My Wife, My Love

I am not a writer by any means.. so if this sucks let me apologize now. I have been considering contributing something besides being a certain contributors husband. Not that I am complaining my dear Gina ( perhaps you all may be familiar with her. Lol.)

The good Lord has blessed me in so many ways, all of which I am extremely grateful. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to be married to such a beautiful, kind hearted, intelligent and sexy woman whom I love with all I have, words cannot express it well enough. She has given me three wonderful children and most and foremost.. her heart.

I thought hard about what I wanted to contribute to Marriage Heat, I mean there isn’t much I can say about our sex life that my wife hasn’t already put out there. I didn’t want to sound hoaky or go over things that Gina has already written about. She told me to just write what I feel and want to say.

My wife is truly my best friend as well as my lover and awesome mother to our children. She stands beside me despite my sometime “asshole” attitudes when I have had bad days at work. She puts up with my ” before the rooster crows” horniness, even though I know she probably wished I’d take care of some of those times ” myself”.  She never complained however.

If you have read any of her stories,  you can see we have a very active sex life. We can get a little raucous and loud at times, especially when we are alone in the house. We both enjoy hot sex talk when we make love as you May know from her stories. I get really turned on when she starts telling me how much she likes what I am doing to her and how much she loves having my cock inside her.

I love to watch her as she cums,  especially her facial expressions and her cries of pure pleasure. To me there is nothing sexier than a beautiful woman in the throws of orgasm. This is especially true when I get to watch her masturbate.  It doesn’t take much of watching her to make me rock hard. I often end up beating myself off to a nice cum. Gina really gets off on watching me masturbate.

I love making love to my beautiful wife, giving her as much pleasure as she is giving me. I simply cannot get enough of her sweet pussy.  The way it seems to suck at my dick as we move together.

I love taking her from behind and admire her luscious ass as I thrust into her. She loves for me to finger her tight butt hole as I work my cock into her. This often will send her off into a frenzy. Sometimes just when I am about ready to explode,  I will pull out and release my cum onto her sweet ass.

Gina and I both love oral sex. I love tasting her and pleasuring her with my mouth and being rewarded for my efforts when she cums. Her cries of delight is music to my ears. Sometimes she goes off so hard that it is all I can do to keep to my duty.  Her pussy explodes onto my mouth, feeding me her sweet juices as I lap it up. My dick is throbbing by this time and it feels so good when I finally slip into her hot pulsating cunt and pump her till I explode inside her.

Gina gives great head! I love it when she sucks my dick and let’s me cum in her mouth.  Over the years she has perfected her oral skills,  knowing precisely how to drive me mad with her mouth and tongue. I enjoy when she takes the initiative,  like she is hungry for me and my cum. I truly appreciate how she willingly accepts my cum into her mouth and swallows it.

Well I guess I will wrap this up as I have an erection to take care of. Gina, baby, I love you so much and miss you so. Cannot wait to get home and make love to you . See you in a day or two.

I Hope whoever reads this enjoys it. Like I said, I am not much of a writer. Thank you MH for allowing me the opportunity to post this. I am just a man who loves his wife with all his heart. May God bless you all!

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6 replies
  1. noryar13 says:

    Thank you Ben. None of us are professional writers! Yet,
    you communicated your tender love for Gina well and in a way that
    encourages me. I love my wife – very imperfectly – and I
    can identify with so many of the same things you appreciate
    from your wife. As blessed men, let’s continue to nurture
    our wives under God’s word. God has been so good to give us
    the added whipped cream and cherry of sexual oneness with
    our wives. On this side of heaven, it is so wonderful – and I
    don’t take it for granted. Keep writing from your heart brother.

    • Ben G. says:

      Thank you noryar13, you are so right. As Christian men we truly are blessed to have such wonderful wives. I will never take Gina for granted. Thanks again for the kind words. God Bless.

  2. Steve & Annie says:

    May I also say God has blessed you with your awesome wife. As God has blessed her with you. From another couple that been together for many years, raised our kids and are still in love with one another. Great job my brother!!!!!! I know it is not easy at times,but you two are such a wonderful testimony of what a Godly marriage is all about. Keep on sharing both of you!!!! And in the words of your lovely wife Be Blessed and stay Horny!!!!!!
    Steve and Annie

    • Ben G. says:

      Thanks Steve and Annie! The way I look at it, marriage is a continuing work in progress. I appreciate the kind words as will Gina I am sure. God bless you and your wife as well. Thanks again!

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