasn’t even her real name. A friend from across the country had helped her get a ‘change in identity’ to help her escape. Lisa had been through a lot with her, and there had been a lot of the past that was ‘paved over’ with a new life. The nightmares eventually faded into the past, but there was still one glaring reminder of what she’d been through, the wretched scars that seemed to continually threaten to bring the past back.

Melissa was perpetually self-conscious, and particularly avoided wearing swimsuits, except with her closest friends who resisted looking at her with pity, at least to her face. But now was the time to change that. Both Lisa and Marie had made arrangements, and had already been down there with their friend for over a week while Melissa underwent a number of restorative surgeries so as to, if it were possible, erase the past. A cab ferried him to the hotel, where arrangements had been made for him to find the room.

Leaving his stuff in the room, he found a small note his wife had left.

‘Hi Sweetheart—Welcome to L.A.! Melissa’s in recovery, and we’re down by the pool… Can’t wait to see you!!! ~ L’

The lingering scent of Lisa’s perfume in the room, and even the sight of her handwriting aroused powerful emotions in him. For the moment, he cared nothing for Melissa—he wanted to see his lover. Grinning wryly he ‘adjusted his pants’ for the sudden and unbidden erection. He’d felt grumpy all week from missing her, and well understood why ‘it was not good for the man to be alone.’ Changing to shorts and a tee shirt, he headed for the pool.

He saw them across the way before they saw him striding purposefully towards them. There was the usual assortment of hotel guests around the hotel pool, a few enjoying the warm sunshine, and a few kids enjoying the pool. He caught the glance of a couple men once they saw where he was going; it was something that made him grin. He’d seen the look before a thousand times. It was that look that simply said, ‘You lucky dog.’ Yes, he was indeed. Lisa was the greatest gift he’d ever received, and he learned it all over again as he stopped next to her, and drank in her lovely bikini-clad figure with the hunger of a starving man.

“Hi Babe.” Up went the sunglasses as she turned to him.


“Hi cuz,” Marie called. He nodded at his pretty cousin. No wonder every jealous eye was trained on him; he had the attention of the two best looking ladies there!

“Have a nice trip?”

“It’s better now,” he mumbled, leaning down to share a quick kiss. For good measure, he kissed them both. Let them all wonder!

“How’s Melissa?”

“She’s on her last one… hopefully. And she’s kind of cranky with the medicine they’ve given her… but the docs are real positive about it all. They – ” And here she grinned. “They say that most people travel here for a ‘boob job.’ And if they work… er… back there, they are usually injecting this yucky stuff in there to… to… well, you know.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have a clue.”

“Booty enhancement,” Marie provided wryly.

Lisa giggled. “Yeah, that. Anyway, they’re fixing her up. It doesn’t look nice now, but they say it will in time.”

“Good,” he said simply.

“And get this,” Marie laughed. “The first thing the receptionist asks when we go in there –”

“Oh, Marie,” Lisa blushed.

“She—she asks Lisa who her surgeon was.”

“It—it wasn’t quite like that.”

“Well, that’s what she meant.”

Chuckling, he asked, “And you told her… what?”

Lisa rolled her eyes towards Marie. Evidently she hadn’t had a chance to say anything at all. Marie continued, “I told her that God was Lisa’s surgeon.”

Tired from travel, he still couldn’t stifle the laugh. It sounded about like something Marie would say. “And He threw away the mould when He was done, too. Did you tell her that?”

“Stop it, you two,” Lisa hissed, her face turning a rosy color. “People are starting to look.”

“I got news for you, Babe,” he drawled. “They’ve been looking all along… and I don’t blame them one bit! You look scrumptious!” After a bit more playful banter, he changed his tune, whispering softly to his wife, “I’ve missed you.” She caught his meaning instantly, and must have felt the same, for they were soon hurriedly headed hand-in-hand back towards their room.

The door was barely shut, and he could keep his hands from her no longer. Drawing her slender form into his arms, he crushed her against him, enjoying her softness. She looked up at him her pretty blue eyes reflecting the same desires felt by him.

“Make love with me,” she pleaded, a request he would never deny.

His hands fumbled with the strings of her bikini top even as she patiently helped him out of his shirt, smoothing a soft hand over his chest. He managed to get her top off, his eyes feasting on perfectly sculpted breasts, but before he could touch her, she knelt on the floor, her soft hands skillfully untying even his shoes before helping him remove his shorts. Only the sound of their breathing was in the room, the soft pants of two lovers separated for a time, now making up for what had been ‘lost.’

Ever so gently she removed the last bit of his clothing, his underwear straining to contain a magnificent erection, already ‘weeping’ with delight from the sight of her, and twitching with each beat of his heart. Giving him a quick kiss on the tip of his penis that about put him on his knees, she stood up and melted into his arms, loving the feel of his muscular chest against hers. “I missed you,” she said, repeating his earlier spoken words. His manhood felt warm against her tummy, trapped between them, and would soon serve its purpose in connecting two people who loved one another more than they could ever express. “It’s been kind of lonely… just me and Marie lurking around here all week.”

He reached a hand between them, loving the smooth softness of her thighs as his fingers roamed ever closer to her feminine flower. His pulse quickened, and he felt humbled to feel her desire, which was equal to his. He surely was a lucky man! “Well… at least you had Marie. All I had was my hand.” She giggled and he continued. “And that’s not the same as… this…” Her breath caught in her throat, she involuntarily drew closer to him as fingers slipped into her bikini bottom, one gently finding its way to a place sacred to them both. Her giggling stopped almost as soon as it had begun, her happy sighs music to his ears.

Lifting her easily, he set her on the bed. She looked at him with hungry eyes as he knelt on the floor in front of her. He stared at her bikini, which fit her like a glove, mesmerized with admiration. The soft outline of her femininity and slight shadow of a trim line of pubic hair must have driven a few men nuts! He met her eyes staring down at his and grinned. His fingers felt soft and warm as they helped her tug off the last remnant of her clothing. She looked down at herself, her breasts feeling heavy with arousal, a small hand smoothing its way over her flat tummy until her fingers tickled the slender line of pubic hair.

He was already there, his face now warm between her thighs as he kissed her southward-bound fingers, inhaling her feminine scent with fever-pitched hunger. His soft lips kissed a trail down her landing strip until greeted by the baby soft skin of her feminine joy. His tongue flickered out, tapping against her clitoris and nearly taking her breath away once more. He felt her fingers tousling his hair, and loved the sound of her erratic breathing and sexy whimpers. Raising her legs, she crossed them around his head, resting them on his broad shoulders, and surrendering herself to the pleasure of his mouth as he drank from the cistern of her pleasure. He paused at one point and looked up at her, as if to seek approval, his boyish face moist with her.

She had no idea what her face looked like to him, though she tried to smile through contortions of pleasure, her hands raising to hold her breasts. And happily he continued, his tongue dancing a slippery trail in her velvet soft groove. She felt completely adored and cherished. A hand returned to his hair, to touch the one who so willingly gave her everything. And then it was as if she could see nothing at all, her body filling with rapturous, and soul-satisfying pleasure. His tongue swirled around her clitoris until her breathy cries filled the room, her body receiving his love in joyful expression that thrilled them both.

The entire week’s memories temporarily gone, her heart surged with pleasure and love-filled memories, all the way from the first time he had done this on their honeymoon, something that had left her crying from its intensity, that God had created something that could make a person feel so good. The first wave of pleasure barely subsided, she cried out again as he gently moved his tongue and again took her to another world.

He looked up, her back arched and gorgeous breasts offered to the sky as he enjoyed every thrilling twitch and movement of her lovely figure from his touch. Making love with her always felt like one of the few times in life where he could truly live in the present and fully experience its greatest joys. He simply loved doing this to her, loved the taste of her on his lips, loved the feeling of her legs holding him close against her, loved every part of it. Her breaths coming in rapid gasps, she slowly released her grip on the bed’s comforter and again looked down at her lover. He made eye contact with her once more, seeing the happy laughter in her shining blue eyes, and then gently sucked on her clitoris, drawing her into his tongue.

A sudden flush rushed through her body from head to toe, seeming to come from nowhere and catching her off guard. Her mouth opened and seemed to hang there, the ability to breathe seemingly taken away until exploding out her lips in a ragged exhale. She stiffened and gasped as white hot pleasure seemed to ricochet through every part of her body, loosening every erotic sensation. Even the soft hairs of his head against her legs seemed to tickle orgasmic sensations through her body. Having lost her grip on the bed, it was all she could do to tenderly hold his head, her hands trembling as she felt his handsome face and soft hair, her sweet sobs of pleasure filling the room. It wouldn’t be until later that she noticed the tears running down her cheeks, straight from a heart overflowing with joy. Happy tears, she had many times reassured him before.

Sitting up, and replacing his mouth with the gentle palm of his hand, he simply watched her, completely fascinated. He wondered if she could possibly know how much it did for his soul to know he brought her pleasure. When she opened her eyes again, as the last pleasant orgasmic flutters danced through her body, he gently unwound her legs, and joined her on the bed.

She looked up at him with a glazed expression in her eyes, whimpering soft words in his ears that were not typically heard from her sweet lips. He was happy to oblige, his smile radiating into her heart like an arrow as he gently lifted her gorgeous legs, resting them on his chest as he leaned over her. He practically cried with happiness as his swollen penis first rested in her slippery vulva, then gently slipped inside to her passion. Resting himself on his arms above her, he looked down into her eyes and uttered through stammering lips, “I—I love you Lisa.” He drew deeper into her with each gasped word, drawn on by her welcoming embrace, and the look in her eyes, as together they met in their ‘sacred place,’ where his love met hers.

She gazed into his handsome face, separated from hers only by her own legs. At another time she might have giggled—perhaps it was all those gymnastics lessons she had as a child. Whatever it was, she gladly opened her soul and body to a man she was proud to call husband! She felt the ‘tickle’ deep inside again, her eyes giving her away as they blinked into his.

Hurriedly, he drew outward, and then in, again and again as each cried out their love for one another. She was the most beautiful person he’d ever met, her warmth and kindness the sweetest tonic to everything missing in his life. She was his best friend, closest confidant, his sweet lover, and he shook with the power of his release as he made love with her, his mind filled with nothing but her, and his body moving as with its own mind, the piston strokes of his penis ravished with her beauty as if to drive into her very heart. She was the most exquisite, fascinating person he’d ever known, nothing on earth surpassing the comfort of what he was doing at this very moment in giving all of himself to her.

Her own cries matched his, as she moaned into his mouth, their tongues incoherently dancing. She loved feeling his strength and knowing it was she that made him lose all control, and the feeling of going to another world with him in an instant. She felt him pulsating within, giving a part of himself she would carry with her. If either had their way, they would live constantly in this other world! And then there was blissful silence as two happy souls caught their breath, remaining in close embrace as racing hearts sought to return to earth. He stayed on top of her, keeping her pinned into the soft bed, his head beside her shoulder as beads of sweat trickled down his face.

There was no place either would rather be at the moment. Neither knew how long they laid there until they heard the knock on the door. In an instant they knew it was Marie, who had graciously ‘given them time’ with a smirk as she remained at the pool to soak up the last sun rays of the day. He groaned at the sound, which made Lisa giggle.

“Do we have to open the door?”

It wasn’t the best timing. He loved the afterglow and time spent in softly talking to his lover, even if it was mainly silly little things. He groaned again and tried to move.

“I’d say she’s being more polite than usual, Hon,” Lisa giggled. “And if we don’t open the door she’ll just –”

“Yeah – barge right in,” he finished for her. He chuckled. His dear cousin hadn’t even given them all that long to enjoy themselves, but then supposed he should be thankful for what they did get.

“Thanks, Hon,” he whispered, “That was… I mean, YOU, are amazing!”

She looked up at him with a satisfied smile that warmed his heart, and made him thrilled to be a man. “So are you,” she whispered sweetly.

Loving the sight of their joined flesh, he watched as he gently withdrew from her to let her stretch out her pretty legs. She’d once laughed that she knew how a suitcase felt… which had been an incredibly humble way to ask for her legs back. The tip of his penis came free, and both felt a sense of temporary loss. Finding her a towel, she escaped to the restroom. Finding one for himself, he drew it about his waist, and went to answer the door. After all, it was Marie’s room, too.

the surgery


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    Thanks, Blondie! I didn’t even know I’d released the story yet… but hopefully you caught any grammar or spelling problems. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

  2. WeldersWife says:

    Loved this!! So sensual and beautiful 🙂. Being someone who often sheds a few tears while in the throes of passion myself, that was definitely my favorite part of the story. Keep up the great work!

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